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  1. This also works well on an Odyssey 2 console. You could add power ups or an extra life that appears at the end of a tunnel. The danger is that an enemy comes at you when you enter the tunnel.
  2. I like it . The play is easy to learn and fun. At this point I think you have a good game. Are you going to add more enemies? I could envision an airplane that also shoots and maybe another ship that lays mines in your path that limit your travel. The mines could time out and disappear but would add an obstacle to your quick movements. Good job so far.
  3. you can find the super charger games in MP3 format. Put them on an mp3 player and hook the output to the supercharger input. Just be aware modern headphone jacks are stereo and the input to the sc is mono so I spliced a cable to do just this.
  4. I still make these, just PM me here.
  5. Bump, still available.
  6. Hello all, I am happy to announce a re-make of Richard Degler's Life game for the Bally Astrocade. The game is a simulation where patterns on the television are made and and change according to rules on how many neighbors a cell has. The game is available for $30 and $5 shipping in the US or $15 shipping international. PM me for more details Thanks for looking bah
  7. Thanks for all the work you are doing.
  8. Hello Everyone, Sorry if anyone noticed a delay or lack of response from me in the last 2 weeks. I went through having COVID but feel better now and I am trying to catch up on things I missed. If you messaged me and I did not respond or think something is late, please PM me. Thanks all Brent
  9. I am better, getting back to making these. For what it is worth, sorry to all about going AWOL and not keeping up with things. I think I am caught up with paypal orders on Alien Greed 6 but if there is anyone who feels I missed them, please send me a PM. Brent
  10. I am happy to announce Alien Greed 6 for sale. Programmed by Chris Read. Once again our alien hero is collecting Atari cartridges. He is going after the highly desired E.T. cartridge number one currently owned by E.T. Charles. Can you help our hero get his cartridge? E.T. Charles will not be an easy character to deal with. Collect the carts while avoiding the birds and meatballs that will cost you a life. Fight Deformed E. T. Charles in a contest for the ultimate rarity ET number 1 prototype cart. I am selling two options, Cart and manual for $25 or Boxed manual and special cartridge signed by Atari Charles himself for $32. Shipping will be $5 US and $15 international. PM me for details and with any questions you may have. Thank you for looking, bah
  11. Power lords, Nightmare, and Super Cobra play on either the Odyssey 2 or Videopac G7000. I don't think the G7000 has a power switch and you have to unplug it when done, and you are right that the voice will not fit the stock console. The G7400 can run the base games and it will run the ones that have + graphics. Often the game is the same as a non + game but there are extra background graphics to enhance game play. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe the 7400 fits the voice module or has the voice built in.
  12. I don't have a video. This is the development thread https://atariage.com/forums/topic/313876-pipe-down-wip/
  13. I am pleased to announce the release of Pipe Down for the Magnavox Odyssey2 and Videopac G7000. Pat the plumber is battling an unstoppable barrage of crabs, mushroom men and even fireballs coming from the pipes. How many bad guys can you help Pat stop? I am selling in 2 options, game and manual only for $25 and game, manual in box for $32. Shipping will be $5 in the US and $15 International. Please drop me a pm for details if you are interested. Thanks, bah
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