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  1. Only just saw this. Thanks for the update! Got YM2020 ordered.
  2. Thanks for sharing all of this great stuff! Will definitely be digging through it over the holidays.
  3. That is super cool... The few pieces of equipment in his lab that I do recognize and have interacted with are ungodly expensive (and I suspect that those components are a drop in the bucket compared to the stuff I HAVEN'T used). What a cool setup!
  4. Two of my favorites that I don't think I saw in this thread... Beetlejuice Taboo: The Sixth Sense Worth getting the games for the music? Probably not these days. I'm pretty sure these were $1 carts I bought 20 years ago...
  5. Just now saw this and tried to order it, but got an error message that said that the store isn't taking orders right now. I'll try again soon, but was bummed since I, too, ordered the YM2017 compilation cart in the past! Definitely looking forward to (hopefully) getting this.
  6. When it comes to 3D, I think it is pretty cool what some folks have come up with. Sure, the Jaguar isn't a 3D powerhouse, but I even appreciate when some 3D elements are thrown in alongside stuff that is predominantly 2D... For example, although I know it certainly isn't a homebrew game, doesn't Tempest 2000 have some polygon-based elements? Definitely correct me if I'm wrong...
  7. Well, I will keep experimenting. I have some hardware coming in within the next month that should help me try out a variety of different concepts and if it garners any interest, cool. I just don't want to be accused of not sharing stuff that I find.
  8. Clint and Chris... Out of curiosity, is there opportunity to merge RAM and bankswitching into the same concept? Like... say a bankswitching scheme that incorporates a 2 (or 4MB) window that can be switched along with the remainder of the address space dedicated to RAM? Or is that basically what the GD does already? I've got some spare cart PCBs that would be good for experimentation for this kind of concept and would be willing to give it a try at some point, I just need some guidance as to what would be most useful. EDIT: I think I answered my own question, but I'm not 100% certain. Looks like the Game Drive is what I would have expected it to be, largely there to switch between ROMs loaded onto an SD card... Not sure whether there are clever things you could do in a specially developed game to utilize the hardware any differently from that...
  9. I fail to see how this detracts from any other thread in the Jaguar forum... 🤨
  10. Another sidetrack, but what ever happened the ambitious stuff that Buddy was working on? I thought there was a project to work on the JagDuo and maybe some other stuff, but lost track.
  11. I actually don't mind creating something that won't be widely used. If it adds functionality that's interesting to somebody or allows someone to do something that has never been done before, I'm game to give it a shot... It might just take awhile to get to every concept.
  12. Yeah, I know that this isn't largely practical. It's one of the reasons why I was leaning toward not pursuing this as an upgrade since existing software wouldn't benefit from it (unless there would be a performance boost from being able to use faster RAM, which... there isn't) and it would require specific efforts to benefit from having more RAM. At this point I'm pretty much doing it to do it and share it with anybody else that wants it. I expect that as I work my way through concepts some will be more palatable than others. Adding 8MB of RAM does get me closer to a hazy goal in the future of something that I'd like to port to it, but it's such a pipe dream at this point that I'm hesitant to even tell anybody what it is for fear of sounding like an overly-optimistic noob... ...and no, it's not Area 51 or any of the CoJag games.
  13. Minor update: I'm working on a few different concepts, but as for a memory upgrade, I started drawing up a schematic for an 8MB board. It's incomplete, but I've got it down to about 11 ICs and a 3.3v regulator. General strategy is to demux the address coming from Tom and use SRAM. It's a little pricey, but considering the premium and/or difficulty in getting drop-in replacements, I thought it was worth a shot. The other ICs are bi-directional level shifters since 5V parts, at least in my search, have been a little rare. My goal is to create something with parts that don't appear to be nearing their end-of-life and seem to be available from multiple suppliers. Once I'm working on layout, I'm going to try to line up the board/pins with the existing pads that they'll need to be soldered to since my thought would be that it would require removal of the existing RAM and then soldering pins to some of the pads. It would also require a jumper or two to some test points on the board. I still need to go through and double-check how I think it would work, but what I have so far seems feasible and wouldn't be a total nightmare to solder since it would require minimal jumper wires. I think it ought to work with any Fast Page Mode accesses as well since that would just be updating part of the demuxed address and there shouldn't be any performance issues jumping from one address to another. If anybody is interested in the parts that I'm thinking about using, I'm willing to share that information. Once I've put together a couple prototypes and modified the boot rom, I should be able to test it out and see if it works. First test will just be trying out an existing game to make sure that it still works, then I can move on and try my hand at creating something that would access the additional memory. Next steps after that are unknown. I've been pursuing some other leads on CoJag information that could lead to other concepts, but wanted to share this for now. Thoughts? Comments? I know this isn't as easy as piggybacking parts and running jumper wires, but I'm hoping that this could be beneficial for more than just me.
  14. I had meant to respond to the concept of adding RAM to the DSP connector earlier. I was scratching my head, especially when I actually looked on the schematic and was met with essentially what I expected... just... DSP stuff. Might be nice for interfacing with a MIDI device, but... Erm... Or was I missing a joke somewhere?
  15. 🤣 Yes, RAM bank switching sounds just fabulous... but I do see where I went wrong in my interpretation of the memory maps. Yes, I see that 8MB is the maximum based on the memory map - I suspect that if I were to devise a way make that happen it might make a few people happy, though. Let me see what I can cook up, though!
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