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  1. Happy V-Day CHickster, Hope you had a good day!!

  2. I can't tell you 100 percent but I bought alot of my Red labeled games at big lots back in the day and I searched through several stores in PA and OH and never saw any of them, the rarest I ever saw was Zenophobe and one ikari warriors. Also cpuwiz is right I have only ever seen them come out of canada. Bruce
  3. Share the love, Happy VD!

  4. My favorite Chickster, how long will you be holding this sale? I would like to maybe make an offer, I have to decide which is more important the divorce proceedings or an R10 SO let me know when the cutoff for offers is..... Bruce
  5. Throw me on the list.... Been waiting for this since I heard about it from fnd...\ Bruce
  6. Sorry everyone I have been crazy with work CTCW and some personnal issues but I am determined now to get this thing going. I will be contacting you all individually in the next couple days to verify emails and contact info and then seeing what we can set up. I would like to try and meet up sometime and meet everyone. We will see whats happening. So stay tuned...
  7. Was it released in NTSC format or strictly in europe. I have only ever seen a pal version but now am curious if an NTSC version exists? Bruce
  8. Nice to see you on board CTCW, I have been selling on there for about 6 monthes now, with some pretty good success. I have been through most of the ins and outs of the site. So I thought I would try to address a few of your concerns about auctions. What I am addressing are ways I deal with these issues as it stands, but be sure to let Mike(Socal Mike on the CTCW or parrothead here on AA as he likes to get all the critiques so he can see what may or may not need changed in the next software upgrade window) know your concerns. THere is also a thread for improvements and suggestions in CTCW forum area, maybe check it out. SO now for how I deal with some of these.... 1) After you push the button to start an auction, you're asked if you want to list something similar. After this, there is no apparent way to access this functionality. I have discussed this with Mike and I believe it is on his list of suggestions, but for now the easiest thing to do is always list something similiar when the second window opens just navigate somewhere else. It will not list the item simply saves it into your pending auctions and then you can come back and fiddle with it in the future. It holds items in the pending area for around 30 days. 2) Site doesn't do local timezone correction. Never noticed that, but be sure to let Mike know. 3) The button to push to go to the next step in listing something seems to jump around. First it's at the bottom looking like a button, then it's in the middle looking like an ordinary link... Your right here I jsut use it so much don't niotice it.... 4) No way to change the ending time of an auction after it has started. Well this one I don't think is really an issue just my opinion. I don't like the idea of people changing the end times if they decide it needs more time listed. I don't believe you can do this on any other site, either. BUt like I said this is simply my thoughts. 5) When selecting a category in which to list an item, it would be much easier if a hierarchy of spin boxes was used instead of one big spin box listing all categories. THis is a great idea, be sure to let Mike know about this one. That would make it easier.... 6) Something listed simply under the category "games" is unhelpful. It should not be possible to do that. I think this may have been left in there for items that don't fall under any of the more specific categories. Every once in a while something pops up that isn't set up with a specific category. 7) It would be nice to see who the seller is before clicking on the auction. Not sure about this one, I assume you mean when searching listings unless you search by seller you don't knwo the seller of the item. THat is a suggestion for Mike, I guess I see your point if I would have a bad experience with someone I may not want to deal with them and seeing ahead of time might save me some time... There ought to be an explicit "save for later" sort of button at the bottom of the fourth step of creating a listing. THis one you really don't need as it saves everything as you go and if at any point you navigate away from the page it automatically saves it into the pending auction section of my listings, so you don't have to save at any point. I mean I suppose it would be nice for a feel good button, but it really isn't needed I don't believe. Just my thoughts. 9) Those "LOOK!" arrows are annoying. I agree they are kind of annoying but some people like them so I guess we are stuck with them... Anyway hope some of that helps and look forward to more stuff from you in the future... Bruce
  9. I will have to check with mine, but from memory there are cardboard packages (similar to the joysticks, but they are both contained in one) for the paddle controllers, a little white box for the power supply and a folded piece of cardboard to protect the instructions. Are your hex discs the matt black thin version or the thicker shiny version? I believe shiny they have a glossy coat over them. That's a good sign. if you post pics i can tell you if they are the early (valuable) version or the later version. sounds like you've got enough there to get a "complete" H6er. Do you have the power supply box? If not, let PM me with your details and I'll post you some pics of what it looks like so you can look out for one. Also, do you have all the original docs? I'm not quite sure what all documentation originally came with it, do you know? I have several binders full of manuals warranty cards, etc. SO I probably have most of it. I know I have several 1977 owners manuals. THanks for your help and tomorrow hopefully I can post some pics... Bruce
  10. I will have to check with mine, but from memory there are cardboard packages (similar to the joysticks, but they are both contained in one) for the paddle controllers, a little white box for the power supply and a folded piece of cardboard to protect the instructions. Are your hex discs the matt black thin version or the thicker shiny version? I believe shiny they have a glossy coat over them.
  11. Yes its a proto, that you can pick up repro'd for like 40 bucks. Its nice to have if your collecting, but the gameplay is pretty crappy. It could of been a real cool game, but where it stands in development leaves you unable to do very much. It actually looks pretty decent and maybe could of been a decent doom style FPS but it is real choppy, the controls are bad and you can't really even play through very much IIRC. Looks decent but that is about it... Bruce
  12. I've used a 500mA plug before with good success, the big issues is making sure you have the right end I forget what size it is of the top of my head but its a real skinny female adapter. Good solid Digital camera rechargeable AA work great and I believe most are 2600 IIRC. NiCd don't waste your time on. Also a decent alternative is if you get the battery pack made by atari that takes 6 D batery those are nice for trips and such as I usually can get close to 60 hours or more out of them although it is a bit balky. YOU can find those fairly cheap like around 10 bucks usually... As for games, my all time favorites are xenophobe, raiden, 4 by 4 off road but those will cost a few bucks. Cheaper good games are: California games, rampart(If you strategy types), chips challenge, G of Z, switchblade 2
  13. Over 200 different 2600 games ending within 24 hours, many under 2.00 and cheap good shipping.. Check it out, any questions give me a shout.. http://www.chasethechuckwagon.com/sites/brucebidder/
  14. Hey Pitbull... Your boxed Sears 4 switcher, does it show regular paddles on the box? Mine actually shows Driving controllers! THat is awesome.. I've only ever seen the revision that pitbull has with the tennis paddle controllers.. What are the revision numbers on each of these guys? I would imagine the driving paddles are the earlier ones, and was fixed maybe? How fun to see these two revisions... WHere did you get that 5th ghost????
  15. Those are pretty nice, they yours? NIce collection. I'm glad I stay clear of PAL or I would loose my mind... Bruce
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