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  1. Just hit F10 while in the bios settings, that might be enough.
  2. Yeah it is weird. After the firmware update, secure boot was still turned off, and my boot loader worked as it should. But my memory overclocks and my added graphics memory weren't showing up on GPU-Z when I booted into Windows. I had to go in and make a subtle change in the bios, then hit F10 to save. Then changes showed up in GPU-Z.
  3. I made a quick 3 minute video demo-ing my current Atari VCS configuration.
  4. Update: Welp, I got impatient and did the paper clip thing. Worked! Back to where I was before the update. Prefer a password, but this works. Thanks @Charles Darwin!
  5. My rEFInd bootloader stopped working. Also lost my memory overclock and addition video memory. I may try the paper clip trick soon if another solution isn't found.
  6. I played a little Danger Scavenger. Only spent about a half hour with it, but has possibilities. I am a fan of the Dirt series. I fired up Steam and tried to play Dirt 5 on the lowest setting... it was is a slide show. Sorry, Dirt 5 needs a high end PC. I dropped down to Dirt 3 - Complete Edition, and it played great on the high setting. Still a pretty game, even though it is nearly 10 years old.
  7. When I do big transfers in Windows, it will lock up after many GB. Like it over heats. I'm doing ethernet now. Faster anyway.
  8. Zoyx


    GREAT! Installed and working. I have the boot thumb drive plugged into a spare USB port on my keyboard. Looks like loading it on to the boot partition won't work. Really slick.
  9. Zoyx


    I've been messing around with the Clover Bootloader installed on a USB thumb drive. Some success. If I have the thumb drive connected, it boots into Windows on my m.2 drive. If I remove the thumb drive, my VCS will boot into AtariOS. The next step is to figure out how to add AtariOS as a boot option for Clover so I don't have to remove the thumb drive. Anyone else working with a bootloader?
  10. Disabling secure boot doesn't prevent you from booting into AtariOS. Switching from UEFI boot type to Legacy boot type does.
  11. It is changing to legacy boot, instead of UEFI boot that makes it so you can boot into AtariOS. Turning off secure boot doesn't prevent you from booting into AtariOS.
  12. I won't consider the Atari "hacked" until someone substantially alters AtariOS or the Atari store. I haven't heard anyone doing that yet. As mentioned, using alternate OSs and upgrading memory/storage was by design.
  13. He types in a password in the video... it is 10 characters long. In the comments he says, "It's on the system, you just need to know where/how to look for it." So maybe you have to prowl around the file system to find it.
  14. Excellent! Really like the core game so far. Looking forward to the final finishes. It looks like you only have one object (other than q*bert) on the screen at a time. Will that change? I like the freeze dude, but make that an option. Have the main version be as true to the original Q*bert as possible. I'd love to see the freeze guy in another variation. That seems it would add a fun new dynamic.
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