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  1. Probably a noob question, but.. x) If I do: LDA RANDOM LDX RANDOM do I get different numbers of the random sequence?.. or.. does the sequence change every machine cycle?
  2. i was going to write a long, drawn out reply explaining everything that makes Project M what it is but... that sums it up beautifully. =-) ... Well, I was going to do the same thing, but I would had forgotten to mention the 32 bytes wide screen So resuming: - 32 bytes wide screen - over an area of 128 scanlines - assembler IRQ system to toggle the PRIOR register - one IRQ interruption every two scanlines So basically you lose most of the time in 64 scanlines (80% - 90% app), like 20% of the frame time in PAL land. I suppose if you can run assembler code from Action you could set up the IRQ system. A DLI system doesn't work for this (the "one interrupt every two lines"), because you need to start the interruption before the start of a line, to do the first change to PRIOR, then waste a little time before doing the second change after the end of the same line. With a 40 bytes wide screen you would lose a similar time, but I never tested this. (And no, you don't need to be NRV, there are many people here as crazy as me )
  3. Sounds like you are using the wireless version of the controller, in that case the wire is only used to charge the battery. If you get a wired version of the x360 gamepad (I have one) it should work in your console and in your pc. Is just another usb controller (but have some special driver I believe), so maybe it could work in your linux laptop.
  4. This thread made me remember of a trick from my days playing DK at the arcade. The problem was I didn't find it looking through faqs, so I was "forced" to try all the Mame versions of DK (i was starting to think I just dreamed about it). Basically you jump from the top of the bottom right ladder and Mario (jumpman?) goes through the floor, ending the level very easily (this seems to work only in the third japan version of the game, so I suppose it was corrected later). Anyway, this is how it looks (itsameeee princess.. really!.. where are you going!?) (by the way there is some interesting and detailed info here: http://www.coinopspa...ced-donkey-kong about the game)
  5. Nice! So the record for colors in a line is something like 85 then?
  6. When trying to sync the start of a IRQ to a horizontal position I remember to have needed to use two consecutive STA WSYNC, because with only one there were timing issues ... could that be the same thing as using INC WSYNC?.. or maybe the effect is minimized or it was just luck ?
  7. something like.. ldx collum ldy collum0 lda 53770 .rept 100 sta vram+#*40,x sta vram+#*40,y .endr ?? (never used .rept? really?? .. how can you live )
  8. Platformers: Spelunky, Terraria.. Top down: most rogue likes, Dwarf Fortress.. 3D: Sentinel (?), Minecraft..
  9. I don't use them (yet), but here is a good place to look for "real world" applications: http://www.codebase6...illegal_opcodes (nothing bad is going to happen if you click that link )
  10. A lot of changes .. what did you keep from the original then? Any thing that you still miss from the arcade original? Regards.
  11. Fight Night? I believe that it ""streamed"" some moves or animations from disk.. Last V8, but in NTSC! Then go for this: http://www.atariage....ost__p__2431105 Find the last (available) version in this post: http://www.atariage....25#entry2449002
  12. Great! One vote for the Crazy Comets and Commando tunes, if it's possible
  13. Good one! x) You know that now we NEED to do a multiplayer crossover between robo, boulder dash, pac man and dig dug ??
  14. nice.. you could also add this to "your" list: http://www.macworld....21/shibuya.html regards.
  15. I'm starting to believe it.. (sorry, couldn't resist ... runs to hide)
  16. Good god - did the author get paid by the word? Hey hey.. if Stephen is not going to wisdom, then wisdom comes to Stephen ... "Social media confounds the issue. You are a public relations masterpiece. Not only are you free to create alternate selves for forums, websites and digital watering holes, but from one social media service to the next you control the output of your persona. The clever tweets, the photos of your delectable triumphs with the oven and mixing bowl, the funny meme you send out into the firmament that you check back on for comments, the new thing you own, the new place you visited – they tell a story of who you want to be, who you ought to be. They satisfy something. Is anyone clicking on all these links? Is anyone smirking at this video? Are my responses being scoured for grammatical infractions? You ask these questions and others, even if they don’t rise to the surface." ... "The researchers explained this is how one eventually arrives at the illusion of naive realism, or believing your thoughts and perceptions are true, accurate and correct, therefore if someone sees things differently than you or disagrees with you in some way it is the result of a bias or an influence or a shortcoming. You feel like the other person must have been tainted in some way, otherwise they would see the world the way you do – the right way. The illusion of asymmetrical insight clouds your ability to see the people you disagree with as nuanced and complex. You tend to see your self and the groups you belong to in shades of gray, but others and their groups as solid and defined primary colors lacking nuance or complexity." ...
  17. Nope.. sadly, because this seems to be a good year (20th anniversary): http://kotaku.com/59...isten-to-it-now
  18. Technically I suppose you can do that with all the "scanline" modes (I suppose that in gr.7 the pal "bleeding" also works, but only affects one scanline of the below pixel? (the top half).. too lazy to test x) ) Strange that it worked different in Altirra than Apac.. maybe if you select higher lumas? What do you mean with "without DLI constraints"?.. this should be worse than Apac because you need to change the 4 color registers every line.. not just PRIOR.. What happens if you alternate a "yellow" (top line) with a "red" (bottom line)? .. you get a yellow and an orange??.. and that orange "bleeds" over another line?? ..so many questions Regards.
  19. Thank you, but as far as I understand the aproaches and the sources are very different: Quantizator works different than RastaConverter. And version numbers are totally different, too I think that RastaConverter is younger and looks better . (Because ilmenit has a lot of experience and the result is getting better each new generation) I can´t wait to have a look at the source of the new generation and to learn from that! I believe he was talking about this: http://www.atariage....ost__p__2504806 There is a link to rastaconverter 0.9 with source there.
  20. Not necessarily, you could move any object in steps lower than "one pixel size" and base the speed of the object and the collision methods in this "decimal" steps. Of course for our 2:1 pixels the movement is going to look coarse in the horizontal directions, but the collision precision can be the same one that in the arcade version.. and that one is "char" based by the way (that's the reason of the "bug" where you can go through a ghost sometimes.. both objects change their "tile" position at the same time). All this info is in the Pac Man dossier: http://home.comcast....mandossier.html I have the original ghost behaviors, the collision methods and the pacman movement (with the classic speed up when taking corners, to outrun the ghosts) implemented according to that info.. maybe someday I will have the time to add the rest of the logic to put "arcade pac man" in some new mazes x)
  21. I'm still a little confused about what is needed , but I suppose you mean v&(v-1) == 0 when v=2^x ? When v is not a power of 2, then the result is different than 0 (could be differents values.. well to be exact "the rightmost bit is cleared" from v).
  22. I don't know how the blitter works, but.. To know if a value is a power of 2 (your eight values that need conversion) you can use: f = (v AND (v - 1)) .. if this is zero then is a power of 2 The problem is that zero is also a "power of 2" with this method.. maybe you can replace all zeroes with another value, like $FF, before doing this.. Then you can use something like f2 = f OR (f XOR $FF) to transform any non zero value to $FF And finally f3 = f2 XOR $FF to get the result in the format that you want.. If you can't use intermediate values maybe you can do more "passes" or use auxiliary buffers?
  23. Nice, didn't know that you can use parameters with .REPT (I would have used # and #*2 directly in the inside). You can also use the iteration count # with the other format: :4 sta $2000+#*2 ==> sta $2000 sta $2002 sta $2004 sta $2006 Sometime ago I would have liked to nest .REPT statements, but I couldn't .. I don't know if it's possible now (but you can use the :n format inside a .REPT)
  24. Adding a 75% and a 25% options is a little more work, but I will try. With the 25% option there are some positions that you are not going to be able to reach and the jitter could be more visible, but maybe is still not a big issue.. About the XL/XE you mean the paddles? or the memory?. At this point I'm using below 48K, but I'm disabling the OS, to use a custom NMI handler, so I suppose that discards 400/800 models.
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