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  1. With just over 2K left I though ZA could use a little more variety, so I added what I call the Speedy Zombie. As the level is being drawn, I randomly (with a bias towards the deeper playfield), pick one infected zombie to be the speedy. This Zombie gets much more attention from the program and therefore moves much faster. He/she actually gets 1 movement for each movement of every other living NPC. Therefore with 50 NPCs active, the speedy moves 50 times more often than any of the others. The standard proximity, damage and health rules still apply to the speedy. When killed, the game will pick another infected to promote to speedy.


    Should provide a nice surprise every now and then.

  2. I was all set to work on the maps last night and then decided that the mobs needed a death animation. Good news! Mobs now have a 4 frame death sequence. Bad news, I'm running out of places to stuff graphics data - this time I had to raid the bottom of the stack and stuff 64 bytes in there. Worse news, the maps haven't progressed.

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