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  1. Windows took over access to the bios. I followed method #2 on this page and it worked. https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/tech-takes/how-to-enter-bios-setup-windows-pcs
  2. I've used the windows USB fob that I used to install Windows, won't boot to that anymore. I also have a USB drive with refind on it. Also no worky. I haven't tried an AtariOS recovery USB yet. Not interested in AtariOS but may try it to see if anything will work. Not holding my breathe.
  3. I blew away AtariOS and installed Win 11 Pro. Now I can't get into the BIOS. Hitting the ESC key doesn't work, although it briefly tells me that I hit the key. Del key doesn't do it. Also booting the system using a USB drive doesn't work. Anything else I can try?
  4. There's a post a few pages back that has instructions on how to revert to an older bios firmware where the password works.
  5. I'm not in the database, possible to change that?
  6. Zoyx


    Looks like they were working on an X and Os football game. They actually made Madden Football box art. They scrapped the game and replaced it with Solar Fox for those that registered for Maddeness. http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/unreleased/unreleased.html#maddeness
  7. Zoyx


    Does a prototype exist for Maddeness? This was going to be a football game for the 2600 by CBS games before it was cancelled. Mentioned in this ad.
  8. Steam OS isn't being maintained. There is a new Steam OS supposedly coming out when the Steam Deck is released. Wait for that or install ChimeraOS.
  9. Is someone still maintaining this list?
  10. After I disabled secure boot, I installed a boot loader on my USB drive. The boot loader menu let me select Atari OS, Windows that was installed on the internal m.2 drive, and Ubuntu on the USB drive. Are you on the pre-order list for the Steam Deck? That seems like a better deal than the Atari right now.
  11. Those are the only two that I know of.
  12. There was a thread on Facebook of a person having trouble with the celebrate password. After a passage of time, it suddenly worked. No idea what changed. Make sure you are typing a zero and not an upper case o.
  13. I don't use PC Mode. I use a boot-loader to boot directly into Windows. Not a beginner project, but once set up, works great. They are expecting a new SteamOS release to coincide with the release of the Steam Deck. Hope that works out. Dirt 5 doesn't work with the Atari VCS... just too demanding. But Dirt 3 works great. Dirt 3 is a better game in my opinion and a lot of fun on the VCS.
  14. In the changelog for the latest Oct 14 2022 build.
  15. Looks like we have our answer. Flashback Fridays. $2.99 per game. https://www.gamingcypher.com/atari-vcs-flashback-fridays-begins-with-basketbrawl-7800-and-desert-falcon-7800/
  16. I get the sense they released this prematurely. There is speculation on Discord that they plan on selling 7800 roms in the store. After you purchase the rom, it will then work with this emulator. Just guessing at this point.
  17. I haven't figured out how to install ROMS. Anyone figure it out yet? I fired up Ubuntu on my VCS, and I found the Storage directory that AtariOS uses. And I believe I found the roms directory from within one of the directories in there. But I didn't have permission to drop a rom file in that directory. That's where I'm stuck.
  18. Just hit F10 while in the bios settings, that might be enough.
  19. Yeah it is weird. After the firmware update, secure boot was still turned off, and my boot loader worked as it should. But my memory overclocks and my added graphics memory weren't showing up on GPU-Z when I booted into Windows. I had to go in and make a subtle change in the bios, then hit F10 to save. Then changes showed up in GPU-Z.
  20. I made a quick 3 minute video demo-ing my current Atari VCS configuration.
  21. Update: Welp, I got impatient and did the paper clip thing. Worked! Back to where I was before the update. Prefer a password, but this works. Thanks @Charles Darwin!
  22. My rEFInd bootloader stopped working. Also lost my memory overclock and addition video memory. I may try the paper clip trick soon if another solution isn't found.
  23. I played a little Danger Scavenger. Only spent about a half hour with it, but has possibilities. I am a fan of the Dirt series. I fired up Steam and tried to play Dirt 5 on the lowest setting... it was is a slide show. Sorry, Dirt 5 needs a high end PC. I dropped down to Dirt 3 - Complete Edition, and it played great on the high setting. Still a pretty game, even though it is nearly 10 years old.
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