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  2. I used to have an Epson translator disk for my XMM801 that you would boot before using Print Shop back-in-the-day. Damned if I could find it online now though.
  3. dwhyte


  4. Wow. The C64 guys in this thread may be worshipped in the C64 world, but on this board you seem kind of douche-tastic!
  5. Your efforts are always appreciated. Thanks, _Fandal_.
  6. No luck running these programs on Altirra. Where is the MyIDE emulation in Atari800 of which you speak? I've looked through the documentation and there's no mention of it. It's in the CVS sources for atari800.
  7. Great stuff, STE. Is there a site where I can download your C64 art? Preferably in C64 format...
  8. Come on now, you two. Quit your damn bickering... ಠ_ಠ
  9. franny -C -s 65535 -d d 16MBimage.atr
  10. Seeing as I just bought a new PC with Windows 7, I figured I've give Altirra 1.7 a go... and I was a little more than impressed. I wanted to explore the MyIDE emulation to familiarize myself with that adapter and evaluate whether or not I want to buy one for my actual Atari system. I set everything up and was able to get to FDISK2 and set up the emulated hard drive, and then into the image manager. It seemed to allow me to copy ATRs to the HD, but when I went to boot the image, it would just warmstart the emulator. What am I missing here? If I can't get it working in emulation, there's no point in me purchasing a MyIDE interface. Is MyIDE emulation still buggy?
  11. Thanks, Jon. I've switched over to using DOC mode as of late to differentiate my TLW files from standard ATASCII text files. I planned on exporting from Bibliographer as "DOC mode" files in the spirit of TLW. I may add exporting to other word processor formats, but for now I'll keep it TLW compliant only. EDIT: I've just realized that I begin almost every sentence on this forum with "I" or "I've".
  12. I wish I was doing this kind of bug hunting for a living... I take heart from what you say, though: few (if any) large projects are totally bug-free, and that goes for the realm of the PC as much as the Atari. There were bugs in version 3.11 which had been around for over a decade... The (fixed) version 3.21 is ready and sitting on the back-burner, just in case anything else crops up. I've always found it to be a good idea to not use the SDX keyboard buffer. It's way to easy to overshoot your edit spot when scrolling through a document with the SDX buffer activated. Is there a way to turn it off completely during the load processes? Or perhaps a new config option for version 4.0 (which I still think should be cartridge based). I've also been working with TLW everyday, Jon, and have yet to find any issues that plague my usage of it, hence why I've been so quiet lately. I've switched over from TextPad to TLW for tightening up all the scenes for Undone when I have the time (it will be released someday... hopefully). I've also been working on a companion program for TLW that is specifically geared for bibliographies. And that has brought me to another question: could you possibly PM me the TLW doc header specs so I can include them into Bibliographer's export function?
  13. Great work with version 3.2! You seem to have hammered out all the bugs. Oh, and thanks for the mention in manual, Jon -- I wasn't expecting that. I have a quick question regarding the upcoming version 4 or future versions after that. Will it ever be possible to have one text buffer comprised of all available RAM? I imagine something of that nature would probably require some heavy modifications to the core of TLW, and is, more likely than not, wishful thinking on my part, but having one large buffer was always something I liked about Paperclip XE (what I used before TLW came along). Maybe an option in the LW.SYS file to use either 32K banks, or one large one, perhaps?
  14. DOS 3 handles eight drives. DOS 4 can as well...
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