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  1. I was hoping it would be based on something like this ... Good work so far, though.
  2. One of my favorite podcasts is called, "Don't say Cunt".
  3. So these demands are based on hate, not on anything rational. Makes sense now.
  4. No they don't. They don't need to do a damn thing.
  5. It's a PC. PCs are more versatile than a game console. I like things that are versatile. Dedicated and proprietary boxes piss me off.
  6. It's a thing, from Rob Wyatt over a year ago:
  7. Dunno. They might have it set up so you can purchase and download only within the Atari linux distro. Or not. Another question is whether the AtariOS will be installable on other PCs.
  8. It's a PC with access to the Atari Store. Pretty simple, actually.
  9. The R1606G has built in hardware h.265 encode/decoder... should be able to handle 4k video just fine. No, it won't handle the xbox 360 emulator... emulation here is immature. I don't have my hopes up for the dolphin emulator either. Cheaper than a celeron NUC with better performance, seems like a good buy.
  10. Yep, it could be used as a living room PC. What else could it be used for besides gaming? Yeah, I'm being a whee bit patronizing, but you've earned it.
  11. I see you have limited knowledge of what computers can do. You are out of your league. You should stop posting.
  12. Yeah, I plan on buying one when it is released. I'm currently not a backer.
  13. Rocket League and Overwatch will run fine. A 500 GB m.2 costs $60. Less if you catch a sale.
  14. Weird. Must be a RAM issue, because it has the same APU. I believe these units can be upgraded to 16 GB.
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