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  1. The 0.24 SE sometimes just gives up the will to live and dies on VirtualJaguar. It's fine on h/w. Don't know if thats where you are testing or not?
  2. We both have a problem. At least if we sell we can afford the therapy.
  3. Thank you! Much appreciated. I noticed you were not using the side thrusters - they will vastly increase your ability to handle the ship. Congrats on completing the levels without using them!
  4. The game doesn't work 100% on any of the emulators, so we don't want people to think the game is broken or buggy, or get a false impression
  5. You'll soon be bouncing around like seasoned pilots!
  6. Thank you! Much appreciated, and glad you are enjoying it. The additional training missions in the full version should help iron out any further problems with pilot skills
  7. Yep, sorry However there are probably over 2000 GD drives out there now + all the skunkboards.... so....
  8. No, sorry, it won't run on an emulator. I would absolutely love to release ROMs that will work on emulators, but every time I do such things unscrupilous 'people' start making carts and selling them on ebay/etsy/etc. If someone were to 'buy' a copy of the demo at the rates these 'people' charge then they might not feel inclined to 'spend more' for the full version. It's a shame such a small, tight knit community has to get damaged by their actions.
  9. It doesn't need one - no EEPROM required.
  10. Thank you! Really nice to hear that kind of feedback after all these months from actual gameplay (Rather than watching videos!) Note: The game (in our opinion) plays better on the Pro Controllers - it was designed specifically around their layout.
  11. Thanks, will fix that up! [EDIT] Fixed!
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