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  1. My son's driving lessons are next a few doors down from where Xanth's final store used to be. So I snapped a photo of their exact location:
  2. There's still a guide here with a system-by-system breakdown of compatibility.
  3. Pokemon TCG Online has massive dev. work being done continually and is free to play. The only drawback is that it's data heavy and need to run on a tablet or PC (no phones)
  4. I won't be buying the game because I played the first 3 as the female character. From all the screen captures and videos I've seen, the devs seem to have gone out of their way to make the female characters look like living pumpkins.
  5. I backed this too. I'm hopeful they do what they are aiming for - to re-create the feel of an 80's open world RPG.
  6. Come to Come to Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. They are always giving a talk and are easy to chat with.
  7. I worked briefly on 1, 3 and Spartan Assault.
  8. I don't know of a list, but Mike Oldfield credits the ST on some of his early 90's albums.
  9. I need to dig out my Amiga and look at the SS/US. I don't think Thylacine needs a USB stack of its own - just Poseidon (and it's USB stack in the US) and the thylacine.device loaded by Poseidon. Is it possible your issues stem from having both stacks running?
  10. One of the best devices from I.C. Nothing negative to say about it.
  11. Thylacine is insanely unstable. I have one in in my GBA and I do use the latest Poseidon (don't know what thylacine.device) and mine works better than most, but sustained data transfers of over around 60 seconds will cause a lockup. Rapid road is presumably 100x better. I use this because it's part of the 'complete set" of GBA add-ons. I'll likely swap it out with my Buddha and a clockport RR or subway at some point.
  12. On further reflection, I think I agree with you. Post 2010 we've moved away from the concept of the computer as a platform that you expand and back to the Mac's concept that a computer is an un-expandable sealed magic thing with a built-in display that end users are not expected to understand or try to use in any way other than as a consumer of the software that the device runs. Maybe the PC and Amiga were the aberrations.
  13. I personally like the different feel you get from the tech of the era. Even the same software is subtlety different when played on a Mac II vs Amiga vs ST vs IBM clones. If were just talking games, I'm sure there will be games on the ST that will never reach the Amiga, even though a few coders have been pumping out ports of some of the most egregious omissions (like Oids) -edit- I also love the STacy - that's system has no 68K rival.
  14. The ST was a games console and a home computer. The Amiga was the first modern personal computer. This debate has been done to death and won in favor of Amiga dozens of times over, even here on Atariage in the ST forum.
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