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  1. I know the guys from 2Old2Play and AMERICAN CLASSIC ARCADE MUSEUM are going to be there. Anyone else?
  2. I live about 20 minutes away, but I've never been there. Maybe I'll have to stop in now..
  3. I've never been to a 'good' pay to play tournament. Once money is on the line, it seems like everyone loses their manners. ( if you know what I mean ) This could be different I guess..
  4. So do you get kick-backs for this? ( a Pitfall game every other week? )
  5. looks like I might have to back out too. I give myself a 35% chance..
  6. Sounds good. I can bring another controller if we need it. ( don't have much in the way of games though )
  7. Ya, kid's are killer on carts. I have a 4 year old, and she doesn't even know video games exist yet. ( that's how hidden they are ) I'm also up for another meet.
  8. I think it came out in the tail end of Jan. http://www.amazon.com/King-Kong-Fistful-Qu...5169&sr=8-1
  9. I know there isn't a meeting time locked down or anything, but, can I suggest at the next meeting we watch King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. ( or have it playing on the side or something ) I totally thought that movie was crazy. ( although one sided )
  10. I'm also working at Anime Boston, so I'll be busy the two weeks leading up to it.
  11. I commend you. I wish I could de-clutter, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of any of my games. I really hate myslef.
  12. I agree. I don't have much to trade, but I'd love to get together and game.
  13. I won't be able to make it that weekend, but I hope people have a good time!
  14. I lost my copy of Super Mario 64 and have been looking for one. I saw a copy at the local flee market and they wanted 25 dollars. I thought that I could find a copy for a dollar or something. I hate when you lose games..
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