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  1. For those that want an Atari VCS knockoff right now... https://mitxpc.com/products/ibox-r1000m
  2. Look, I get it now. This is just one big lovefest for Atari SA, and you are just offering kind constructive criticism to make Atari VCS a better a product for all of us to enjoy. I sincerely apologize for misjudging you all.
  3. One of my favorite podcasts is called, "Don't say Cunt".
  4. So calling Atari "cunts" isn't hate? I guess I learned a new thing.
  5. So these demands are based on hate, not on anything rational. Makes sense now.
  6. They've done plenty of updates. Why should they appease a bunch of trolls?
  7. Nobody makes these requirements for Microsoft or Sony. Why the special treatment for Atari?
  8. No they don't. They don't need to do a damn thing.
  9. It isn't. It is a reply to CPUWIZ asking if there is an AtariOS. Turns out there is. Feel free to ignore the technical aspects, because they date back to Bristol Ridge. With that said, Atari probably has instituted something similar to Apple's boot camp for loading in alternate OSs.
  10. It's a PC. PCs are more versatile than a game console. I like things that are versatile. Dedicated and proprietary boxes piss me off.
  11. This was written when they were working with Bristol Ridge and no m.2 slot. I reckon they changed things when they moved to Ryzen.
  12. Of course I am, you are a man of stature and integrity.
  13. It's a thing, from Rob Wyatt over a year ago:
  14. Dunno. They might have it set up so you can purchase and download only within the Atari linux distro. Or not. Another question is whether the AtariOS will be installable on other PCs.
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