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  1. The cases do have the post but the it is removed. They used to make post-less cases but I don't know of a source for them, or even if they are still made. glazball, be careful leaving any cartridge in the console. There is a plastic plate that holds spring force against the cart. some consoles after long storage show warping of the plate that would also lead to lower contact force. Not my experience but I was warned about that some time back. In this picture, the post remains are below the "i" and "d" in videocade.
  2. Hi. The cases are meant for audio tapes and fit standard carts well but there is no clearance for anything that sticks up out of the cart housing. The cases don't fit the UltiMulti because of the dip switches. The Astrovision Basic cart also will not fit because of the LED and the 1/8 audio jack. I don't own any of the earlier Multi-carts but Probably they wouldn't fit either. Yes I do have separate inserts for SeaWolf/Missile and SeaWolf/Bombardier.
  3. Sorry, I did not mean to take credit away. I did see your artwork on this forum and I did keep the format you used for the spine and overall look but I am not intending to make manuals. These are simple case inserts where yours were blank and intended to be used with manuals. Also, I redid the artwork 100% in photoshop using scans of manuals so I did not use your original pdfs.
  4. I went ahead and made cassette tape cases for my collection. They are based on the Bally tape case design but I simply substituted Astrovision artwork and logos for later games. I am gauging interest if I decided to do a run of these. 30 total cases (some games duplicate like Space Invaders/Astro Battle, Galaxian/Galactic Invasion, and cases for Basic and Dealer Demo). All cases are brand new.
  5. How did I miss this? This would be great to put VP Pence's head as a background! I like it.
  6. These are dvd cases for holding multiple DVDs. They fit standard Atari games well and have a place for a manual and an outer clear sheet to slip a cover art behind. Be forewarned, you have to buy them by the case and shipping is ludicrous.
  7. pinout different between the 2. Saturn only.
  8. bah

    GoSub 7800 for sale

    You can activate a childrens version with no octopus at the title screen. you are searching for treasure and sometimes the key to open the treasure chests. The octopus is less random, he comes for you right away. (sometimes this is good and in some narrow corridors...well good luck) Score I'm sure I missed some.
  9. Late response but for anyone wondering, the Plus Cart works on the 7800. Just used it and even did a firmware update while on the 7800.
  10. I am happy to report that GoSub for the Atari 7800 is now available for sale. Ordering information is at 2600connection.com: http://www.2600connection.com/features/gosub78/gosub78.html A special thanks to Chris Read and Tim Duarte for allowing me to publish this game. Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you, Brent H.
  11. I can't help with an actual part but is this something that could be modeled up and 3-D printed?
  12. bah

    2600 CX-10 springs

    I want to fix up a heavy 6er CX-10 controller. It has 2 broken springs. What are the spring specs or does somebody have a substitute spring? Somebody with 2 spare original springs would be great too. Thanks
  13. bah

    pcb surgery?

    PP II.
  14. bah

    pcb surgery?

    No, the 7800 has 8 additional edge contacts (4 on each side of the center section). Someone reasoned that they could break off 4 contacts on each side and then the middle section would fit the 2600. Yeah it fits but no game can play when you have just removed at least 3 needed address. Edit, no it doesn't fit, I tried.
  15. bah

    pcb surgery?

    How many of you have found a 7800 cart that has been modified by someone with a pliers to fit the 2600? This is the second one I have found. I guess a budding electronics engineer needs to start somewhere. 😁 Although I would have preferred playing the game...
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