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  1. I knew Dyer was FOS. When I met with him in the mid-90s (1994 to be exact) when he was making his "rounds" to game publishers trying to pitch a "new adventure game with state of the art animation". When he popped in the VHS tape and started his pitch with me, I immediately blurted out "That's Thayers Quest isn't it?" and he said (gruffly no less) "no, it's not - its called Kingdom: The Far Reaches" and he was pitching a license deal for a Sega CD and Sony Playstation (early development days) version. He wanted an obscene amount of money for a format (interactive video type games) that were on their way out. When I inquired about the RDI Halcyon, he deflected and said he still had 250 Halcyon units in his possession. When I asked about buying one or more, he said no.
  2. See it in action - search youtube "Hotz Box" and there's a lot of videos
  3. There was a very good reason as to why Out Run (retail version) came with a cassette with the original arcade music on it. Getting the original arcade music at the time on cassette, I thought that was awesome.
  4. Jet-X

    Cloak & Dagger

    Go back to post #64 in this thread, you can see high resolution pictures. Pictures might look blank, but click on them
  5. Jet-X


    I owned the arcade game and the Lynx version (at the same time no less - no more arcade, but still have the Lynx), and the Lynx version plays pretty damn good compared to the arcade version. Frame rate is slower and the controls do take some getting used to (so did the arcade!). Music isn't bad, it has quite a bit of the arcade voice, and graphically looks really good. (FYI times are in reference to the arcade youtube video post below) What was a let down/disappointment is that it's missing the prisoner confession mini-game from the arcade (2:33). That to me was a bit of a let down that not only was cool (and quite simple really) but broke up the game a bit in a good way. When you catch the criminal, it's also missing the behind the bars screen (2:45). Finally, during the criminal overview, I wished they'd have used the voice from the arcade (1:24). Otherwise, it's one of the better conversions for the Lynx. Definitely recommended.
  6. Well I was originally excited (Starglider specifically) to get the original tapes onto CD/digital, however, they've clarified it's more about the remakes of the songs vs. the originals. Their plan for the original tracks is to digitize and then clean up the audio direct from the ST/Amiga rather than using the tapes for them. Bummer, that'll keep me from contributing.
  7. Downsizing, books are in very good/nice condition. Cheaper than Amazon (links provided merely for descriptive purposes): Collecting Classic Video Games. $17 (http://www.amazon.com/Collecting-Classic-Video-Schiffer-Collectors/dp/0764314564/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1422818658&sr=8-4&keywords=collecting+video+games) Pac Man Collectibles. $15 (http://www.amazon.com/Pac-man-Collectibles-Schiffer-Book-Collectors/dp/0764315544/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422818674&sr=8-1&keywords=pac+man+book) Collecting for Dragon's Lair $27 (http://www.amazon.com/Collecting-Dragons-Lair-Space-Ace/dp/1490383581/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422818688&sr=8-1&keywords=dragon%27s+lair+book+collecting) Digital Retro $18 (http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Retro-Evolution-Personal-Computer/dp/078214330X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422818716&sr=8-1&keywords=digital+retro) Electronic Plastic $18 (http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Plastic-Jaro-Gielens/dp/3931126447/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422818726&sr=8-1&keywords=electronic+plastic) Shipping extra (will ship media mail unless requested for Priority mail). Paypal accepted. To the buyer that buys all the books together I'll cover shipping costs. Thanks
  8. Selling just the box (nothing inside), downsizing my collection. This is a 1984 release where the sticker covers up the same text (in purple) underneath that also mentions the "keyboard attachment" (that was never released). Good addition for a collector that wants a very nice box for a boxless system. Can take more pictures, box is very nice condition (but not perfect). Has light shelf wear on edges. Asking $40 + shipping
  9. I can't remember the TV I used over the years. However, when I reacquired Atari computers, and in this case, the XEGS in 1997, I was using an Atari XC1411 monitor
  10. Wasn't at the Sunnyvale party. I dealt primarily with John Skruch at Atari. It happens all the time...I could write pages upon pages where this has happened on a multitude of consoles. Doubtful. Rayman wasn't a killer app, and any game made available on multiple platforms doesn't help. The Jaguar was DOA in my opinion. Developers were intrigued with the idea of an Atari comeback, however, we all knew (myself included) that Atari would never have sustained the likes of Nintendo or Sega, let alone Sony with marketing or support. The Tramiel's history haunted them. And the launch titles (I'm in the minority on this forum I'm sure) were utter crap. That ensured Jaguar was DOA. Those third parties (i.e. those supporting Sega/Nintendo and soon Sony) ported games to hedge their bets, but would never pour any money into an original title. Cartridge also killed the Jaguar, as the manufacturing costs and most importantly, lead time put a hurt on developers and ultimately publishers (with retailers screaming/yelling and cutting orders when games were late). Yes, Nintendo stuck with cartridge, but they were an established player. Oh, I could argue this one for multiple pages too. I did make a play to support the Jaguar by porting one or two of Sony Imagesoft's games to the Jaguar (again, to hedge our bets), but management saw no point in pouring resources into a stillborn console.
  11. That's not illegal. That's called "exclusivity" and it's been around since the Atari days.
  12. It would have been a compilation disc, with a virtual arcade featuring all of the arcade cabinets in 3-D (including the variations/conversions). It would have contained (dug up the documents): Cloak & Dagger (as Agent-X to avoid paying license fee); Major Havoc (first time released on any console); Space Duel (first time released on any console); Gravitar; Red Baron (first time released on any console); Black Widow (first time released on any console); Lunar Lander (I could argue this too first time released on any console), Quantum (first time released on any console); and Star Raiders (yes, the Atari Computer version as a hidden title). From Lucasfilm/Atari, it would have been Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. 11 games in total. And it would have also included the prototype versions of Major Havoc (Alpha 1); Gravitar (Lunar Battle); I also planned a library with photos, advertisements, sell sheets/flyers, operators manuals, and more. So the owners of the actual coin-ops also would have a resource if needed. ...and I talk to Jerry almost daily.
  13. ​Semantics really. July 1984 is half way through the year, hence why I said pre-1985. As for being a 7800 LD game, I don't know, Curt or someone else would have to answer for that. Firefox was 1983. We weren't. Third party development. In fact, Dan Kramer was doing IIRC the trackball design for Nyko that was eventually released. That's what we would have used along with the Playstation Mouse (and the dual shock controllers). No hybrid adapters were planned. Coding never started. It all fell apart pretty quickly with the lawsuits. We had a deal memo accepted by Atari, and ready for signature by Sony Interactive Studios head of development along with Kaz Hirai and Andrew House. The lawsuit killed off the game.
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