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  1. I add images , I add images, this ruins the theory that model 0201 was the first model that was made in Japan.
  2. I have achieved 3 atari lynx of this model and I have detected that although the 3 are the PAG-0201 model each one is manufactured in a different region of Japan, Taiwan and China. Something unusual in this or this is all correct. Thank
  3. I'll take two copies, yes..
  4. Great news, please know if you can and make the payment. Thank
  5. Which is becoming less well and to make this a reality, thanks for the job.
  6. I confirm the above is number 2, the only thing you put that special issue.
  7. Hi, High voltage remember that thanks to your help can get all the journals lynx user, then the restore and re-raised to various sites, I hope with your help to get the number I'm missing. thanks
  8. Hello, I need that magazine to have all the numbers, can someone scan it and upload it. thanks
  9. Refloated this thread a few years ago, that to date anyone been able to carry a set of these features and now that have appeared new 3D engines like Raptor not know if this would be possible, aber if peers can contribute something respect. I would love to have this game on my jaguar and buy it without thinking.
  10. Anyone knows regarding this entire collection valued, I think is the biggest collection in the world in terms of lynx is concerned. It is certainly the most impressive I've seen, the owner will surely be rich.
  11. Do not quite understand why 2MB, referred to games that use more than 2MB of RAM that brings the console. And another thing what games higher capacity, as there are games that use 4 mb.
  12. I think all of that journal articles found in the link below. http://retrosprite.proboards.com/thread/6/magazine-scans-jaguar-era-awesome#page=2
  13. True ZOOP release in japan here are the references . http://www.satakore.com/sega-saturn-game,,T-26406G,,Zoop-JPN.html Have if together we can create a definitive list.
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