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  1. Fixer upper skunk board house. One not so careful previous owner. Unique DIY investment property.
  2. Saint's SD cart - now with working 2048 byte EEPROM! (See unlocked Gridrunner for proof!)
  3. Feel free to add some to your own port 😁
  4. It'll let you boot CDs without the encrypted protection check. Which is all good and everything, except you then can't use a MemoryTrack, because you have a bypass cart plugged in. You don't need it, just use Jagtopia if you absolutely must boot such a CD. Don't waste your cash on it.
  5. I read this all over the place. I don't know how much time people need to copy JCP.EXE into their path, it's not like it needs an entire development studio installed
  6. They're all locked to the skunkboard and will not boot on the SD cart unmodified, I will have to re-release them all locked to the Saint SD.
  7. It's why they're all Skunklocked and we can't have nice things. I know quite a few people now not releasing .rom / .abs files because they'll end up on ebay. Unlike 15 years ago, it really is happening now.
  8. Clearly it has already been decided, and they are available in order of awesomeness
  9. My favourite is: #1 People trying to tell devs what to do with their own products...
  10. Soul Star works? That's news to me!
  11. That is a bit of a stretch
  12. Still happening, might be pushed back to early 2020 due to some tiny retro event
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