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  1. Time to announce the first Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Zeviouz by Chris Walton which won for Best Work in Progress-Port Here is the rules for this game: Play using two buttons only and on Expert Level We are using the current public ROM available which can be found here: zeviouz00_NTSC.bin As this is a Bonus Game for Harmony Games Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place and each place after ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This Round starts on March 8th,2021 noon Central and ends on April 5th,2021 2:00pm Central this post will be locked until the round starts
  2. Time to announce the first Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days by Vladimir Zuniga which won for Best Work in Progress- Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020) Here are the rules for this Round: since there is no scoring system the last screen you get to before you lose you lives will be counted for ranks we are using the current public release of the game which can be found here knightguy_CastleDays_20210121.bin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Scoring: 10 points for first and 1 points for tenth place and for each after This round begins on 3/8/2021 at noon Central and Ends on 4/5/2021 at 2pm Central this will be locked until the round starts
  3. I like glacier bell. I'm not a user but be interested in plus cart (it was mentioned on ZPH, that we could win one by voting in this poll)
  4. I heard ZPH mention about the new section you planning Al, I think its great. As I'm planning to get back to homebrew scene retweeking may laser man 88 game for the 2600 and possibly doing some jaguar and 7800 programing thanks to the two dev tools thats is out (might even work on some 2600 games as well)
  5. @Karl G Thanks for the tip it was exactly that with the button on harmony cart. now I know the setting for Bonus game in round 1 of harmony games that I mentioned ZPH last night
  6. ok I tired with just controller plugged into the 7800 still nothing. and tried my 2600 but it isn't working. also when just put the genesis controller in makes the harmony cart menu go crazy when I plug it in with edladdin seagull menu works normal. I'll figure something out for the first round of harmony games for the bonus game (ports are in the bonus games this year,orignal games play as normal games)
  7. I'll have to dig out my 2600 and try then thanks
  8. I'm playing this via harmony on my 7800 using edladdins Seagull adapter for using genesis controllers. it only detects 1 button and checked it with my 7800 Xevios cart and two button works there with difficulty switch set to different setting. I look for my prolines and see if will detect two buttons and get back to on it
  9. This just to let you know the date of The 2021 Harmony Games will start on on March 8th,2021. based on the categories of the 2020 Atari Homebrew Awards its narrowed to 4 that we will be used for each Round: Original Games for normal scoring points (10pts for 1st place ends with 1pt for 10th place) Round 1: Best Work in Progress: Knight guy in low res world Round 2: Best Graphics: Nijishguy in low res world (Unholy did win but there is no scoring system on the game, so we went second place winner ) Round 3: Best Homebrew <4k Game: Cannonhead Clash (Dog Gone it did win but it also won best Original so again we went second place winner) Round 4: Best Original: Dog gone it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with the addition of Port games to the Awards we added them as Bonus scoring taking the same time as the orignal games round, Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place Round 1 Bonus: Best work in Progress(Port): Zeivious Round 2 Bonus: Best Graphics: Tower of Rubble(Port) ( Zookeeper won but it also won best port, so again we went with second place winner) Round 3 Bonus: Best Homebrew (Port) <4k: Robot City Round 4 Bonus: Best Port: ZooKeeper Like before we will be using the latest build of each game if the programmer allows otherwise we will be using the same roms that was voted for. rules for the first round games will be posted after I play each game few times and read the instructions(if any) to see about difficulty settings as well. Good Luck!! ones games start the leaderboard will be reset. next year we might change things around for harmony games.
  10. have to say for me had some hard choices to vote, because what I look for is what game would fit in the 2021 Harmony games,of course the final decision come from the rest of the voters and I will use that.(this just for 2600 games ports and originals) might change harmony games next year to include 7800 games if I can get concentro or another 7800 sd cart.
  11. Thanks for posting this I can update the calendar at AVC Online website now for voting now.
  12. For some time besides having the Websites(both AVC Online and VGS) as well as the Facebook pages for VGS and Jagfest on tour, we were also had at least 5 yahoo groups, that is until last week when Yahoo Closed down all groups. We were planning to migrate our 3 main groups (AVC news, VGS(general) and VGS(vendors)) to maichimp anyways starting on Jan 1st hope to complete it day after VGS 2021. and keep the rest open for discussion. So now that yahoo groups have closed on Dec 15th, the mailing list migrated to mail chimp, but just for the 3 main groups mentioned. For discussions we have instructed people to stop by this club, our Facebook group which is public (AVC Online) and Video Game Summit and Jagfest on tour pages on Facebook. the mailing list on mailchimp is strictly announcements for AVC Online news(AVC news) which is main list and everybody who joins gets added to that and we have tags for VGS news and VGS Vendors. Each tag gets its own specific newsletter e-mailed to them. AVC news: all AVC Online news like we did for the Jaguar Community United (chat and event schedule) plus it will have club news VGS news, and sales for Cafepress as well. VGS news: is just news on Video Game Summit vendors who signed and other items for the show. VGS Vendors: is updated Vendor news who has booths locations etc to sign up for the mailing list just go to AVC Online click the link in the menu it will take you to sign up page ,just need your e-mail (I have saved list of those who were on VGS lists so I will know who was on the list for VGS) Thank you
  13. quick update: Atari Gamer launch moved up to July 2021 for VGS 2021 with MGC moved to possible November date next year figured to have the preview issue out VGS (we might have an issue for MGC as well though)
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