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  1. I 100% agree with this, its their game they can do what they want with it. Same as I can with mine. I also 100% agree with this. That is not the reason they're the bad guy.
  2. Just ordered one of these boards, so can hopefully join in with some testing soon. All ready to image some a8/ST disks Bring on the box of floppies!
  3. I would imagine they're all repros. Unless you yanked it out of a kiddie ride.
  4. You will note how it specifically doesn't say BATTLESPHERE GOLD, and also note that somehow they keep finding copies under their beds and putting them on ebay. Call me sceptical...
  5. Phew! Because otherwise all those ULS CD's wouldn't boot
  6. To be fair.. if you remove all the.... put me on the list! where am I on the list? waaa I paid (no, you didn't) and now I've been ripped off (no, you haven't) where am I on the list now that the list has changed? the new list isn't fair, because I paid to be on the old list (no, you didn't) cusoms charges! when is it happening? can I insert this in my rectum? is this still happening? Then it's probably about 3 pages long....
  7. Wow. The author of the game admits it does it, but you guys just want to keep arguing. Well, I guess you know more than Duranik. I bow down to your knowledge. LOL.
  8. No on CD. Let the toilet die.
  9. Don't think this thread is used much these days, people announce in the main forum... anyway, can add this: https://anderlex.itch.io/graviticmines
  10. Jagchris is clearly irrational and appears to have agendas and/or misguided beliefs of his own that he wishes to present as 'alternate facts' The world doesn't work like that. I'm leaving this thread now. I have better things to do than argue.
  11. You are allowed outside for essential stuff... like medication. I know you miss JS2 where you could post any ridiculous thing you want, but you will get fact checked here and called out on your complete gibberish.
  12. I'd say pulling a flash cart in and out constantly causes more wear on both the cart and the socket. Just add a cutout that clips in place above the slot. Problem solved.
  13. Once the Jaguar GD works with CD images you won't need the toilet seat, which again comes back to you can't leave a cart in either.
  14. That makes you a gamer, not an expert coder, artist, or geometry wizard. It took a couple of hours a night for about a week of actually looking at the code with no understanding of where it came from. Whoever wrote it could have done it much quicker given they already understood what it was doing. The time gap inbetween that is utterly meaningless and irreleveant. 1. There is screen tearing in Native. You conveniently stopped responding in that thread after you were proven incorrect. 2. The HVS issue you mentioned. 3. Now, here
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