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  1. Will take another look tomorrow. Nothing is deleted, it's just a view.
  2. Nope, it's just tracking the highest score for a each player per rank. Stops one player flooding the board, and allows more people get to see their name up there.
  3. As long as the eeprom type is set to 2k and the dev/publisher/year is correct then all good. It's just one of those *annoying* things that can (and invariably does) cause problems down the line.
  4. I really don't like the blue Jaguar ST logo. Was there anything wrong with the .mrq I released with it? Hope you got the eeprom settings right in yours. Anyone reporting a bug with saving in any of my releases is going to get asked "Are you using my .mrq file?" ... just saying If these were just thumbnails I wouldn't say anything, but they aren't. They contain config information about the file. People rolling their own can cause all sorts of problems down the line with a bad file as they get shared and shared again - and it's never the guy who made the config file having to deal with these issues.....
  5. LOL, this isn't PC, Xbox or Playstation. Although I still get emails and PMs from people who want a free copy to review on their channel.... which when you look has <10 subs ;D
  6. It is a standard ULS disc with a different logo. It will work just fine as a JCD file (I have not seen a single instance where a ULS disc does not image correctly) I don't know what you've done wrong, but you've ripped it badly somehow.
  7. JAG-U-ARE. And now the fight has truly started, I'll go stand in the corner and film it in portrait mode.....
  8. Dial up, Tape Loading and Dot-Matrix Printers. Three retro things I will not miss.
  9. CyranoJ


    Thats like 30mins to an hours work in JS 'Drawing' the 'graphics' would be the hardest part.
  10. Or did it have wonky collision detection?
  11. I fully believe in and stand by the Atari 2600 Knight Rider project. Any day now!
  12. Lets see the stages of Vladr: Introduce oneself as 'the next messiah' Numberwang Show rudementary demo Numberwang Promise the world Wangernum Take pre-order cash Numberwang AND Wangernum Disappear Months later tell everyone you got on the wrong offramp/got sick/forgot you were making a game/got lost in the arctic/abducted by aliens/fell in the toilet/found religion/had electricity cut off Yep. Same pattern. Even Webroot, the worlds most useless anti-malware can detect this.
  13. After the jig was up, he moved to the same promises with the Amiga crowd... did take them long to work him out, either.
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