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  1. John, you and Champ Games always seem to amaze me on your ports. will be adding this to my harmony cart.
  2. I haven't posted about VGS 2020 since we announced it back in march, because everything was being put on hold due to Pandemic. Well here's some Bad news and some Good news in regards to the show. Bad news: Due to Pandemic, VGS 2020 at the Odeum has been canceled. Good News: in it place we are happy to announce our first virtual show being held on Facebook Live (at the Video Game summit facebook page) and on Zoom Meetings. on July 11th from 11am till 4pm and July 12th noon till 5pm. Zoom will feature Vendors and Guest in break out rooms witha time table for Vendors and Guest to be featured on the main stream thats shown on facebook live. for more check out our website http://videogamesummit.net
  3. The Atari Gamer Magazine has been put on hiatus until April 2021, We are still working for writers though see post above for what we are looking for. We are hoping for release of preview issue at Midwest Gaming Classic 2021
  4. thats because this is a public club as its open to public members of AA, I have tried forum where members have to register either at Atari users.net and free forums and no one joined for it. if there was a way to switch from public to open I would do that but don't think its possible. you can always follow the club it self and notifications on post. just because harmony games is active section I have other topics I need post on which I will be doing later this week
  5. the fact that you have posted here means you in the club its an public club no joining needed its like the forum just our own section for AVC Online,Harmony Game etc. Had figured doing a club where you members have to join but think this better
  6. its a public club any atari Age member can join and they just follow each round by clicking on the Follow square next to the topic
  7. Scoreboard updated (will update during Zeropage Homebrew today as well)
  8. This round has officially ended, any new scores not on the scoreboard submitted will count as 1pt. This post will lock at 11:59:59 am on May 9th when round 3 begins
  9. Scores Updated on both here and at AVC Online, I might give it one shot before the round ends
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