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  1. Thanks for the comments Hope people are having fun with it - we'll probably run a HSC with it just like we did for DragonKeep.
  2. is that "SELL ME BACK MY SOUL", and "FOR A FLAKY BANDIT" ?
  3. One of those two devices is real, in demand, and actually involves Atari....
  4. pfft, where's the dust? Also, recommend a TF extender
  5. Not if its a PAL system (Or was that just Space Ace?)
  6. Just open it and take a look 😀
  7. The package has been placed into a bottle and throw onto the ocean.... Well, that's what the postal service feels like these days, anyway Let the fun begin!
  8. Why not try RAPTOR Basic (rB+) on the Jaguar? Its a nice structured BASIC with a powerful API behind it (If I say so myself!) - that way you aren't trying to learn something while also bashing your head against extremely limited resources. Call it a gateway drug
  9. Kind of missing the point, if you are 'following the list' you are wasting cycles encoding/decoding a chain that doesn't even need to be calculated, as you can bit shift to the correct object with fixed sizes.
  10. And then if you want to change, say object 6, how do you calculate the offset to it if they're all different sizes....
  11. #0 - No, volume control is in the options, so we won't see stupid posts like "there's no audio in this game"... #* - Yes Pause - Of course there's a pause, who doesn't add a pause??? (And no, audio volumes are in the options menu)
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