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  1. Fantastic! But hold on; Popeye for the 7800?!? Any idea when that might become available to buy?! That’s exciting.
  2. Will you be sending or adding tracking info soon for us who have not received any updates Al?
  3. Indeed! Thank you for putting this into perspective Al. It really helps to understand the monstrous process.
  4. Thanks for the tip, but I don’t think Al himself is happy with the unusually long time frame on this batch, so I don’t feel these suggestions are really necessary.
  5. You could throw in ‘giving a realistic/conservative time estimate to the process’; to help the impatient ones amongst us from getting ansie. Just for good measure. But what do I know, I’ve made ONE single Atari cart in my life, and from a dui game seller. It took me all afternoon 😅
  6. I know... and I appreciate it greatly. But I felt better after saying that.
  7. I’m about to give up hope on these games... So frustrating, feels like I’ve spent the entire pandemic waiting for them. I realise having little to do doesn’t help, but it would’ve been so nice to have these when we were locked indoors. Now it’s back to work, no time for games, and they’re still nowhere in sight...
  8. I was just reading about that! I’m so sorry to hear, I hope you are recovering well. And you recover as fully as possible. Thank you for all the info, I’ll stay tuned to this thread in hopes it comes soon. If you end up with a spare cart at any point do hit me up, I’ll buy it from you on the spot 😉 All the best!
  9. Last question, promise; any idea roughly when you might have the next batch available? 😜
  10. Well I can’t wait for the next batch to come out! Thank you for taking the time to point all that out
  11. That’s what made me want to get the game! I love it. Is the final version much different? Sorry for all the questions, I’ll stop bothering you now 😜
  12. You mentioned a ROM in the description, is one available besides the 2017 demo for sale or otherwise in the mean time? Thanks again!
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