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  1. I see! Thank you for the info, I need to do that update :)
  2. Sorry, do you mean we will be able to play it on concerto once you adapt it or only on harmony encore? Thank you
  3. Would the game be playable on a concerto cart? For those of us who have that but not the encore?
  4. Sorry for the dumb question, but I can't seem to switch difficulties- I've tried either button, select switch, joystick, etc. Can anybody advise? I'm playing it on a Concerto cart.
  5. I would love to help, I have a couple of harmony carts and play on a 7800 console.
  6. I really want one, I’m sad I missed out on the first batch, but if you can advise when and how to order one please do so!
  7. Which is the first game? I seem to have missed it; 2 is Hellgate, 3 is Suicide squad and 4 is Black Raven, but which is #1, and is there a rom too??
  8. Thank you Al! Your hard work is very appreciated! Happy Christmas!
  9. The shop always sends an email when items have shipped. But Al never said he would try to have this batch shipped before Xmas, like he does some years, so my guess is it’s all happening after the holidays...
  10. Any rough idea when games might ship if we bought day of release?
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