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  1. I really want one, I’m sad I missed out on the first batch, but if you can advise when and how to order one please do so!
  2. Which is the first game? I seem to have missed it; 2 is Hellgate, 3 is Suicide squad and 4 is Black Raven, but which is #1, and is there a rom too??
  3. Thank you Al! Your hard work is very appreciated! Happy Christmas!
  4. The shop always sends an email when items have shipped. But Al never said he would try to have this batch shipped before Xmas, like he does some years, so my guess is it’s all happening after the holidays...
  5. Any rough idea when games might ship if we bought day of release?
  6. Thank you for the explanation. What I was trying to explain is that the mondial relay doesn't work. It was the payment method is not available, and I was wondering if that is just because I am in the UK or if there is something wrong
  7. Cool. I am trying to buy it but I don't understand the shipping options. I would rather pay more and get it within 10 days, using 'Mondial Relay', but does that mean that the item gets shipped to one of the business options listed when you chose it? Also, I just noticed that by choosing that the payment option isn't available. Is the books/magazines the best option for me then? I like in Aberdeen, UK. Sorry for the hassle
  8. So the game will ship end of June if purchased now, am I reading that right? Thanks!
  9. Nice! Thank you for the info! It always looked really cool, interesting and unlike any other VCS game. I am very bummed not to be able to get a hold of one, life got in the way whilst the release was happening. Please do let me know if you will run another batch, or if there is anyway to get a cart, or even the rom. Thanks again! Mitch
  10. How is the game anyway? I was never able to get my hands on a copy or rom. Is there a review or impressions from anyone?
  11. I was unable to get a copy anywhere. Does anyone know of the rom is out, and where to get it?
  12. I have tried many different Roms from many different sources. But no, I have not tried to update the firmware, should I?
  13. So do you think its the everdrive cart thats the problem? Thanks again.
  14. Hi. From ebay, seller mo-tek-store. It's the China version. But I've bought other everdrives for other consoles from here and they always work, and I can load games into them perfectly. But I've never tried sfc files not snes everdrives before... Thanks for any help
  15. If anyone can help; I've been trying to add roms from online sources, 'sfc' files to an SNES Everdive cart, and it seems to work at first, they get added to the game lists, but when I try to play them, they all go to this 'chrono trigger retranslation' image, (attached pic) and then the screen goes black and nothing else happens. Any suggestions or ideas?
  16. Thank you for sharing! This looks great! What about that Snow Dogs game?? Any way to get the rom or option to buy a cart?
  17. I know! I completely forgot about it! I hope he still wants to deal with me!
  18. Hi, any chance I could still buy a copy? Thank you!
  19. And this second edition site is safe to purchase from is it? Sorry to ask, I have never seen it before.
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