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  1. This is good info! I'll try that mod ASAP.
  2. Hey - I just got the Atari expansion module and was playing with it a bit. It seems to work great except that some sound is loud and clear while other sound is extremely quiet. Is this the same root cause as is being discussed above?
  3. Regarding the keyboard, the non-ortholinear one looks to be the common mechanical keyboard sold under the brand Royal Kludge that you can get from Amazon. The Solar Jupiter uses this same keyboard:
  4. That's pretty cool. I looked on the back of my box and realised that the address from Bram Software is a an old residential house a few miles away from me. Wonder if it's still in the same family?
  5. This is something I'm wondering myself... I have no plan yet on how to even construct a Pi with a MIDI import but I just like the idea so want to understand what's been done by others.
  6. I'm confused. Is that not someone using MiSTer to emulate an ST and also Fluidsynth?
  7. Sorry to revive and old thread. I'm dusting off a STacy and I was thinking of getting Ultima installed and outputting MIDI music. I think it would be pretty easy to buy a Sound Canvas off ebay or something but has anyone installed a software package lite FluidSynth to a Raspberry PI and then piped the ST's MIDI into that for music?
  8. I've been away from this hobby for some years so am just hearing about this. I had limited interaction with Curt but what exchanges we did have made me this he really was the world's foremost authority on Atari and also a nice person. I'll miss him.
  9. My son's driving lessons are next a few doors down from where Xanth's final store used to be. So I snapped a photo of their exact location:
  10. There's still a guide here with a system-by-system breakdown of compatibility.
  11. Pokemon TCG Online has massive dev. work being done continually and is free to play. The only drawback is that it's data heavy and need to run on a tablet or PC (no phones)
  12. I won't be buying the game because I played the first 3 as the female character. From all the screen captures and videos I've seen, the devs seem to have gone out of their way to make the female characters look like living pumpkins.
  13. I backed this too. I'm hopeful they do what they are aiming for - to re-create the feel of an 80's open world RPG.
  14. Come to Come to Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. They are always giving a talk and are easy to chat with.
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