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  1. I'm looking for the following Synapse items - (trying to complete my collection) Shadow World Alley Cat Dodge Racer I'm most interested in the packaging (box preferable of course), as that I have media/docs for all of them - but I'd take the whole package if it was available! Also, can anyone tell me the relative rarity of these items? ... I lost a bid on Alley Cat a few months ago, but I've never seen the other two for sale. thanks! jim
  2. Ya, I agree I could have written it in something more portable, but initially I wrote it just for my own use and it evolved from there. If you're interested I can walk through the guts of the program (quite simple really) I've attached a batch file that should help (rename the .txt to .bat). Create a folder, unpack the .cab file into it and add the batch file (manual_install.bat). Edit it to point to your System32 folder (defaults to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32) and destination directory (defaults to C:\ATARI) and then run it. After it runs (should not take more than a couple of seconds) try running the Atari Loader.exe. If it works fine, continue with the installation/config instructions, otherwise please let me know. You're very welcome, Thank you for the feedback! Hi there, 5200 support is broken, it's not parsing the file and just booting the emulator into 5200 mode. The utility menu suggests you can browse to a directory where you have multiple sub dirs and it will scan from there, in fact you actually have to go into one of the sub dirs and pick a file before it allows the browser window to be close and a scan done. To get around this you manually need to edit the line afterwards which isn't a big thing but helps a little. Also, is it possible to show the file extn in the top right window. It help if you have many versions of the same game ie an atr or a cas. Apart from that I love it, dead handy little util, many thanks 5200 Support: Is Atari800WinPlus setup to run 5200 apps by double clicking on them? (I make use of the Windows associations) Good point about the utility menu - I'll add that to the to-do list. The (yellow) text box is actually the Title field (you can edit it and then save the changes with the Save button). I know what you mean about confusing versions - I was thinking about some kind of indicator icon ... (by the way, when you click on a disk image file (.atr) the 810 drive image should light up) Thanks very much for the feedback (and the praise!) jim manual_install.txt
  3. Infocom's Starcross (saucer version of course!) Synapse Titles: Alley Cat/Dodge Racer/Shadow World ...Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if Synapse ever released Protector I in a box? ... My copy (like the Crystalware version) is just the baggie release.
  4. I've been developing a front end for the Atari800WinPlus emulator for several years and I just put a copy of it up on SourceForge. It allows you to organize and categorize your image collection (xex,atr,dcm,bin,etc) under a (user-defined) set of tabs. As well it allows you to set and save a variety of emulation options so that each Atari program runs with it's own custom settings (e.g. OS Type, Memory, Video, etc). Also supported is the ability to capture and display an snapshot image of each program in progress. The Atari Launcher also supports emulators of other systems, but not to the degree that Atari800WinPlus is supported. I would appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions for improvements. Program files and Installation instructions can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/atarilauncher/
  5. Here I go inviting flames... I actually prefer to use the emulator - with a real Atari joystick of course (there really is no other way to play Atari games - modern joysticks/pads suck to say the least!) I'd use the real hardware more, but I'm too impatient to wait for everything to init and boot. As well, I wrote a custom interface for Atari800Win so that I don't have to remember all the specific settings and configurations that allow everything to work - again speed and convenience. Lastly (although this is the weakest - since I currently have 14+ Atari's around the house) I worry about the longevity of my Atari's and I'd rather try to extend their lifespans by not using them if I don't have to.
  6. Both for sure. At work the emulator rules (quietly of course), but at home I've got the XEGS hooked up to the projector and home theater and an 800 connected to my PC via both SIO2PC and to the monitor via the VIVO functionality of my video card (sound is not yet integrated). On the road it's the emulator again.
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