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  1. no prob john, I've always support the Homebrew scene especially the 2600.keep up the good work.
  2. lets not forget Video Game Summit Home of the Harmony Games and btw besides showing mappy as part of Harmony Game tournament we also showed the first demo of Galaga (before the name change happened) went over big.
  3. good job on the stella-thon I was going to donate but forgot,if I find time I will prob go to the stella website and donate that way
  4. final round leaderboard name score points James 0 (ZPH) 35,740 34 Arenafoot 40,280 28 Nathan Strum 91,730 26 Aerlan (ZPH) 36,690 16 oyamafamily 65,350 18 roadrunner 32,400 12 root42 114.050 10 Dan Iacovelli 6,190 9 Darcy (ZPH) 19,550 3 Leader board points for those who didn't play Name Points Impaler_26 14 LidLikesIntellivision 10 Mika 9 Bob Mackey 8 Tanya O (ZPH) 6 Scores done at VGS'19(no ranks associated with it) name score Dan Keller 79,580 Andy Breyer 16,960 Caleb Ivory 16,430 This ends 2019 Harmony Games congrats to all who won, lets do this again next year with game coming from Atari Awards 2019 (chances are I'll move thsi game to a club next year when I plan to start here for AVC Online
  5. Final round scores for Harmony Games 2019 name--------------score----------pts root42 114,050 10 Nathan Strum 91,730 9 oyamafamily 65,35 8 Arenafoot 40,280 7 Aerlan (ZPH) 36,690 6 James O (ZPH) 35,740 5 roadrunner 32,400 4 Darcy (ZPH) 19.550 3 Dan I 6.190 2 Good scores everybody this concludes this season of the harmony games next season will start right after next Atari Awards games will be the winners like it was this time leaderboard will be posted in main thread
  6. have to say what watched and listened too was great all around. sorry I missed most of it includly dan kitchen interview and mappy. will catch up on youtube.
  7. I will post finals scores on sunday had too much to do today.
  8. Good scores I missed ZPH scores because Iwas out but I my sure they will post or I'll look for it, will update later tonight
  9. good scores will update scores on friday with final scores on sunday
  10. Scores as of July 1st Nathan Strum---------- 91,730 root42------------------72,180 oyamafamily-----------53,560 ArenaFoot-------------40,280 roadrunner------------- 32,400 Dan I---------------------6,190
  11. Dan Iacovelli

    Dan Iacovelli

  12. I'll be watching if I can, I'll try to get some pictures from VGS of people playing mappy on harmony cart.on the13th. those scores won't count for the tournament
  13. good scores don't forget the season ends on july 13th at 6pm CT
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