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  1. bah


  2. The supply of carts in the wild has dwindled for me but I still find groups of commons for around $4 each or under and I re-use the game pcb and metal dust cover. At this price it is hard to justify the new shell which will require a new pcb too. I also followed your path and drew up a new case in CAD and approached a local molder that had connections with Chinese tool makers. The costs were similar so I chose to not do it. Have you contacted 2600connection, (timdu on these forums)?
  3. I have a GE 3-5005 tape player. Just tried out the player with the first Smurfs save the day tape/cartridge and a home made cable to my Atari. As Shaun reported in the first post, the tape player stops and will not work. My only point here is to put to bed the idea that the Kid Vid player is just a re-branded GE tape player. bah
  4. This should be helpful. Note the label direction for the cart connector. There are 3 FB 2 board variations so your solder points and jumper points may not be in the same locations.
  5. Hi TeddyBear89, Glad you like the games. I find you story familiar. I bought an Odyssey 2 with some games for cheap but after trying each game it was like meh... Then later in emulation, I got hold of the Imagic roms and Demon Attack and Atlantis were fun and I ended up searching some more for other good games. To make a long story short, I started making these carts above because there are a lot of good games from the Videopac and Brazil Odyssey game libraries that were never released in the US. Also, the homebrews for the Odyssey 2 are outstanding. For some idea of whats available, see Tim's web site/blog 2600connection. (shameless plug for a friend) bah
  6. bah


    Answered my post looking for a chip for my Odyssey2. Parted a machine for me and very friendly to deal with. My O2 works good now so I owe him. bah
  7. This is the Brazillian rom so in actuality I would use that number if I had made it with a Brazillian box. As I understood it, the last released US game was 9448 (Power Lords) so I bumped it a couple and made a totally fictitious US release box. None of the other titles on that list were released in the US anyway. Truth is I did not even know numbers were assigned to unreleased games. Was it Philips that did that? Bottom line, I didn't know. BAH
  8. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to get either a broken console or a part to fix mine. I hate to just buy another, although it may come to that.
  9. Anyone? Bueller....Bueller....Bueller?
  10. Hi all, I am looking for a graphics processor 612130-1 28 pin ic for a magnavox odyssey 2. Anyone have a broken console? Part source where I might find one? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I am trying to fix an Odyssey 2. The unit has no sound. The graphic processor 612130-01 (28 pin ic) is bad. Does anyone have a bad O2 that they might have the chip I am looking for? Thanks for looking.
  12. Hi Why give up? it plays well as is, although a little faster might be good.
  13. HI, So far it works good in 02em. score 37 but I suck at such timed maze games. I think a time penalty for touching the walls or maybe an enemy that comes and chases you after a number of seconds could add to the game play. Thanks for the preview. bah.
  14. bah


    Ahh Duracell. I have switched away from buying those as my kids have lost several toys to the crapper top batteries.
  15. The game pictures on http://timduarte.blo...ridges-may.html (2600connection) are down. I am still making these, still priced as above 20$ each, PM me here for details or a shipping quote.
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