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  1. It's a fair call that if you are friends with Kieren people will be uncomfortable around you. Look at what he's posted and done. Look at how he manipulates people. Can anyone be 100% sure anything personal or confidential they said wouldn't get back to him? If you wonder why people would distance themselved from his known friends, just re-read this thread. Collateral damage is a thing. There are only a handful of people orbiting Kieren I 100% do not and will not ever trust, and you, Felice are certainly NOT one of those, so be assured D-Bug/Reboot holds no ill towards you.
  2. Just to clarify, "Downfall+" has never been released for free. However, saying that, the screenshot is from "Downfall" and not "Downfall+" so he's still a sloppy, clueless gobshite. So he's actually reviewed Downfall, titled it Downfall+ and falsely claimed its for sale when it is in fact a free download. This is also the game featured in the Top 31 Homebrew article that he destroyed the comments on, so obviously no bias here. Kieren often claims that we "stole" the idea from Alex Herbert and never credit him.... however he is mentioned as the inspiration in the scroll text on the title screen! [Edited after Austin liked it]
  3. Oh well, I did have a look when he first showed it and found nothing. Anywhere. I wonder if she knows she wrote that?
  4. Also, if you search for said doctor, they don't actually appear to exist. "I'm not faking having autism, and here's a fake letter to prove that."
  5. I am getting a LOT of people privately messaging me about Kieren and all the wrongs he's done to them. Look, if you won't post it publically, don't bother telling me. I can't verify he said/she said. Only you people can, you are the primary witness. I won't post it for you. I'm not a mouthpiece. Not coming forward publically, not saying what you send me in private... will just let him rise again. And the people named as his 'supporters' in that document of lies.... moaning privately about being on listed there... grow a pair.
  6. Or just show them this thread and Octav1us' and Chris Wilkins' social media pages. Should do the trick.
  7. To echo yet again... Kieren needs help, yes. But to everyone trying to talk to him and offer support and understanding.... he doesn't care. 15 years of this shit not enough evidence for you all? By offering this you are, quite literally, giving him exactly what he wants... an excuse to return and keep doing the same old shit over and over. You are being manipulated. You thought you were his friend and want to help him? Guess what: he was using you for his own gain. He was nice to you? Guess what: you had something he wanted or could twist to his advantage. You've been targeted by him? Guess what: that isn't going away - he doesn't give a shit. IMHO: Kieren is not a normal, rational person. He does not care about you. He does not care about anyone not Kieren. You are wasting your breath.
  8. No problems at all with setting clut colours. Only thing I can think is you have lower bit depth object (4,2,1) that are set to TRANS and the index 0 of that subset is set to 000.
  9. I suppose now I'm home from work I should respond properly to this insane ramling brainfart of a response from Kieren "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Hawken. 1. Ringleader Amazing, I've managed to coerce literally hundreds of people to write similar accounts of your behaviour, personality trails and attacks towards them. Including people I have never met or even heard of until all this broke out, as I don't follow the youtube scene. In all honesty I thought you just hated me for whatever reason (mainly because I got your ebay store taken down) - but truth be told, after reading some of the things you have done to others I don't think I should even have a claim for my pound of flesh. I cannot forgive you for what you've done to me, I cannot even begin to imagine how the others you have fucked over feel. What you have done to me over 10+ years is completely insignificant to the acts planned and deliberately acted out towards them in the last 18 months. If you wish to credit me for breaking what you are to the world, then so be it. I'm not ashamed of that. You fucking well should be. 2. Jaguar Sector II banning Yup, I was banned because I wouldn't subscribe to Kieren's 'authority' on all things Jaguar. I left (booted), and returned once Kieren himself was banned by the owner, Jay Smith. Funny how you left that part out, isn't it Kieren? Would you like to explain to the readers why Jay banned you? No? Maybe that is a story for another time, eh? Oh, and why was I banned, Kieren? Yes that's right, because you spread rumours that Jagware and myself were involved in piracy of Battlesphere. Which, of course, was utterly untrue to the extent we made a statement on our first release. Even back then you were all about 'agendas' and we had to defend ourselves ... sad. 3. AtariAge banning and Mr Morden. Yup. I was Mr Morden. Big hurrah for working that one out all on your own, did you have a little dance and laugh hysterically for having caught me out there? Because oh my God did I try to hide that one from the world. And why were we using these duplicate names? Because people (or, as I now suspect, you) were harassing devs and tearing them down for whatever god only knows reasons, so we wanted to develop this anonymously until we had something to release so you couldn't target your attacks. Was I banned for it? Yes. Albert was fully aware of the duplicate accounts and the reasons for them being created, however a ban for them was in order, and we took it on our chins and owned up. This is how I responded to that ban - as an adult. We nearly quit the scene - oh, yes, 10 years ago you almost 'won' before the battle even started. Luckily, we don't back down to bullies and liars, Kieren. We were unbanned shortly after this and I feel proud with the last 10 years of contribution to the Jaguar scene. What have you contributed, Kieren? What will you be remembered for? 4. The ST scene: Yes, I was in Automation. Yes, I was in other groups, including D-Bug. Whoop-de-fucking-do, Kieren. No, I have never sold "Menu Disks", ever. One more paragraph of lies without proof. In the "Modern Day" as you put it I have also never, not once, sold a single ROM or cart of any of the ports or other people's software. In fact, you will notice I go out of my way explicitly to prevent these ROMs from running on carts and lock them to skunkboards and Jag GD devices to prevent people you regularly associate with making runs of them on ebay. Gaztee does limited small runs for the community, sure, and does a fine job with them. However, I'm not Gaztee. Again, you cannot provide anything of substance here, because you are full of lies. Now, how about your Ebay store? From your "manifesto" First off, nearly every released homebrew game is not "Public Domain" - it is Shareware. There is a very distinct difference. I'd get an adult to read out what that is to you. As to the permission from authors, well why do I have a mailbox full of DMCA takedown notices on your store for Jagware and other releases from friends who give their time for free for the people of the scene, only to have that work taken and sold by yourself, Kieren? I'm quite happy to post or provide them, but honestly, at this point in your pathetic excuse of a response, I doubt anyone would ask me to. Why did you not post the proof of people giving you permission, Kieren? Why have members of Jagware reported you multiple times? You didn't get permission from anyone for those things, and certainly not for Soul Star, American Hero, Veruna's Forces, etc. As for your "links of proof" they don't show me selling anything. Cut the shit, you are out of credibility. Even playing devil's advocate and pretending that in Kieren's fantasy world everything he wrote above is true, how in fucks name does it mitigate what he's done? In fact, reading back his accusations against me to reply here made me realise how utterly insignificant and childish they are. This is schoolboy playground mentality, Kieren. Grow the fuck up. "Someone else did something unrelated" is not a defence, Kieren. Your entire manifesto of lies responding to your uncontested victory in winning the "shitbag of the decade" award consists of whinging about being caught, deflection, and, most oddly, a complete lack of anything to prove your innocence. It's also 100% devoid of any pretense that you actually give a fuck about anyone you have systematically tried to make miserable for the last 10+ years. You had one chance here to say sorry and act even the slightest bit like you cared about the damage you have caused. You, Kieren, are an abhorrent individual. [Edited for spelling and clarity... unlike Kieren's books]
  10. 15 years of actions says your appeals to him are worthless. This was his chance to atone and he doubled down. Again. He literally has no thought or care for anyone else except himself.
  11. To comment on Sauron's post above. GO AND READ THE EMAIL I HAD TO SEND TO JEFF MINTER. IT'S IN THIS THREAD. After being accused of being homophobic by Kieren (among many other things) - I have ZERO sympathy for this shitbag. And zero interest in the sentiment that he's 'misguided'. All his actions are deliberate, targeted and intentional, and you can be assured he gives ZERO FUCKS about anyone except himself.
  12. 15 pages of "I have the evidence to prove my innocence" and not a single bit of any is included. Hmmmm. To sum it up:
  13. We know he likes Forza, he has 77 socks named after it.
  14. All the JagGD locked ROMs also work on the Skunkboard
  15. One for Zero! I'm not the type to jam random bits of metal in the cart slot
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