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  1. Zoyx


  2. Is there a way to add more playfields? I think there is only 4. Doubling that would be awesome. Also might want to add a watermark so people know that this is a modded version.
  3. Thanks for adding this. Always thought that the original Berzerk was too easy.
  4. Installing the new firmware didn't do it. Same as before. The ultimate cart works fine on my XEGS. Boots, but no menu on my 400.
  5. SUCCESS! Good news, still works with my XEGS. Bad news, still doesn't work with my Atari 400. Boots up, but no directory of games. Thanks for all the help, guys.
  6. Do I have my 10 pin connected right? If I had a 5v power supply, where would it attach? Your guide got me over one major hoop, I didn't have the blaster driver loaded.
  7. I have quartus (lite) installed. Still don't get it. Someone is going to have to hold my hand with this.
  8. How do you update the firmware? Edit: I have Quartus Pro trial 15.1 running. Not finding Max 10 10M08SAE144C8G as a device option. This is where I'm stuck...
  9. Ultimate cart supports the Atari 400. Doesn't give a memory requirement. Now it might be true in my case... I have an early run version.
  10. One thing I am going to try is install the latest firmware. I have to wait a bit for the USB Blaster to ship to me, though. Apparently the menu is in the firmware, and not handled by boot.rom. Hoping that changes things.
  11. When I do a PRINT FRE(0) in BASIC ... I get something over 13000. I have no idea what the difference is between standard and CAS. This 400 hasn't been modded in anyway.
  12. Just got an Atari 400. With this system, my Ultimate Cartridge boots up, but no menu. The cart works great with my XEGS. Is my early run cart not compatible with 400/800? Print on my PCB seems to indicate that.
  13. I think that did it. I went to the sync_set menu ---> sync_time... I changed the setting from 3 to 10. No idea what that does, but it seems to work fine now. Thanks!
  14. I just got a Framemeister. On select games, the screen goes blank for a couple seconds. I think it is associated with a playfield refresh within the game. Any way to fix or mitigate this? Here is a video with an example... playing Jr. Pac-man. https://photos.app.goo.gl/f9U9W3hkUPKBudXA8
  15. What settings did you fiddle with? I am having the same problem with Jr. Pacman. After you die, the screen goes blank. It is blank long enough for the ghosts to kill me again.
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