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  1. Replaced the belt, at first got an error 21, tried cleaning the head no change. Noticed the belt was twisted so I untwisted the belt and put it back together. Unfortunately now the drive doesn't power up or move at all. The system just says Loading and nothing ever happens. Could I have broken something? Is there a common thing that would make this happen, some plug not connected? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The buzz only happens when a disk is inserted so I would think (not sure of course) it would have to be some part of the disk assembly making that noise. If no disk is inserted I just see Mario and Luigi hitting the bottom of the sign changing the color.
  3. The seller didn't seam to know, I just wanted to know if the buzzing sound and failure to load are common symptoms of a bad belt as this is my first experience with Famicom Disk.
  4. I had bought a Twin Famicom off of ebay a month or so ago. I had been waiting for a disk card game to come in for over a month from Japan. Today I hooked up the system, flipped the switch to the disk side, inserted the game. The system says loading but all I hear is a buzzing noise and the game never loads. Could the belt need to be changed? The cartridge games work fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Any clue where I could purchase such a cartridge these days, Duck Hunt is still one of my favorite Light Gun games of all time and I couldn't see myself getting a VS System.
  6. Just wondering, those famiclone controllers come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. A few of them are very comfortable as they mimic a Playstation controller. Would there be any way to convert their Sega Genesis style plugs to use them in a real NES or Famicom console?
  7. On Retrousb.com they sell a Vs Super Mario Bros cartridge for the nes. What I was wondering, is, Would it be possible to Port Vs Duck Hunt to the nes as well since I heard it has many differences compared to the nes version.
  8. I have an atari 2600 system with the wood grain. It works fine except for the power switch is broken off. I can move the remnants of the switch up and down with a finger but it doesnt always stay on and the slightest bump will cause it to turn off. I also have an atari 2600 system with just the plain black plastic case (no wood grain). This system wont turn on at all but the power switch is in perfect condition. So my question is: Would it be hard to take the working power switch and take it out of the broken system and put it in the working system? I have no soldering experience but have done some matainence on my NES system from time to time. Do you think this would work?
  9. I have had a sega cd backup ram cart for quite a while now. I havent played my sega cd for a while. I tried using the ram cart and it lost all my data saying Please format. I can format and save as long as the system power is on but if it is turned off or if the cart is removed it loses its memory again and says Format Please again. I can hear somthing very small shaking around inside. Could somthing be broken? Could the battery in the cart just be dead? Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. I agree $10 is an awesome Price for an FZ-1. They even released a usa version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for 3do. Which is the only usa version of that revision (correct me if I am wrong). I personally Love my Goldstar 3do and I have an FZ-1 as well. I wish I could find the ultra rare Japanese Sanyo TRY 3do for a decent price.
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