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  1. I’m interested too. Northern Detroit suburb
  2. Sophia2 installed on my 1200xl. Super easy to do, and looks great. Even works with the Omniview 80 column display. thanks to Simius!
  3. jimarm


  4. Amazing work Thom. What hardware, os, etc, does this whole thing run under on your end?
  5. BTW...I saw this in the Oakland Press about Marvelous Marvin's. http://theoaklandpress.com/articles/2010/09/16/life/discovering_oakland/doc4c92371ff3638882045795.txt
  6. Amazing work! Wish I had it back in college instead of 'Paperclip'.
  7. Man, that is a great album/CD/mp3...whatever. Anyone who hasn't heard it, give it a try. If you like the Moody Blues and or SciFi, it will be right up your alley.
  8. I loved my "Merlin" when I was a kid.
  9. Hey guys, have a great time...wish I could make it. I spent quite a bit of time at Pinball Pete's when I was in school. Maybe take and post some pictures for those of us who won't be there?
  10. I spent a lot of time typing programs from Antic/Analog/Compute! into the 400 on that membrane keyboard...then saving them to the 410. Good times! Jim
  11. You can buy a compactflash/ide type drive for apple ][ machines at... http://www.reactivemicro.com/product_info.php?products_id=32 Jim
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