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  1. If everyone stops making games for the Jaguar and we get one release announced and delivered 10 years later... job done right? Perfect Genesis emulation.
  2. And now people want to play them on smaller screens. Crazy. https://www.altchar.com/game-news/heres-the-original-doom-running-on-a-pregnancy-test-asWDE7C1Zqxw
  3. 850 million pixels-per-inch!!!! Size does matter.
  4. I use the Jaguar>USB one daily. Great product.
  5. There's a bunch of them at the bottom of the first post. Its all a bit of a mess in this thread, mainly because... who knew where we'd be years later with 50+ ROMs, so don't really expect anyone to trawl through it all. I'm waiting for a forum upgrade that will allow in-post tables, then I'll remake the first post (again!) and hopefully be good from there.
  6. I've re-done them all locked to Skunk & GD in this very thread....
  7. No they don't. "People" are the reason we can't have nice things. Sorry, wish it were otherwise.
  8. Simple fix is to read it again after the NOP.
  9. The 68000 writes to the GPU RAM in 16-bit segments, so two writes for a longword. The GPU reads as 32bit, and is clocked higher. It's reading only half the address (the high half) You should be setting a sempahore flag, and checking that, not the actual pointer value. .wait_list: load (list_ptr),event_list or event_list, event_list jr EQ,.wait_list nop That is your problem.
  10. Yes. It is. I suspect the problem swap is having is a register being trashed in the isr.
  11. I would absolutely NOT recommend this. I've got a MiSTer here (Greate device) but this core is so broken you will never know if its you or it causing problems.
  12. This is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with the person with all the pieces sending a FAX of a single square every day, and the original complete image only viewable through an obscured glass window 50 meters away.
  13. Plan on adding Z-Sorting next.
  14. Setting the scale flag dynamically has been added to the API and will be in the next API release, and from there into JagStudio.
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