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  1. Just to update this post, I am still making these. You can reach me by PM. I am charging $25 each now as my costs are going up. I also make Nightmare, Shark Hunter and Night Fighter (Night Fighter comes with box and overlay for $35). Thanks, bah
  2. Nice bit of engineering! (says the engineer who printed them standing up just to discover they were weak that way😐).
  3. Sikor, I think the pins can be made to work. The major issue from my viewpoint is the large through holes that the label covers. These allow label damage. Perhaps a 3 piece design where the tabs are molded onto a separate part that fits inside the housing. The part and some ribs to hold it in place would not be complicated for the tool designer and may save him the trouble of creating a shut off plane for the metal pins that form the holes.
  4. I've done it before when a leg breaks off flush to the housing. You can even cut back the plastic on the chip to expose new metal. Use a dab of flux and the cutoff leg of a resistor. The real question is why the cut legs. I would assume either the previous owner had a dead cart and was going to salvage the board or that it was not a very good game so it was only worth experimenting on.
  5. The boxes were generic. A white sticker on the side defined what game was inside and the manual shows through with the artwork and title. It makes sense that you bought 50k boxes at a time and then labeled carts and stuffed the boxes to fill orders. That means you would have a lot of money tied up in boxes where the logo had to be covered but the games themselves were probably just parts in bins with the label put on after assembly and testing. So when the name change happened, relatively few carts were in process and the label stocks were changed over in a timely manner, never requiring a logo fix to the cart.
  6. This is all supposition. If you search ebay or even your own boxed collection, Astrocade labels were placed over Bally logos on boxes. My supposition is that marketing assumed the same practice would be used on the actual game labels themselves and indeed the box art in the first post does look like the same gold foil labels as used on the sides of boxes. In practice I have not seen original gold labelled carts. The upper left box in the picture below is a printed "Astrocade" box but the one below it is an earlier Bally box with a gold Astrocade sticker over the logo. The sides and end flaps would also have smaller Astrocade foil logos covering the Bally logos.
  7. The Odyssey 2 was cancelled too early in the US. Try playing some of the later games released in Europe. Atlantis (uncommon here), Demon Attack (again, uncommon), Frogger, Q'Bert, Super Cobra, Tutankham (proto), Spiderman (proto), Loony Balloon, Air Battle, Blobbers. I also love many of the modern homebrews. The system was under appreciated because it was killed off before reaching it's full potential.
  8. Yes you can sit under the hair and cut for as long as your fingers hold out. Eventually the hair grows fast enough so when a box shows up on the far right, you can't get to it and back without losing.
  9. Bottom line: Paypal says I had upgraded my account to premium and then re-downgraded it to standard and that is the reason I can't do a return labels through them. I'm too cheap to pay for an upgrade but they can't say when/why it happened only that is did. I gave up on this based on the following: Seller stated he would take games to post office and send and then take a pic of the label for Ebay to verify returns sent. So I waited yesterday. This morning, I found out the guy opened 8 cases against me at 3:10 am, Ebay sided with him and closed the cases by 4 in the morning. He has to ship the games back. They issued him labels (yes 8 and they didn't even tell me the amount). I get to refund and pay for shipping. Most likely I have 8 strikes against me now. SWEEEET. Tried in my absence! doubledown, I will have to follow your tactic. I am 100 % sure the games were not sent broken/unworking, I just hope they haven't been made so just to justify a return. Buyer did state the original box was fine and he would ship back in it. To be fair, I have 300+ sales and no bad buyers like the above ever but man it only takes one.
  10. I have a USPS account. they wouldn't let me create any kind of label like I need unless I created a new ship to the customer first and then make a return label from that. The postal clerk confirmed I can't do what I Ebay advised me to.
  11. In addition, I test everything before listing and again just before shipping. I think the buyer is having remorse over the money spent and wants to return the stuff but declared it broken just so he wouldn't pay return shipping.
  12. I'll try to make this short. I sold 8 separate carts to one guy. Buyer asked for combined shipping so I said sure and charged actual. Now the buyer has some problem and wants to return all 8. He claims all defective which means Ebay wnts me to provide return shipping, which I am actually ok with since I am not going to let him keep 400 dollars worth of carts for free. The problem comes in that Ebay wants me to send 8 return labels at their amount. I cant get any sane answers through Ebay or paypal that I want to provide 1 label. Their phone help is near useless as the operator I got is obviously from India with a heavy accent. She went through the same no help screens that I had already read. Paypal will happily sell me a label but it has to be with me as the return address and not the ship to address. What am I missing, there must be a way to reverse the addresses and buy a shipping label I can send this guy? BTW this post is 1/3 asking for help and 2/3 trying to cool down so I don't reach through the screen and strangle the paypal help guy that keeps giving me the same procedures I already told him don't work.
  13. Ha ha, that's what I thought too when I first saw it. I had the 60 in 1 kit though that came in a wooden tray.
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