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  1. bah

    pcb surgery?

    PP II.
  2. bah

    pcb surgery?

    No, the 7800 has 8 additional edge contacts (4 on each side of the center section). Someone reasoned that they could break off 4 contacts on each side and then the middle section would fit the 2600. Yeah it fits but no game can play when you have just removed at least 3 needed address. Edit, no it doesn't fit, I tried.
  3. bah

    pcb surgery?

    How many of you have found a 7800 cart that has been modified by someone with a pliers to fit the 2600? This is the second one I have found. I guess a budding electronics engineer needs to start somewhere. 😁 Although I would have preferred playing the game...
  4. Hi Adam, I have sold since 2017 with that label and no one corrected me until now. Brett even posted on this topic about it. I can change it though. -Brent
  5. There is "RealSports Football" vs "Football" too. I have found neither variation to be more common, although the realsports variant appears to be later by the copyright date.
  6. Flashback 2 and 2+ you can add a connector guide to play real carts. Flashback 3-7 no mods known. Flashback 8 you can add usb port to the board. Flashback 9 already has SD slot. update the firmware and go
  7. Have you seen this? http://arcarc.xmission.com/Web Archives/Deathskull (May-2006)/games/tech/5200epromcart.html
  8. bah


    Amazon mixed up reviews. I would have expected the box to be correct as Frogger II, but of the four loose cart listings, only one shows a picture and it is a 2600 cart. I would not bet on any of them being Frogger II without asking the seller for a picture.
  9. Counterfeits often use eproms. They have a quartz window and ceramic housings. In other words I would strongly suspect a heavier cart is a fake and it you find a window on the chip, ding dong its wrong.
  10. Bratwurst, yes that should do. I might add a round to the narrowest part just for strength but it looks good. Work does not have any #6-40 screws. McMaster Carr does have them but shipping will be considerable. How deep is your hole? You will want screws at least 1/4" longer than that as well as an abrasive disc cutoff wheel since the screws I am thinking of are socket head caps.
  11. Oh, I forgot, the plastic is smooth molded in a dark brown. No texture to worry about matching.
  12. Hello all, I have one of these in my hand.. The length of the knob not counting the screw is 1 1/8 inch. The base flange is 1/2" and the top is 3/8" diameter. the narrowest part is 1/4" diameter. The screw is #6-40 by 1/4" long. This is an uncommon fine thread so your hardware store may not have it but you may get lucky. If anyone is inclined to try printing this, I would encourage you to make the knob with a deep hole then buy a hardware store bolt, cut the head off, and and epoxy it into the hole. Makes for a stronger assembly with a steel center support. I will check at work tomorrow to see if we have any oddball #6 fine screws laying around.
  13. sorry to question you Shawn, but those are 5mm tall, did you mean this at 3x6x2.5? https://www.ebay.com/itm/20Pcs-3X6X2-5mm-Tactile-Push-Button-Switch-Tact-Switch-Micro-Switch-2-Pin-SMD-GM/262136738936?hash=item3d08913478:g:UiQAAOSwgqZdqZS1
  14. yes the metal shield is easily removed even with side cutters. Try checking continuity from each edge connection pad to the chip pin. You may get lucky and find a bad solder joint. Kaboom is only 2K in size. a 2716 could be programmed but you have to add a 74ls04 to invert A12 to use as CE on the new chip. You also have to cut pad 20 free from 5V and ground it.
  15. Hey Draxxon, First great job. I am able to play so much more on my FB9. Two comments, I am on a poor internet connection, speeds rivaling dial up. Your zip files are not huge but even the 100M size tends to take most of an hour. Would it be reasonable to say that the file v7 could be a base line and then any new or changed files could be smaller update/addition packs that you add to the existing v7. Second, I produced Alien Greed 5 and the rom you have is one of Chris Read's early versions. I have not released the final version of the rom yet (actually it is up to Chris as he is the author). Leave what you have but call it Alien Greed 5 Proto or some such. Thanks, bah
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