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  1. I would like: Computer Space Lode Runner Elevator Action Zombie Near and Bomb N Blast. And I will throw my hat into the ring for Zippy Race too even though it is not offer.... Yet. Thanks. IF this comes about next week I will be on a cruise and not available. I DO WANT THESE GAMES. No reply doesn't mean I've lost interest. Thanks again.
  2. Sorry. Not yet. I am just trying to get my feet wet with eBay. After I get the mechanics down I will take on international shipping.
  3. I know everyone in this forum (including myself) take collecting classic games very seriously. I have other games up for auction as well but this is currently the rarest of the bunch. I have put the link below. Thanks for looking. http://cgi.ebay.com/Mr-Do-Atari-2600-New-i...1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. Currently it is Guitar Hero both 1 and 2 and I am already obsessing about 3. In a lot of ways it has prevented me from playing other games. Even though I have unlocked all but one guitar I still enjoy just playing it. I also love Resident Evil and Silent Hill. These titles are the ones I will pay full price for as soon as a new one comes out.
  5. Sure did!! Ten AM showing on Friday. Got a free Spiderman comic book too. It's almost like they paid me to go see the movie.
  6. All four! I collect for all of them but PS2 is the favorite. I feed that one the most out of those 4.
  7. Sounds like I'm in the same boat as the others above. Don't have any of the current system but really want the Wii. I do want the XBOX 360 so I can download Guitar Hero songs. PS3 currently doesn't have any games that really make me want/have to buy one.
  8. For me I could not choose just one. The whole series has had some great installments. The original was great although the graphics don't compare to what they can do today. The story lines have been great on 7 thru 12. New characters, new weapons and some of the greatest new spells and abilities. Keep 'em comin'. I love them all.
  9. I had to base this on what was actually a DK game. The original Donkey Kong was really more about Mario jumping around. And 2 was his son doing all the work to release DK from Mario's cage. Even in 3 he was not the main character but the receiver of pesticide blasts in his nether region. Who thought of that game? In DK Country he really got to shine and do all the ape things he was born to do. To me, the first REAL Donkey Kong game.
  10. Man did I love Super Mario World in all of it's Super Nintendo splendor. Such and upgrade from the original. As far as Lost Levels.... I don't think I ever made it out of the first level. An expendiential difficulty leap. Doing battles in the original Mario Kart. Gotta love red shells. So many great Mario memories. Thanks Nintendo. Now if only I could erase the live action movie Mario from my brain I think I could give up therapy.
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  12. Couldn't pick just one. To this date still one of the best series for puzzle solving adventures. The first two were so visually stunning. I was (and still am) amazed at the giant 3D environment that was created. Some memorable moments for me would be the high dive. You find Lara at what seems to be 50 stories high on a room. The only way to exit is to jump and dive off the end into one square foot of water in the tiled floor. Good times.
  13. If it weren't for the arcade original there would be no other versions so I have to go with that one. I did love the Jag version as so many others obviously do. The power-ups were great although I never did understand the "surreal jump thru the hoops bonus stage thing." I picked the original because of the impact it had on me and my fellow gamers in the arcade when it came out. Another quarter muncher. Arcades ,back in the day when Tempest came out, were filled with great original games. Most arcades today lack versatility. Tempest was one game in a long line of games destine to go down in the game players books as a true classic.
  14. This was a tough choice. Code Veronica was great but I still have to go with R.E. 4 for PS2. Very visual and extremely interactive. When you light the wooden pull cart on fire and then send it down the hill crushing a mob of angry zombies in it's path. Or jumping from mine car to mine car in an attempt to evade the evil minions who jump into the moving train from platforms above. How about opening a trap door and having a giant bad guy, hell bent on killing you, fall into a pit of liquid hot magma. Did I forget to mention, "They (the zombies) carry weapons!" Finally the monster fight back with more than just moans and teeth.
  15. As much as I did love the first Atari 2600 Pitfall, when Activision put out number 2 I really thought they had out did themselves. The game was huge and although the character Pitfall Harry was the same, the fairly non-linear gameplay was a gigantic advancement from the first. Having to take leaps of faith off of cliffs in the hopes of finding the entrance to the next part of the cave. Falling in water and swimming to safety. Let's face it. One of the best games in the history of the 2600.
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