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  1. Hi everyone. I'm putting together vintage computer and console related items which I hope to sell. Please click below to see the current items I'm listing. Items For Sale I'll be adding more as I test, and package the items. Thanks, John
  2. Is there a version of CoolCV that works in RetroArch for the Pi 3B+?
  3. Will a version of CoolCV made for Retroarch work on both the Pi 4 and the 3B+? My Colecovision Ultimate Flashback uses a 3B+ which is more than enough to run the Colecovision perfectly. In the past I've used CoolCV on my 3B+ and it worked great, just without the bezel/overlay. Thanks John
  4. Hi. I wanted to ask if a version of CoolCV exists that works with Retroarch on the Raspberry Pi? I have the actual binary install on my Retropie but that doesn't work with Retroarch. The reason I'd like to see a compatible version of CoolCV for Retroarch is so I can use the overlay or bezel like I can with other Retroarch compatible emulators. CoolCV works great on my Pi including SGM games, but sadly I can't use the bezel/overlay to make the screen look nicer without the large black borders on the left and right of my HDTV. With the bezel/overlay in emulators it makes the screen look nicer and the actual game screen is 4:3 which fits perfectly within the overlay/bezel. I hope there might be some good news on a compatible version for RetroArch or perhaps someone else knows how to get an overlay/bezel working directly through CoolCV (if its possible) on RetroPie. Thanks, John
  5. More computer software listed today this time for the Commodore 64 computer. I have lots of software that I am sifting through and plan to place on auction in the coming months. I also have more hardware, cartridges (Atari, C64, etc.) and much more to list in the coming weeks and months as free time permits. Items For Sale I'll post updates as more items are added to my eBay account. Thanks.
  6. More Atari material listed today such as an Activision 2600 cartridge set, 4 Boxed/Sealed DS/DD diskette packages, and more items. Plus the 130XE, IMAGIC 2600 lot, and the XonoX Double Ender auctions have less than 2 days left. Items For Sale I still have more to sort through, test and put up for auction. Thanks.
  7. More Atari material such as 2600 cartridges, and an Atari 130XE have been added. Items For Sale I still have more to sort through, test and put up for auction. Will update this thread when I post more items. Thanks.
  8. I've added a few more items up for auction. Commodore and Atari 8-Bit cartridges and Atari ST book lots coming shortly are now available. Items For Sale
  9. More items available and working on adding a few more.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm putting together vintage computer and console related items which I hope to sell. Please click below to see the current items I'm listing. Items For Sale I'll be adding more as I test, and package the items. Thanks, John
  11. Ok. Quick Update... Regarding Package #1 and #2... The current HIGHEST offer is $100.00 for BOTH packages combined. I will continue to take offers until end of day on August 1st EDT at which time a decision will be made. Offer period has ended for Package #1 and #2. Thanks. John
  12. Hello. I've been scaling down my vintage computer collection and have been selling and plan to sell more Commodore, Atari and other vintage systems and related materials. Typically, I place my items on eBay but thought to try going directly to gaming and computing forums like Atariage, Lemon64, Amibay, etc. I'm going to add items below and the sale terms. Please PM me with offers. The best reasonable offer will be excepted. Items that don't sell or receive reasonable offers will likely end up on eBay. Payments via PayPal only at this time. As I package more items I'll expand the below listings. This is my first time looking to sell items through forums directly and not through eBay. Any suggestions or questions on any items listed is welcomed. Package 001: Atari ST Programming Book Set by Abacus +1 from COMPUTE. Sale Terms: I prefer to sell these books as a set but will split them up if an offer is made that I can't refuse. Shipping: Varies by location and buyer chosen options. Ex: Priority Mail vs. Standard Mail, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package 002: Atari ST Book Set by Abacus. Sale Terms: I prefer to sell these books as a set but will split them up if an offer is made that I can't refuse. Shipping: Varies by location and buyer chosen options. Ex: Priority Mail vs. Standard Mail, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all for now. I'll be adding more as I gather, test and package more items. If selling directly via forums goes well, I'll continue to post offers on the forums instead of going through eBay. Thanks, John
  13. Thanks for the info Thomas. I'm downloading the Stella 6.5.3 release for the Retron 77 right now. I wish they'd release a NEW version of the Retron 77 that properly worked with all original 2600 peripherals, had the ability to use a bezel and other small updates. Of course I'm probably not the first one to wish for this, but I'd love to see one that worked with the 5200 and 7800 carts/roms as well.
  14. Hi everyone. This evening I got that itch again to get back to my 2600 roots and play the great games of my youth. I have too many hobbies (especially retro) so I tend to jump around from Atari 2600, to C64, Atari 800, Arcade, etc... Anyhow, I have the original Retron 77 and the community build image (although probably not the latest version, but I'll get to that tomorrow). I have a few questions that I didn't see answered anywhere and thought of asking here in hopes that some of you might be able to fill me in. 1. I noticed there is a new Amber/Clear Retron 77 release. Other than the clear amber casing, is there any other differences or improvements over the original release? 2. On the Raspberry Pi I am able to set a 2600 TV bezel around my screen so that it looks like I'm playing on an old fashioned CRT/TV from the days of our youth. Is it possible to do such a thing with the Retron 77 when playing on a modern HD (widescreen) TV? This would be a great feature for nostalgia's sake. LOL 3a. I read about paddle issues with the Retron 77 and wanted to ask if I correctly understood what I read. Do I need the 2600-daptor to properly use original paddles or can the paddles work if directly plugged into the DB9 ports on the Retron 77 and the control settings within Stella v6.x being adjusted? 3b. Can the 2600 keyboard controllers used with "Basic Programming" and the "Star Raiders: Keypad" work with the Retron 77 or do they also require the 2600-daptor? 3c. If the 2600-daptor is required, which model? There seems to be 3. The "Original 2600", "2600 II", and "2600 DB9". Does it matter? The DB9 versions seem to have the greatest selection of compatible controllers on their webpage. 4. Final question and not a big deal, but I might as well ask. Is there an alternate front end menu than the default Stella front end, that can be used with the Retron 77? I saw the Flashback 9 / X community project (also here at Atariage) and liked the look of that menu system. While not a critical feature, I'm just curious if there are alternate front ends that can be used with the Retron 77 other than the default Stella front end. Sorry for so many questions and thanks for any info. John
  15. I looked around but haven't found an answer. Is there a way to take a screenshot that can act as the graphic image when scrolling through the Atari game list in Stella? Does one of the console buttons allow taking a screenshot or do you have to enter some menu to do it, etc? I have a few games that don't have game screenshots attached and I'd like to add them. Thanks, John
  16. Ah... There we go. Thanks unixdude. I have very little experience with Github, so thanks for pointing that out.
  17. Yes. 2. Extract the contained `sdcard.img` file from the zip archive. I searched for sdcard.img but it says no file found. The only .img files are ... ft1000.img ft3000.img I don't think those are the .img files needed to uncompress to the microSD card.
  18. Ok. My Retron 77 just arrived. I'm looking for the latest sdcard.img file to update my MicroSD and pop it into my Retron 77. I came across DirtyHairy's Github page and reading the instructions there it says ... # Installation guide 1. Download `sdcard.zip` from the [releases page](https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng/releases). When I go to the releases page I see the following zip file "r77-firmware-ng-release-6.1-beta2.zip" that does not appear to be a filename.img file. Am I missing something, or do I just format the SDCARD and copy the contents of the zip file to the card?
  19. I just ordered a Retron 77 and have one question while I anxiously wait for it to arrive. Can we set a bezzel graphic to cover the black left and right sides of the screen when playing the games in 4:3 mode on a High Def TV? I have the Flashback 9 and it has those bezzels which replace the simple black/empty area of the TV screen. It would be cool if a similar option is possible or will be possible for the Retron 77. Thanks, John
  20. I have the disk and cart version of the first game. I'm very interested in this part II release.
  21. Hi everyone. I just stumbled upon this thread. Looks like a great project. I take it that it isn't officially released yet, but once it is I'm interested in one and if those awesome looking cases are sold, I'm in for one of those too. Oh, I am curious if the SIDE2 cart would be compatible with this? I have one with lots of games on it from my modded 600. Also, I was going to pick up a XEGS keyboard to use with this. I have a XEGS system, but want to get a dedicated keyboard to use specifically with this system and not take away the one from my XEGS. Thanks, John
  22. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there were ever remakes of the Sesame Street Kid Controller overlays? I searched through these forums but only saw very old threads and there wasn't really any info other than perhaps the idea came up before and someone was possibly willing to make the reprinted overlays for the kid controller. Anyhow, I have a young niece (6 yrs) who loves video games which mostly consists of Apple iPad games and such. A few years back when she was 4, she loved playing Pac-man and Galaxian on my arcade machine, so I wanted to start showing her the Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision so she could enjoy some of the classics and also (hopefully) develop an appreciation for the games and systems that were part of the home video game craze back in the 80s and also the ones I grew up with when I was just a few years older than she is now. Well, hopefully there is good news. I searched ebay, but some of those Sesame Street games are $$$ and I'd only need the overlays. If anyone has any info, please let me know. thanks, John
  23. Thanks everyone for the info. I was a little saddened when I realized Solaris does not have the first person combat like Star Raiders. I assumed it did until I checked out the game a short while ago. I like the amount of info and features the game brought to the table, but the non-first person combat strikes the game from my list of Star Raiders like games. Thanks to some of the information above, I see that Space Spartans for the Intellivision seems to be a Star Raiders type game. I never realized that and will definitely take a look at that game on my Ultimate Intellivision Flashback. Thanks again for all the help. PS: Been watching Star Trek: The Original Series again on Netflix recently. Watching the show got me thinking of the old EGA Trek and Super Star Trek from back in the day and I got the itch to play, then I realized Star Raiders is more fun because of the action-based gameplay. That is what started my recent interest in Star Raiders type games. LOL Oh and I enjoyed Star Trek: Strategic Operations as well, but it was more of an arcade game to me so I never really linked it to the Star Raiders genre in my mind. Still a fun game and one I played the hell out of on my Atari and eventually my Colecovision back in the day.
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