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  1. First of all, congratulations for the whole PlusCart and services effort. Unique and wonderful. I started messing with it during the weekend and concentrated a bit on Beamrider. Out of my 10+ highscores, only 3 uploaded. I did a Right+Reset for some and for others I kept the 2600 on for some minutes after the score. What could I check on my side? Thank you very much
  2. I have been enjoying these images for years in my MyIDE and 800XL. I would like to request some help on the following question: What is the easiest way to create another partition with the fresh A8 games (which are a lot and superb!!) I have downloaded and append them in the existing image? Thank you!
  3. You shall not pass! hahahahahaha (Monty Pythons rule big time) Nowdays the CRC machines (I think that is what they are called) make these constructions easy (and cheap). I do not like screewdrivers, saws and drills (OK it may take away the pleasure of building it by yourself...) My approach was to use cardboard boxes to test the ergonomics (I used a lot of them until I settle!). Once I settled to a design, I created it inside AutoCAD*. I saved the file in a USB stick and took it to a company that has these laser machines that cut and fold metal...and believe me...the metal, the cutting, the folding and the paint cost me less than ordering wooden parts! (Wood is not very cheap here anyway). I have fitted a zeroDelay pcb and play in my PC. I have build another one (painted blue and put a vinyl sticker) and fitted an XBOX1 pcb to use it in my XBOX emulators. I am building a third to use with my Spectrum/Amiga. *AutoCAD alone can make the design left-handed by a mouse click! (it can symmetrically relocate the holes in the two axis)
  4. With a help of a guy we designed a steel case in AutoCAD (after noumerous test with paper box to find the proper sizes,distances, ergonomics ). It consists of two parts that come together with just for four screws. Once finished, I took the file into a company that cuts steel and had it ready in 5 minutes. I prefer steel to wood because it is robust, has the correct weight and you can build an arcade stick of less height, so more relaxing while playing. I have painted it with electrostatic paint and fitted with anti-slip pads. Since the holes are of universal standard I can put whatever buttons I want and also most Seimitsu and Zippyy sticks fit. Two pics
  5. Unfortunately the VCR trick did not work...agrrr
  6. Not a bad idea!I will start looking Thanx!
  7. Hi, one friend of minw send me a 2600 vinyl 4 switch from USA (I live in Greece PAL) I switched the console on and connected the RF but the display is black & white. My TV is a 4:3 CRT Sony ~8 years old Is anything I can do? Thanx in advance
  8. Sorry if I am out of topic,but when are the new Krokocarts going to be ready for purchase and what will their pricetag be? Thanx in advance (sorry,my English are poor)
  9. I do not know what PAL standard is being used in Australia. From my experience,I have a PAL I (UK) console on my PAL B (Greece) TV and I had no sound (well,until the nice guys here told me a trick to re-adjust the sound transmit freq)
  10. Alex u were absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!! thank u all guys!!
  11. It has no screw or any other turnable object http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/2668/2600jrmb3jl7.jpg I tried to turn it but it does not...
  12. nothing there (I think) http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/2091/2600jrmb2tj9.jpg
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