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  1. "Carbon"?? I wonder where the Kevlar edition went? 😃
  2. Thanks carlsson. I really do play that much PUBG. 🤪 This shows 890 hours played, but only from September of 2018, when it came out of beta. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/PlayerUnknowns-Battlegrounds/achievements?gamerid=18308 Again, I really enjoy the challenge & it's what my IRL pals like to play together. At a minimum, someone is looking to play five nights a week.
  3. Xbox One PUBG: 751 minutes I was hoping to be a bit more varied with my playtime this week, but I spent more time on the golf course than I had planned.
  4. Xbox One PUBG: 511 minutes NHL 19: 346 minutes Stardew Valley: 57 minutes
  5. Agamon is correct. My next charge (for $14.99, which I can change) isn't scheduled until May of 2021.
  6. I should have done the same thing & bought another year. I'm happy to have it through 4/21. Such a great deal.
  7. Xbox One PUBG: 1,110 minutes Stardew Valley: 158 minutes I took advantage of the Game Pass Ultimate deal for $1 (it converted my existing XBL Gold membership, which was paid through April of 2021!), so hopefully there will be some new games popping up here occasionally for me.
  8. I enjoy these grindy-type games, so once I get a hang of the controls and figure out how to replenish my energy, I'm sure I'll be hooked.
  9. Xbox One PUBG: 779 minutes Stardew Valley: 58 minutes Low week for PUBG because I'm in a major slump & forced myself to take a break. It hasn't helped. I also started Stardew Valley with the hopes that it will be a much more mellow gaming experience for me.
  10. Xbox One PUBG: 1,009 minutes Still playing better in terms of my K/D ratio but that has not translated into wins. A few close calls but nothing.
  11. Least surprising update ever. Xbox One PUBG: 987 minutes
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