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  1. looks like an Atari Plug n Play covered in dog poop. I think I saw one of those next to the dumpster at Target.
  2. Some games are depressing because they plain suck...some because they are a let down (Pac Man), and then there are those games that do not fall into either of these catergories yet possess a certain indescribable something that manages to suck all the joy right out of your soul. These are the sort of games I originally intended to address in this thread. Does anyone else ever feel like punching themselves in the face after playing Beany Bopper? Is this normal?
  3. Hmmm...so it looks like the secret level was intentionally duplicated anyway. Thanks for posting the interview.
  4. Philly Flasher. I used to laugh at the Mystique games but now I just roll my eyes. Porn on the 2600 is very depressing.
  5. Pitfall II and Bump N Jump are definitely worth picking up. And every 2600 collection needs a copy of Adventure.
  6. That's a great map! When I discovered it back in the day, I had no idea that using different controllers would actually allow you to continue further up. But yeah, I remember reading about this earlier and was just wondering if anyone knew for sure whether or not this is an intentional phenomenon. And yeah, it would be cool if someone were to make a hack that lets you freely explore the secret level...and possibly beyond!
  7. I agree. Real baseball is boring...atari baseball is Boring-palooza!
  8. Personally, I like to pretend it's supposed to be Mythicon's Firefly, then when I turn it on, I'm like, "Oh sweet Firefly, what a delight you are to behold!"
  9. I agree with Shadowgate. It's a cool game..but grim? Hell's yeah!
  10. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but is the secret level in Mountain King the result of some accidental programming glitch, or was it put in there intentionally by the programmer? I remember the first time I discovered it purely by chance and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!
  11. The Slik Stick is the best controller ever!
  12. The Mythicon Three...I never understood how it was possible to pack so much "Awesome" in such small cartridges!
  13. Indeed, but no collection, no matter how small, is complete without a copy of those 2600 classics, Pac-Man and E.T.
  14. True, and thousands of years from now, the future inhabitants of earth will excavate the E.T. landfill, and it will be hailed as a major cultural discovery! Who knows, an E.T. cart may one day be hanging on the same wall as the Mona Lisa!
  15. I always thought "Dolphin" looked really good.
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