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  1. those wondering about VGS 21, it is going on as planned on July 17th,2021 we got two great guest already lined up Brett Weiss and Paul Neymiener. just about half way to sold out of vendor booths. We will have arcades from Galloping Ghost and Console Arcades from Arcade816 as mentioned in the Harmony Games Thread for Zoo Keeper we will be using a 2600 Console arcade for the beat the champ edition of Harmony games at the show (plus we will be showing other Champ Game Ports as well, besides the 2600 console arcade they will have ones for Nintendo,Sega, and Neo-geo. AVC Live on Zoom and on Facebook Live ( at the Video Game Summit Facebook Page) will be doing an interview Arcade816 owner Ray " @radd " Price at 9pm Central Saturday June 12th about his arcade and what he's doing for VGS. for more on AVC Live: http://atari-video.club/event/avc-live-june . if you have any questions for Ray about Arcade816 feel free post them here or on the thread on the VGS facebook page about AVC Live post. and I'll be sure to ask them. (you can also ask during the show on facebook or join in on zoom) for more about Video Game Summit: http://videogamesummit.net
  2. Round 4 of the Harmony Games has begun Originals, we are playing Dog Gone it @Armscar Coder already submitted his score.
  3. Round 4 of the Harmony Games have begun Ports we are playing Zoo Keeper(we are using the rom champ games site)
  4. Time to announce the forth and final Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Zoo Keeper from Champ Games which won for Best Port in the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards. Instead of playing the Rom posted at Atari Age we will be using the final demo version that is at Champ Games download page Since this version only has 2 levels we will be playing on standard level left difficultly switch is not used,Right only changes the play field (solid or like the arcade) Play until you lose your lives or after you complete all 4 rounds (after round 4 the game goes back to first round). This round starts on June 8th at noon Central and Ends on July 12th at 2pm Central. Ranks start a 9pts for 1st place and 1pt for 9th and 10th place. ****Side note the top score in this round be used in the Beat the Champ version of this tournament At the 2021 Video Game Summit on July 17th,2021, where this game and other Champ Games ports will be played on a 2600 Console Arcade Cabinet provided by Arcade816 which owned by @radd (aka Ray Price)****
  5. Time to announce the forth and final game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Doggone it by Andrew Pauley (Armscar Coder) which won Best Original game in the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards. We are using the latest Rom:Doggone_It!.bin Simple rules play until you loose your lives (the left difficulty switch only turns off the foot steps of hank) Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10. This round starts on June 8th at noon Central time and ends July 12th at 2pm Central Name : score : Points -------------------------------------- @Jason_Atari Jason : 46,236 10pts @Armscar Coder Andrew P: 45,176 :9pts
  6. thanks for the tip, I just wanted to get a score in before next round was busy with other stuff, great game Thomas.
  7. took a few tries even had it tied at one time but got it 4: 0
  8. Not my best score but figured to get score in before last round starts in few week 120
  9. I remember that magazine and the others arinie did: Video Games and computer entertainment (VGCE) and Computer games. if you look for arnies fandom article you might see a familiar name 😉 arinie got me started in doing fanzines and I had mine "the Atari Zone" reviewed by many times. had the honor of meeting arinie at CGE as well. I followed his footsteps reviewing other zines in my own zine. I'm trying relaunch my zine hopefully in time for MGC preview issue.
  10. figured you were here Ray, thanks for plugging VGS I'm working with ray btw to have Champ Games arcade ports on the his units and our harmony games will be played on the 2600 cabinet as well. we won't announce the Harmony games at VGS until after the actual season ends which is july 12th. go to clubs and look for Atari Video Club under harmony games for whats being played.
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