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  1. Well now I have had mine for nearly 2 months I have to say my first impressions still hold true and that the Wii is a great machine. i picked up Call of Duty 3 and am enjoying the experience, though the melee combat is frustrating if you dont do it properly. Downloaded a few VC games and I have found i play them as I would have back in the day. If i had them on an emulator on my PC i would not play them much or at all. Castlevania, Bomberman, solomons key all play great with the classic controller and so my retro addiction has been catered for. also managed to create a spookily realistic Mii of my fiancee, mine looks reasonably like me and am working creating Mii Beatles! Paul looks very much like him,but the others are harder to do! I feel that the Wii has so much potential esp with the online stuff
  2. Yes thats obvious, as the sixaxis controller allows you to steer in Motostorm by tilting the pad, not just the direction pad!
  3. any used the component cable with a HDTV yet? i bought mine today and cant really notice any difference!
  4. I think you must be seriously doing something wrong! All the games are instantly intuitive and everyone I know that has had a go gamers and non gamers alike have all had no problems. You expect them to play just like the actual sports?? Hmmm think you are expecting too much. With no force feedback or resistance using a remote control how did you think you would experience the exact realism of the sport? Take the golf for example. A friend who plays golf, instantly got the hang of it. He took practice swings to get a feel for the power etc then off he went. birdies, pars no problem. You dont have to put your head down either once you learn how to swing. Practice it ! Bowling is dead simple. You make the motion of bowling, turn your wrist near the end to give it spin and thats it. how hard can it be? The Wii will have more quick play games than the 360 or PS3, have them for your more adult content and bigger games and have the Wii for fun games generally. I play PC games more than anything but its so refreshing to pop downstairs and fire up the Wii.
  5. no it isnt that bad at all! Also if you buy the component video cable for a HD tv it makes the Wii visuals look much better, I hear that Zelda really benefits from it.
  6. Well i try and get some time in on it every evening and think I have done 15 hours so far. Loving every minute of it, so enchantingly nice and pleasant! Reminds me of Ico in a way with the love and attention thats been put into it.
  7. I have Zelda, Call of Duty 3 , Wii Sports (of course) and downloaded Bomberman 93, Solomons Key and Super Star Soldier for the Virtual Console. Overall I am very impressed and really enjoying the experience. I never had a GC so am more than happy with the graphics and already getting those must have GC games. Zelda is absolutely fantastic, has me hooked big time. Call of Duty is pretty tough as the controls let it down a bit. I cant wait for the games that make good use of the controller.
  8. Cant believe someone mentioned getting a console because the graphics were superior to anothers on an Atari forum! What happened to the gameplay is king argument?! Get a 360 as the Arcade Live service is brilliant and gears of war is rather good. THEN get a Wii ! I got one for Christmas and loving it , Zelda absolutely rocks.
  9. Sorted the evil screw out , bought a longer handled screwdriver and its out! time to test
  10. Okay I can check that no problem, thanks for the tip. Help me narrow things down. And yes it has the 6 switchs
  11. I'm in the UK. Opened the thing last night apart from one absolute git of a screw that defied any attempts to unscrew. The amount of crap that came out of this thing was unbelievable. Grit, black powdery stuff, black bits, gravel. ewww
  12. Well it does not appear to power on as far as i can tell. Its CX2600 - U, 2nd edition model i think
  13. Hi everyone and Happy New Year Does anyone know of any sites (good or otherwise) that have documentation on repairing 2600's? schematics, component lists etc. I was given a non working 2600 over the christmas period on the off chance i could get it working you see! Hopefully its something simple like a dry solder joint or aged electolytic capacitor etc.
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