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  1. Why is there people reviving/bumping these topics of mine? BTW: I think MADMAC only handles 68000, not 6502.
  2. I am not disassembling anything, Just starting to learn about the SNES.
  3. I need a modification of the DASM 6502 assember to use 65816/65c816 opcodes, Please? Please make sure it has both Source and Win32 Binaries. There is no assembler that I like other than DASM or the x816 (x112f) assembler. But the x816 assembler is for MS-DOS and is outdated! So an Upgrade to a modded DASM (with possible 65816/65c816 support) is really worth it! BTW: This is for Assembly development for the SNES. NOTE: If anyone does this: Please use the latest version of DASM right here. (2.1x or something like this) @Dillon (Creator of DASM): If you can, Please add it to the newest/upcoming/WIP version of DASM. Edit: I accidentaly did a typo. It should say Assembler, not Disassembler
  4. Since I am completely new to Atari 2600, But not 6502. I want help on recreating Tower toppler on 2600. In this case. Something similar to Homestar runner RPG's scrolling (Except the player has custom animations and goes on different positions). And Plus, I want to similate Pitfall 2's StatusBar IRQ (for Lives and score). Is there any info on those? If there is Source for HR-RPG (and the disassembly of Pitfall 2) then please post it here. (And a very nice music engine/converter (Not Paul S's Engine) if possible) Thank you for your time.
  5. Do you got anything to convert Midi files to BatariBasic and DASM for ATARI 2600? EDIT: Sorry, Edited it. It cut me off
  6. I was having a lot of trouble making a disassembly of the 7800 version of Tower Toppler/Nebulus. If anyone cares, Here is what I plan to do with it: 1. Make ''KyoroChan Land 7800'' (based on the Famicom (Japanese) version known as Castelian in europe) 2. Make a 5200 and possibly a 2600 version of the original Tower Toppler. Plus add a graphics hack related to the Japanese Famicom version above 3. The 2600 and possibly 5200 versions should use the ''Pitfall 2'' stuff for Horizontal Scrolling and Enhanced Sound (for Atari 2600: the Pitfall 2 mapper is appropriate) Overall. a Disassembly of TT 7800 would be the BEST thing for me to learn Atari ASM. I know the 6502 basics, but I do not know how to easily seperate code from data for the NES/7800
  7. Can I request a full disassembly of Tower Toppler (7800)? I wanted to know what makes it tick more than any other game!
  8. There is already a 5200bas compiler for the Atari 5200, so there really isn't a need to make a 5200 batari Basic, but it should be doable-- also a 7800 batari Basic should be doable. Of course, they wouldn't be the same as 2600 batari Basic, since they have different capabilities, limitations, and programming requirements. Michael bB could be used to make 5200 or 7800 binaries without modification to the source code of the compiler itself, as right now it spits out valid 6502 code that will work on any 6502 machine. Of course all of the 2600-specific commands wouldn't be very useful, you'd need to create a new includesfile and several supporting headers and .asm libraries, and probably a bunch of functions, likely with inline asm, to do 5200 or 7800 stuff (which I know very little about.) But the point is that bB's basic framework could support other 6502-based systems, at least in theory. Hi Batari it would be great to see a special based Batari basic for the 7800 system...... The 7800 community would be grateful for this. greetings Walter I also recommend someone to make a 7800 version. As I am trying to port Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel Castle I will see what I can do to recreate BB to 7800 or/and 5200 OFFTOPIC: I wish someone ported Smurfs Rsscue in Gargamel's castle to Batari Basic.
  9. At least there must be a 6502 ASM to BASIC converter, so I can port it to MANY systems easily with code modifications! If there is a 6502 ASM to Basic converter, then post it here. Please.
  10. Because the Graphics are better for either ANTIC (5200) or MARIA (7800), I wonder if Someone will make a conversion of my favorite game: Smurfs in Gargamel's Castle (and Many others - At least those with the source extracted by DISTELLA) Is there a Good way to convert the Extracted 2600 game source code made from DISTELLA to either the 5200 or 7800, and also create a Graphics editor/converter for those converted with 2600 to 5200 or 7800? -Atarihacker
  11. So are you looking to have an emulator to simulate some silicon that will never exist but might be fun as a virtual machine, or what are you after? If your goal is to design a simple piece of video game hardware, why base anything in particular off the Stella at all? Sure it's a decent design, but there are many limitations for which today there would be no need. Of course, in 1977 there was a good reason to use a 6507 processor, but today there'd be no reason not to use something a little handier. The 8x51 isn't exactly wonderful, but for most games it could work nicely if you rigged things right. You'd need more instructions for most tasks, but most instructions would take about 1us instead of 2-3. Either that or make a File/6502 source code converter like Atari2600 ---> Atari5200/7800. the converter part should be easier.
  12. I have been thinking about one theory: Can Somebody Recode the TIA to make the Atari 2600 generate 4 color (3 color without Transparency) Graphics simular to Atari 5200/7800. But I want to call this MEGA-TIA and call the emulator MEGASTELLA. This may be possible, Or you can do the same thing using the EMUZWIN Spectrum emulator source and Rip the 256-color mode stuff: http://kolmck.net/apps/EmuZWin_Eng.htm You might have to email him to use his source. Does anyone Like this Theory/Idea to be Done? -AtariHacker
  13. It could be very easy. Can anyone convert it for me? Either that or Provide a doc on how to convert atari 8-bit to 5200 games. -Atarihacker
  14. It is VERY AWSOME! Also, Blue jay looks like a GOOD hack of ''Smurfs in Gargamel's Castle'' I want both disassemblies of both ''Smurfs'' and ''Blue Jay'' since I am too creating a hack, But i am using diffrent artwork for it! Bravo and encore to you.
  15. That question had bothered me forever. The fact that Distella cannot disassemble 8kb games such as ''Mr. Do's Castle'' and ''Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel's Castle'' is my worry about the current version of Distella. If anyone (ESPECIALLY THE AUTHOR!!) rebuilds/remakes distella to fix the disassembly limit (2kb and 4kb roms are supported currently) i will give credit for you in my atari games!
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