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  1. very sad, I have met curt at classic gaming expos in vegas we even had meeting with fellow atari players at gameworks once after cge. he will be missed
  2. First of all Thanks to all who participated in the 2020 Harmony Games, We will return next year a month after 2020 Atari Awards winners are announced. Now without further adieu we give the final leader board scores for the 2020 Harmony Games: James (ZPH) 37pts Tanya (ZPH) 29pts Arenafoot 28pts Congrats to the top 3 here are the rest of leader board Charles Wieland 26pts Dan I (AVC) 17pts Thomas Jentzsch 11pts Aerlan (ZPH) 9pts keebz 9pts Darcy (ZPH) 4pts
  3. want that many people in todays zoom as was yesterdays so didn't mange to get it aired had a video ad of the game that atari age did.
  4. Here is my score after today's show of V-VGS:15,580 (the video wasn't the best position but managed to get a shot the high score being posted on the high score screen)
  5. I will be playing during the second day of Virtual VGS on July 12th see my signature for the url to VGS
  6. Scores from the show: James (ZPH) 75,890 Darcy (ZPH): 8.560
  7. 2 scores added from 6/14/2020 ZeroPage Homebrew livestream on twitch
  8. good score yeah the demo restarts at level 1 after level 8 thats why I said up to level 8
  9. Leader board scores are updated Forth and Final round has started
  10. well unfortunately you missed the deadline to be on top 10 but you still get a point for the leader board. I announce each new round at start of each month the full schedule is posted on AVC Online website on the harmony games page
  11. scores updated from ZPH (only Tayna was able to update her score). This round has officially ended, any new scores not on the scoreboard submitted will count as 1pt. This post will lock at 11:59:59 am on June 9th when round 4 begins
  12. if games are easier for to review on emulators for sure.
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