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  1. Carts are going fast - here is the current inventory: Green Bat, Skeleton, Minotaur, Ghost, Hypno-toad Mummy, Witch, Skull, Snake, Zombie Blob, Spider, Dragon, Imp, Demon Blue Bat, Skeleton, Minotaur, Ghost, Hypno-toad Mummy, Witch, Skull, Snake, Zombie Blob, Spider, Dragon, Imp, Demon
  2. The cartridges are here! Pictured are a complete set of greens, I also have blue cartridges as well. Here is the difficult part - I'm going to try to please everyone. Since each cartridge is unique (by combination of shell colour and sticker design), I'm going to offer everyone a chance to make their own choice. I guarantee a copy to everyone who has currently expressed interest in this thread, and I may have some extra for late orders. First things first. If you want to place an order, please provide me (via PM here) with the following: 1) Your top three case Colour and Design preferences (for example, Blue Dragon, Green Mummy, Green Skeleton) 2) The name you want to personalize your copy with (1 to 18 chars) The price will be $45 USD + shipping ($10 US & Canada, $12 Europe) I will email you payment details when you make your selections. (as mentioned, owners of the Gold version can subtract $5) In case of conflicting requests, I will use the order that interested people posted in this thread to resolve. Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest!
  3. Ikea sells these (presumably world-wide) they fit 5.25" disks very well! They are named rather confusingly. Kassett
  4. Because the scene was staged (no surprise) and I didn't want to have all the cans appear unopened (would affect my programmer cred no doubt). I forgot to take into account the mass of incredibly detailed oriented people that hang out here ... I found years ago that three was the perfect number when it came to monitors. One main, one email, and one basically scratch for temporary windows.
  5. I asked Phaeron a few months ago about adding this feature to Altirra to allow distribution to the PC world in general.
  6. I'm in the middle of a huge project at work, and DH at home so I will try to get to them soon. (nag me in a few weeks if you haven't heard anything!)
  7. My 9's and (one 10) - all ratings courtesy of AtariMainia And I suppose I should add the world's only copy of the Dungeon Hunt Cartridge P.S. Why does the editor allow a nicely formatted table (copy and pasted from Excel), but then won't display it properly in the actual message?
  8. Thanks very much! - the assembly process was far more than I had anticipated - I'll think twice before doing another similar release. I hope to be announcing the newest project in the next few weeks... The middle one is a 40" 4K display (from LG), the sides are 24" 1080p (rotated) displays. Finally I have enough space on the desktop! Here's a better picture - the window shown is a remote desktop connection to a 1080p display.
  9. Several people had expressed interest in my process for creating the Dungeon Hunt game package, so I thought I'd put this pseudo-documentary together. We all know this part - the caffeine fueled programming marathon. Complete with people telling you that either you're doing it wrong, or that "this" should be "there" - and most most commonly that you're late for dinner. Of course, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing Once the program itself is complete, the packaging process begins. First the boxes need to be assembled. Fortunately they are simple two piece popup affairs the require little concentration. The thing that no one has noticed yet is that these are actually chocolate boxes - I kid you not! Once the boxes are assembled, then the labels are printed - the front label is a 8.5" x 11" single piece label, while the back is one of 5.5" x 8" labels (two per sheet). The most difficult part is the label that covers the front and sides of the box. More swearing, cursing and temper-tantrums go into this part of the process than anything else. I really hate this part of the job! First the corners are clipped to allow the label to fold properly. (child labour is a large component of this process) Then the damn label is carefully attached, bubbles smoothed out and corners folded in and too often flung into the corner because the rotten thing is totally messed up. Feelies need to be ordered, and in some cases assembled. Then the hint package needs to be assembled. (and yes the hints themselves have been carefully obscured in these pictures!) Manuals need to be collated and stapled - and signed of course! More child labour! Finally the packages are assembled (this is everyone's favourite part) The next steps will include cartridge preparation, packaging and shipping - I will post part two then I have them in hand.
  10. Hmmm ... good find! I think the issue is that the maximum health is capped for each level (slowly increases as you progress). Level 1 the cap is 35. The problem is that I start the character off with a health level of 45. So when you hit the health panel, the cap is applied and your health drops.
  11. Hi Phaeron I have a small (I hope) feature request - could you please update the memory dump window somewhat? Nice-to-have features would include: -Vertical scroll bar -Refresh key bind (F5 ?) -Auto timer for refresh -ATASCII in the Chars column And one more please - When printing to the virtual printer, can you clear the output window when a FF is issued? I use this extensively for debugging and it would nice to be able to have the clear feature under program control. thank you!
  12. Thank you for the (mind-blowingly thorough) explanation!
  13. I just had an email from Steven Tucker, the cartridges should be on their way to me in a day or so. Once I have everything assembled I will contact everyone who expressed an interest in this thread. Unfortunately the current number of interested people now exceeds the number of cartridges I planned to produce. Part of the problem is that I had two colours of cartridge and 15 different labels giving me the ability to produce 30 unique cartridges. I suppose I could order another set of 15 carts and paint them to produce a third colour - let's see how the ordering proceeds...
  14. Thank you Rybags - dropping the value to just over 200 seems to do the trick - thanks very much!
  15. I assumed I would have to do that - scroll normally through memory until I hit 0/255 and then feed one column at a time from the opposite end to simulate the looped screen. However I noticed that scrolling the LSB past 0 works flawlessly except for the way the screen moves up. So, at that point I assumed that rolling the LSB over was incrementing/deincrementing the MSB and I could easily fix that. Not so unfortunately... Interestingly the LMS seems to count like this - 255/21 - next byte scrolled - 0/21, then 1/21, then 2/21 ... Yeah, but I'm looking for a cheap and easy solution!
  16. The red line marks the end/beginning of the horizontal data line.
  17. I hope there is a quick and easy answer to this... I have a fairly typical DL with LMS instructions for each line - each pointing to a separate 256 byte page - as follows (please forget fine scrolling for now) ... 116 5 21 116 5 22 116 5 23 ... I'm scrolling by manipulating the LSB of the address, and it works fine going back and forth. However, if I try to scroll left (de-incrementing the LSB) past zero the entire existing portion of the PF moves up a line when the LSB flips to 255. The "new" portion of the scrolling line stays in the correct position. At first I assumed that the MSB must be incrementing when the LSB flipped over, but that doesn't seem to happen. ... 116 250 21 116 250 22 116 250 23 ... Is there any easy way to avoid this behaviour? What is the recommended or standard way to effect this kind of scroll? thank you!
  18. Received mine yesterday, looking forward to assembling it!
  19. I'm truly overwhelmed by the response, thank you all! My intention is to produce only 30 of these cartridges, each one unique, so it looks like I need to close off the list very soon! I will contact everyone who responded here in a few days (when I have the carts in hand) to arrange details. thanks again!
  20. I’m putting the final touches on a limited edition cartridge based version of Dungeon Hunt – which thanks to Steven Tucker’s Maxflash magic, will allow games to be saved directly to the cartridge itself! Features include: Save to Cartridge – no diskette required! Uniquely labeled cartridge (15 variations * 2 cartridge colours) Personalized with your name or alias Printed, signed colour manual Flashlight ‘feelie’ Additional surprise ‘feelie’ Special cartridge edition box CD with level editor Very limited edition – not quite as rare as Gold Mine, but close Sadly this version requires 64K, so the compatibility will be limited to XL and XE models. Price will be around $45.00 USD + shipping, I’ll offer a $5 discount to anyone who has already purchased a Gold or Digital edition. Please let me know if you’d consider purchasing a copy, I expect to be shipping in two to three weeks.
  21. I'd like to see a laptop kit - something you can pop your standard XL or XE motherboard into and would auto-magically connect display, keyboard, joystick and enhanced SIO devices. And since I'm not asking for much, it should have the same XL cosmetics as Beetle's XL laptop...
  22. OK, updated Synapse poster with better scans of Shamus II and Alley Cat. And with the Showcase titles added... These are low rez versions compatible with AA's posting limits - if anyone wants a full rez version, please contact me directly.
  23. I think the real beauty (and genius) of this GUI is the fact that it runs on the venerable 6502! Sure it would likely run faster on a faster device, but the fact that it runs so amazingly well on the base hardware is what I find the most incredible and worthwhile thing about it.
  24. Yes it can run from the MaxFlash cartridge, and runs very well, but it cannot write game saves back to the cartridge. For a long playing game like Dungeon Hunt this is a major problem. However, I've enlisted the aid of Steven Tucker to help me make a fully MaxFlash compatible version! I hope to have these cartridges ready for market in a few weeks. I'll make another announcement when they are ready.
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