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  1. Looks great, Rik. Glad it's coming to completion. I wish all developers took as much pride in their work as you obviously do. A fantastic showcase for what rB+ can achieve in competent hands.
  2. That is indeed a shoulder button circle strafe How did anyone play this without that?
  3. To HELL with all the negativity in other threads... You guys want an update? Have at it.
  4. Not the entire, although given what a certain person has hoisted upon innocent victims, I do feel somewhat reticent to release updates now.
  5. I also played Indy 500 for hours on the VCS. hmm, been looking for some inspiration for smaller games for a future multicart... will have to add this to the list
  6. There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.
  7. Please apply to that hate chamber facebook group you moderate dedicated to trashing other people out. Typically hypocrit nonsense. Edited as was being unfair to several idiots who are also nice people with the comparison.
  8. Yeah you seen to be missing something as well. Several years of condescending, backhanded jabs at others in multiple forums and threads, including outside of AA, all the while producing sweet fuck all. But go ahead and judge.
  9. Obviously you need to go back through more of my posts. LOL. However, as a counterpoint: What have you achieved for the Jaguar in the last 20 years? I'd bet its as much as vladr.
  10. I'd guess its using the default palette values before you set them to correct colours. Set the palette to all zeros right at the start. (Clear 128 longwords from $f00400) [EDIT] I've got a fastboot patcher for rB+ ROMs so they start quicker, if you like send it over and I'll add the palette blank to that and patch it for you.
  11. Who steals art and doesn't credit it. That's just extra spectacularly dickish.
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