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  1. Went to the new york comic con saturday and sunday, and saw a few booths with some classic video games. Most had overpriced games, but one booth for a play n trade had some 2600 games. Picked up four games: sky diver, solar fox, towering inferno, and atari video cube. $11 total.
  2. Some friends have a radio show going 7:30-8:30 at www.tiny.cc/wram

  3. Some friends have a radio show going 7:30-8:30 at www.tiny.cc/wram

  4. Bought a system from Niner, and proved to be an excellent seller. Transaction went smoothly, system came well packaged, and was very responsive. I'd definately recommend him.
  5. Bought some games from him for a good price, package arrived safe & sound, He's very responsive and ships quite quickly, I'd definately reccomend this guy.
  6. 1)Yes I have. 2)No, this is using an RCA-F adapter. I use this TV with my 2600. 3)Not on this particular TV. We do have some that are though. I'll make an adapter later tonight after I get some higher-priority stuff (read: homework) done. EDIT: It turns out that the power supply was in fact at fault. The computer now comes on to the blue screen with the READY message after doing its self-test. Thanks to puppetmark for the spare PSU.
  7. So I should pretty much chuck the PSU then? Does anyone know of someone who may have a known good supply in Fairfield county? In the worst case, the XE is cooked as is the PSU like what happened to orpheus. Hopefully the power supply is the only problem; if that's the case I've got a 9VDC @1.5A wall wart that I could try to make a voltage regulator circuit to drop it down to 5V. Then it'd just be a matter of getting the parts to do so. I'd rather try it out with an original supply before making a frankenstein-esque power supply that could potentially kill the XE if it hasn't been cooked already.
  8. Okay, so how would I go about opening up the supply? I take it that there's some way of prying off the bottom of the supply's case without annihilating it.
  9. Here's two part no. 61982 Getting ~3.94VDC off the power supply. I can't test it with another PS; I don't have another one, and I doubt my neighbor would have an extra. edit: on a side note relating to what rybags said, the chroma and luminance are effectively used for s-video, then? What should be done about pin 4 (composite video)? While waiting for responses, I was looking for info relating to what he said, and I seem to recall something about connecting 75 ohm resistors from the signal lines to ground. Is this correct?
  10. This is what I'm seeing- sorry for the shaky picture. There's audio output in the form of a buzzing noise.
  11. PROBLEM RESOLVED, DISCUSSED IN LAST MESSAGE. I bought a 130XE along with various peripherals and programs from my neighbor over the weekend, but upon testing it (about an hour ago due to a missing power supply; neighbor forgot to give it to me, and wasn't available yesterday) I found out that the computer apparently doesn't work. The power LED comes on, but the TV displays a flickering mess of reds and blues with a dark band running horizontally across the screen. Any ideas as to what may be the cause of the problem? Is some part cooked?
  12. Some scans of Maxgames River Raid- not listed on Atarimania yet. -->Purchased from Joesmooth
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