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  1. Kaboom was cool. I was a big fan of Pacman and Asteroids and Missile Command -- I basically starting playing "video" games in the arcades back in the 70s so when Atari came out with home versions of the classics, those are the ones I bought and played.
  2. Hello all. Look, I've know Robsterman for years and he's quite a character. I'm not here to defend him although a lot of you don't seem to understand his harmless sense of humor. Tempest, you and others can certainly ban Rob if you so desire, but I think silencing him is just plain wrong. The whole point of these message boards is to create a community and spark conversations and discussions. That also sometimes means debating differences of opinion. I've disagreed with Rob many times over the years, but I've never tried to ban him or censor him. It's easy to put duct tape over someone's mouth when we don't like what they're saying, but it's not so easy all the time to counter what they're saying through our own thoughts and ideas. But sometimes, things that aren't so easy are still more noble and the right thing to do. Anyway, do what you have to do. But by banning him you just might be making a martyr out of the Robsterman. Unban the Robsterman. Peace out, and happy gaming everyone. It's all in fun. Those who think otherwise are taking this way too seriously, IMHO. Check out some of the other posts on Retrogaming Roundtable and tell me honestly if Robsterman deserved to be silenced for expressing his opinions. [ 05-11-2001: Message edited by: Kikstad ]
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