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  1. I wouldn't go near libretro.... And VJ cannot be used as a wrapper due to its licensing.
  2. Nooo... Life's too short. Rip into it like a madman!
  3. Yeah if only they'd used QBASIC and let the 68K do some 3D while letting the GPU rasterize the 3D stuff. They must feel like utter fools now.
  4. Do you feel the urge to post this in every single thread for a specific reason?
  5. CyranoJ

    Burger Tom

    Lets not call it Burger Time to avoid being sued, but instead, slap a modern highly copyrighted and protected character in.... sure, why not?
  6. Yes, instead of fumbling around in the dark making things work with the Jaguar version, we've taken the approach to make the builder version work with the PC format doom files. In the long term, this opens up far more possibilities (especially when all the PC toolchains already exist) - also we've replaced the pathetic 'compression' with something better and faster (meaning more fits in a rom)
  7. The urge for people to have a super sub-par 3D game experience over a rather splendid and flued, 60fps, high coloured 2D *FUN* one always amazes me.
  8. Initial Linux support is coming with the next update. JCP (Skunkboard) will need to be manually installed. There is no JagGDCmd.exe support for linux currently. Build and run via JV work 'out of the box'
  9. Oh c'mon, who doesn't secretly wish for a lost parcel and an @Albert rescue reindeer replacement? (I joke, of course)
  10. I believe this is what is known as a "Jaguar GameDrive".... Expanded RAM on the Jaguar mainboard would be neat for development/testing - but its not practical to dilute the small user base with hardware requirements like this when releasing games. Just ask one of the three falcon owners with SuperVidel and CT63
  11. Package has actually left AU.... over to the international (local) recipient mail service. Good luck!
  12. Yes but responding here makes no sense as the people you need to reach who are following his posts... won't see this.
  13. It's not like Atari made their money back when they additionally included a unit in the box! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  14. Why don't you ask him on facebook instead of on a forum he won't read?
  15. My bet would be on "The Red Screen Game"
  16. I'd much rather my games were permanently available via a store. Just my opinion, but unless its required for licensing issues, announcing a limited run just to boost quick sales is a bit of a dick move, especially if there is another run immediately following.
  17. CyranoJ


    If you factor in 'JS2' it makes perfect sense.
  18. How long is this todo list of yours? I'm imagining a toilet roll... in more ways than one.
  19. Great idea. Maybe it can use XMODEM to get maximum speed......
  20. CyranoJ


    Who would have thought that someone hailing from JS2, acting like an entitled prick, would have double standards? That forum was such a cess pool of waste. I wish it would come back, get all the old guard members inside, and lock the doors again. At least it kept them contained.
  21. OK, the package has left the premises. To the recipient (who will know who its from thanks to the huge AUSTRALIA POST sticker on it, ho! ho! ho!) - If a christmas miracle brings it to you early, please feel free to open it. The last 18 months have been pretty hard on everyone so grab some early cheer if you can! Eagerly awaiting the pages of excitement and the 'unwrappenings' pictures! PS. Everyone here in this thread is awesome.
  22. CyranoJ


    No sharing? RAPTOR API JagStudio Almost ready Doom tools/TC tools.... with community people already using them RMAC / RLN JiFFi ULS the list goes on and on and on Jaded? Large scale projects like Grav Mines, Last Strike? Asteroite? Nitrous? Crumbs? You do realize devs are putting their own time, effort and in some cases finances into these projects and are (mostly) giving all this for free? And what, exactly, have you contributed in this department over the '3 decades' ? And don't give the rudimentary "I don't know how to code" crap response - you've had THIRTY YEARS TO LEARN. With an attitude like that... Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out
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