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  1. Can I interest you in the Hollerith card version? (extra shipping charges may apply)
  2. Ahhhhh - yes! I use Resilio Sync to backup my dev environment - that must be it! Thank you!
  3. First off, a big thank you to all the ABBUC members who voted for Dungeon Hunt II in the recent contest! Daniel and I are very pleased and honoured by this recognition! Especially in light of some very challenging competition! I have received a number of requests for a boxed version of the game and I am considering doing a run. Due to certain technical reasons a cartridge version would be problematic – specifically the game would need to continue to save to a diskette. Not sure if that will be a show stopper for anyone, but I want to be up front about it. If you are interested in either version, can you please let me know (and indicate which) Based on my estimated quantities, I can offer the diskette game for between $40 and $45 (USD), or between $60 and $65 (USD) for the cartridge version. Both prices include shipping to the US, Canada or Europe (air) Thanks to some great assistance and input from StefanD, the boxed version will be significantly different than the ABBUC contest entry – it will have four more levels, automatic PAL/NTSC detection, better difficulty balancing, graphic improvements, and more! Best regards Jim
  4. Hi phaeron Not really a bug, but some program behaviour I don't understand... When my Atari program writes to the mounted disk (ATR), most of the time it writes and updates the image, but sometimes (perhaps 25% of the time), the virtual write setting gets turned on and I have to go to File-->Disk Drives and change the setting from VRW to R/W. In all cases I am performing the exact same operations in the same manner, but getting an unpredictable result. It's easy to fix, but I can't help wondering what I am doing to trigger the random VRW mode. Also, a small request - when the Memory dump window is displayed, can you please give the address text box focus so I can start typing an address without having to select it with the mouse first? thank you!
  5. Thank you very much Frederik ! I really appreciate all your hard work!
  6. Yes! Big nostalgia hit! Star Raiders as I first played it! ... I didn't realize the shields tinted the screen blue until I purchased a colour TV! Thank you phaeron! (On a related note, growing up with only a black and white TV meant that I never understood the joke about Star Trek's red-shirts 🙂 )
  7. docx - I suggest looking for a small TV instead of a monitor. A few years ago I found a small (19") 720p flat screen TV with inputs for composite, svideo, VGA and even coax. Under $100 (Canadian), works great!
  8. Thank you for the monochrome modes! Small caveat - scanlines need to be turned off as well as the artifacting! I'll second Idelsarte's request for a b&w mode as well. When I first purchased my 400 the family didn't have a colour TV so I used an old 13" B&W instead. It would be fun to see that again!
  9. Interesting observation... She was not in uniform in that picture, but we were both in the service at that time.
  10. I am seriously considering a boxed version after all. I've had a lot of requests and my manufacturing team is open to the idea. I'll send out an interest check after the ABBUC contest is over.
  11. If anyone is having issues with the patcher, please feel free to contact me here or via PM!
  12. Perhaps TIX could make a new version of Bruce Lee and replace Bruce with Popeye and Yamo and Ninja with Bluto and Brutus ? 🙂
  13. Only after submitting Dungeon Hunt II to the ABBUC Contest this year, did I discover a number of bugs with the game - particularly with the PAL version. My apologies to everyone affected! Good news however! Thanks to a great deal of time and effort by forum member StefanD I am able to provide the following patch for the game. To use it, enable BASIC, boot the attached disk and follow the prompts - the patch program will fix either the PAL or NTSC version depending upon which choice you make. Thank you for your patience - I hope you find that this patch makes the game more playable and enjoyable! DH2FIX.ATR Again, Thank You Stefan for patch and all the testing!
  14. I'd be interested if it was sufficiently low profile to preserve the 400's looks. I find the B-Key to be an ugly monstrosity they way it sticks up. Perhaps a laptop style keyboard would be possible. I'd be even more interested it if it matched the colouring scheme of the 400's membrane keyboard.
  15. Thanks CC! I should have made this announcement myself! Dungeon Hunt II will be widely available after the ABBUC contest is over. However, if you can't wait - I suggest you join the ABBUC and get it sooner!
  16. Very nice - I think these improvements are awesome! I'm looking forward to playing the game through when all the updates are complete. Call it an FYI - from a martial arts form point of view - a kick accompanied by outstretched or loose arms is known as "starfishing". Not desirable. That being said, as the good doctor pointed out, Bruce's new horse stance is much better than the original leaning against a wall pose! keep up the good great work!
  17. From early 1986 my 8 bit setup - system hidden by the chair back. Sadly, I don't seem to have pictures of my earlier 800 and 400. Same period - closeup of 130XE. Later that year, the ST pushes the XE aside - the XE now hosts a BBS - two US Doubler 1050's! I think at this point I was tired of connection issues with the Pocket Modem and hardwired it inside the 130
  18. jacobus


  19. First off, my apologies for asking this question again, but I was unable to solve the issue before and I’m hoping a better description (and a clean thread) may help. I need help launching a binary load file, specifically a Rasta-Converter self-executing image. I want to be able to execute the RC binary from within my (running) program – more or less duplicating the functionality of DOS’s Binary Load. My Environment Standard 64K XL and SD disk DOS 2.0 initially, overwritten by my program QUICK Development language No free memory in my host program – hence the need to call out to an separate executable Virtually zero assembly skills and a mediocre programmer at best If I understand the Binary load function properly, it would need follow these steps: Read first 2 bytes (FFFF) Read next 4 bytes – use these to determine start load address and length of segment (end-start) Read next X (segment length) bytes Call start address Read next two bytes – if FFFF assume new segment and start back at step 2 Thanks to FJC’s help I have managed to create a small assembler routine that can load a sequential series of sectors, placing them sequentially in memory and then call a specific address. The idea was to load the RC executable into RAM and then execute it. Unfortunately, it fails – no doubt due to a segmented executable not being handled correctly. Can someone please help by either: Suggest a method to adapt my existing code to follow the Binary load steps above Point me at an existing solution that would allow me to successfully launch this RC image. (preferred solution) Thank you! P.S. This request is part of the Dungeon Hunt II project - now massively overdue, but still alive!
  20. xBoot is 384 bytes? That works - I thought it was around 6K. Question #2 - is it possible to load the xBIOS file into memory, execute it and then have access to the functions like "xBIOS_LOAD_BINARY_FILE" or do I need to boot from it?
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