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  1. Let's go at least for something like this! and with the arcade gameplay? but, who has the time NRV
  2. C64 1/320 scroll with 1/50 updating is the same (on speed) with 2/320 Atari scroll with 2/50 updating. There is no problem with the 2/320 movement scroll on Atari, is enough. This is a example of Atari scrolling, 4 directions free, look what smooth it is, a little better on C64?... yes, but who cares, I never change the other features for 1/320 movement. xscroll.zip well, I try not to participate in these "yearly 100+ posts Atari vs CBM threads" but.. I never liked the colors of this thing in the emulator here.. a better color version.. xscroll_v2.zip one good thing about this scroll demo is that, "practically" it doesn't use cpu time, because of the nice tricks you can do with the display lists and the LMS's.. and they are 4x4 wide mode screens, of 48x28 characters (I don't remember why I don't used the fifth color).. also the foreground scrolls at a speed of 1 pixel per frame (horizontally and vertically), so the "background" scrolls at 1/2 pixel per frame (I know, I know.. one every two frames), but it doesn't look "bad".. NRV
  3. Hi, some questions.. to where do we send the songs? by original you mean just made for the compo? I was planning to send some songs composed by a friend for some demos that we did near 1990 (can I send the demos if I can't recover the original files?) all type of songs are in the same category? (pokey, gtia, sampled..) and.. do we all vote to select the winners? thanks NRV
  4. Here.. Tscreen.zip Laoo palette if I remember correctly (only tested in the emulator) NRV
  5. I suppose that there are many.. the last colorful puzzle games should use this technique (I always believed that g2f used P/M underlays??) You have a good eye.. you're right, only the red, green and blue pieces can have the highlight in their own color.. that's a problem with the Antic 4 mode, where there are two colors that you can't have at the same time on the same character there is no "tetris game" yet, sorry, just an executable with the screen, P/M underlay system and the font.. it would be easy to make a fast time attack mode, but I have my "Atari-hobby-time" full right now.. .. going to read the bounty bob article.. NRV
  6. thanks.. yep, only gprior and antic 4, no flickering, no dli's the only problem was selecting the correct colors to get the tetris palette after all the OR's NRV
  7. yep, you can do things like this: (P/M are the vertical bars) or this: (P/M gives the colors) NRV
  8. Great update! too many songs to listen.. NRV
  9. someone knows the game with the nice animation, at the end of 3? (or 2..) NRV
  10. You should not use wsync if you are doing a kernel, maybe just for the starting synchronization.. if you know the number of cycles that you have per line you can pad with "nop's" in the worst case (or an instruction with an odd number of cycles) in this test (from another post) the color lines are made without using wsync: NRV
  11. great work.. is this a direct port of the 6502 code? are you thinking to add some improvements, like colors, "motion blur" or something like that? or maybe going for a big upgrade: http://drivey.com/ NRV
  12. NRV


    wow.. this one.. if I was asked without knowing, I would have said that it was.. another computer (don't want to start another flame war).. really nice! and the mp3 is better yet.. great work emkay NRV
  13. Great game, thanx for this! (and now a little article or description of any interesting techniques used during the development?? ) NRV
  14. yeah.. the only mode that let you use colpf3 doesn't like that mix (I tried) wouldn't that be 7 colored? 3 colors from pm2, pm3 and the "or" mix, plus the 3 colors from the "or" with "pm4", plus the pm4 color? NRV
  15. nice "graphic mode" a fast test in the emulator: and a fast test for the new lineUp 2.0 (well this mode is perfect for a Tetris..) NRV
  16. you are correct in all that! hehe I was about to use my LineUp game as an example, and I realized that probably most of the people that use the emulator in the PAL setting never saw the "presentation" part (because I jump over it if PAL is detected, the different number of scanlines wouldn't play nice with the sample timings) so.. play this in in NTSC lineup.zip if I don't remember bad (it was 15 years ago!), the sample used was between 12 and 16Khz, and to fill the "vbi gap" i used some counters fine tuned by trial and error, until it sounds "correct".. if you press and hold the Atari key (END key in the Atari800WinPlus emulator) you can see the sound wave NRV
  17. hmmm.. somewhere inside this modes.zip NRV
  18. nice 1 - 8 2 - 6 3 - 5 4 - 5 5 - 6 6 - 5 7 - 6 8 - 7 9 - 8 10 -5 11 - 7 12 - 4 13 - 6 14 - 5 15 - 5 16 - 6 17 - 6 18 - 8 19 - 10 20 - 7 21 - 6 22 - 6 23 - 8 24 - 7 25 - 6 26 - 5 27 - 7 28 - 9
  19. he could be talking about sub pixel accuracy movement and rendering (like when using float coordinates to render a quad in OpenGL, for example) well, technically this could be considered as some kind of anti aliasing (like super sampling).. anyway, gtia 9 with its pixel ratio and 16 shades is a nice candidate for horizontal movement with sub pixel accuracy (..moving to program a small demo..) NRV
  20. Great work! I really like the fourth level, with the ceiling effect included (software sprites FTW!). I should have more faith in 15 fps for 3d games from now on.. (do you have some levels running at 20 or more fps at some point?) Best "impossible" port for the (Atari) 8bits by far By the way, how many levels do you think you are going to do? all of them? About the irq's.. I suppose that you have timers in sync with the screen display (so they don't collide with any DLI or VBI in any frame)? so you need to start the irq's at a specific point the first time? Many years ago I used DLI's evenly distributed to play sampled music, but it was a little restrictive about the sampling rates that you can use for the sound NRV
  21. wow, what are you optimizing now!? .. you need to start writing tutorials of this stuff (like donlebeau) NRV
  22. hmmm.. good question I believe that I had used chained display lists in some project many years ago (JVB of DL1 points to DL2, and JVB of DL2 points to DL1..) and it worked, but I don't know what happens in the emulator anyway, if you have the OS VBI active, maybe the process that copies the shadow register ($230,1) to the rom register ($D402,3) resets the address used in the JVB?? NRV
  23. here, a real centipede, inspired by your thread.. - 50 sprites of 6x6 pixels (2 feet per sprite ==> 100 feet ) - 50 fps in PAL (use PAL mode in the emulator), but not 60 in NTSC - graphic mode 7, 32 bytes wide (more cycles available) - correctly masked (for a one color background) - double buffering - pre rotated sprites - just one frame of animation (I'm lazy) - unrolled code and some other optimizations (lot of macros) - compiled with MADS 1.7.5 (system_demo.m65 is the main file) - boring sinus table movement greetings (system_demo.obx is the executable!) NRV 100pede.zip
  24. sorry, just some boring test (but I think that they look nice) NRV colors.zip
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