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  1. Rest in peace, Curt. Years ago, when the internet was new to me and I had no idea what had happened to Atari, I came across his site. Not only did I pore over every page, but even contacted him to ask questions. He was kind enough to respond to my noob self and I followed his work ever since. Heck, when I found some random back-up tapes that just had the word 'Atari' scrawled across them, he was the first person I thought of. I am totally shocked and saddened by his death and hope his family and friends can take comfort in all of the stories of people who appreciate his work.
  2. Rest in peace, Curt. You will be missed.
  3. Nice! Middle Earth was my first pinball machine as well. I like the Atari machines, too - I think a lot of my attraction to them is that not many people knew that Atari was ever in the pinball machine business, so they tend to grab some attention! I got my machine about 7 years ago and have been pleased with it, although it can be BRUTAL. I had a LOT of low-scoring games early on, but it was interesting enough to keep me coming back. At this point, I have all of the released Atari pinball machines (including Hercules x 2) and have been building up a small stash of spare parts since some of them are pretty uncommon. I seem to come across Middle Earth parts the most frequently, so it's not a bad choice at all. Any plans for hunting down any more of them?
  4. *Jaw drops* I have one I bought that came with its box and manual. I'm sure that I didn't pay more than a few dollars for mine, either!
  5. Nope, that is all you need. The Genesis 2/Sega CD 2 have the audio on the connector versus needing to patch it in through the headphone jack on the Genesis 1.
  6. Although it looks to be different, I quickly found something somewhat similar to it: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/255931191298440754/ Looks like it was probably used when the 400 and 800 computers were being sold? No idea on value. Wish I had one!
  7. They don't. If the TV does some signal processing that results in lag, the only fix is to turn on Game Mode (if it has it). My TV does the same when in 'normal' mode regardless of the input.
  8. I think it should be called Rezolve. Misspelled with a 'z' for obvious reasons and a couple potential layers of meaning wrapped in it.
  9. The real question is whether or not the voltage droops down to around 9ish volts when it is loaded. I think that the regulator in there is a 7805 - those things are pretty rugged so long as they can get rid of the excess heat. I would plug it back in and read the voltage from there. From that point, I would proceed to see if there is 5v coming from the regulator - just do it quickly in the event that it is a solid 20v...
  10. Fair enough. I wouldn't want to do business with a cocky douche, either. My main point was that I can understand why the guy would at least want to add some credibility to help sell his services (but I suppose without proof it is worth about the same as Master Rocket Scientist), although being an electrician really doesn't equate to modding ability when it comes down to it...
  11. To be fair, a master electrician is a level of certification and proclaiming to be a hobby enthusiast isn't particularly over-the-top. Not saying the guy wasn't rude (although your claim is rather vague), but as someone who finds himself on the receiving end of technical questions at work, I understand why guys who provide services like this may tire of inquiries that feel excessive. I'm glad I don't do work like that!
  12. Okay, now that is awesome. It is the kind of thing I could easily see happening in one of my dreams at night!
  13. Let me know if you give up on it. I could potentially be interested if you wanted to part with it.
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