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  1. Magnificent! Thank you, Dutchman. Next step... box and manual...
  2. Sold him two 2600 company sets and the transaction could not have been more pleasant. Classy communication and prompt payment. A fine member of our community!
  3. ...and it was released in 1982 by Warner Bros., another indicator of a possible Atari connection. We'll figure this out yet...
  4. Didn't Fox have the license, and couldn't it be that licensing issues may have led to name changes? Examples: Bank Heist was originally called Bonnie and Clyde, then Roaring Twenties. Crash Dive was originally called Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Since we're speculating anyway, let's assume anything is possible.
  5. Great stuff, Tempest! Nicely done, as usual. Thanks for sharing the ROM, Dutchman! My two cents: Sounds like Firefox. If it had the capability to fire missiles from the back of the jet, that would likely be the proof. Alas, we are left only to speculate... again.
  6. Listed for sale here are 86 Atari 2600 cartridge and manual sets separated by company, of which there are 13 represented. Unless otherwise noted*, all carts are: - in complete company sets - mint condition - NTSC - included with original manuals and inserts (no catalogs) Hi-res scans or photos will be provided if requested. Asking prices are based on the midpoint between what I paid back in the day and current VGPC.com sales listings, where available. I encourage all interested parties to do their own research, but I think you'll find these prices to be bargains. Prices DO NOT include shipping, but Priority Mail shipping will be free to US buyers who purchase 2 or more sets. International buyers please PM do discuss shipping options. Please PM questions, comments, offers to buy... American Videogame - 1 game - $19---> SOLD Bit Corp Re-release (*All PAL) - 7 games - $75 *Set incomplete - does not include Dancing Plates, Space Tunnel. *Quelle Phantompanzer cart was in Bit Phantom Tank box when I bought it in 2001; manual is a copy. Bomb (*All PAL) - 2 games - $130---> SOLD *Price is MY COST from 2001. No auction data available. *Set incomplete - does not include Assault, Great Escape. *Z-Tack label is faded. *Included manuals are in German and French only. Data Age - 8 games - $78 First Star - 1 game - $87 > SOLD *Cart is standard, NOT Xonox style. FOX - 17 games - $200 *7 of the 17 carts have altered labels. Back in the mid-'80's, when nobody cared, I resented Fox for not putting the title of every game on the end label. After all, who doesn't store their carts end-label out?! So I sliced them and swapped the titles on the fronts with the copyright info on the ends of the following titles: *Bank Heist *Crypts of Chaos *Earth Dies Screaming *Flash Gordon *M*A*S*H *Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes *SpaceMaster X-7 I suppose a buyer, if any, could swap them back, but they can never again be considered mint. Nevertheless, the asking price is $169 less than current VGPC pricing. Is that not worth some less-than-pristine labels? Froggo - 6 games - $74 Konami - 3 games - $52 M Network - 17 games - $150 Salu Exclusives (*All PAL) - 3 games (plus 1) - $70 *My Golf is a HES exclusive but is included here simply because this is the version I acquired. Sancho (*All PAL) - 6 games - $120 *Exocet label is worn. *No manuals for Dice Puzzle (it was on the box), Exocet, or Nightmare, but I can provide copies of the Panda equivalents. Sears Exclusives - 3 games - $44----- > SOLD U S Games - 14 games - $123 *The following 4 carts are beveled-style: Entombed, Picnic, Piece 'O Cake, Raft Rider.
  7. For the manual, I would suggest you include, on the inside of the back page, your own story about your involvement in the development of the game and whatever other history you can remember about the company during those years. Give yourself some credit! It gives us Classic Game Enthusiasts a more personal feel for the game which was sadly lacking back in the day. Consider it a chance to further connect with a community that values very highly those who reach out to us from the past.
  8. All Alien Greed materials can be found here: http://www.atari2600land.com/aliengreed/ I think ShyOne made that and... I... MUST... HAVE... IT!!! Toymailman, would you be able and willing to reproduce it? If you produce this box, Brian, I will buy it! I have Lady Bug (it's SO well done), but I will buy the other four if you produce them!
  9. As a long-time Subscriber, I heartily encourage users of this Forum to take to heart Albert's suggestion to subscribe. It is not unreasonably expensive, in my opinion, and doing so provides perks like discounts on items purchased in the AtariAge Store. Also, even with the changes from this upgrade, this site is STILL the cleanest and easiest to use of any forums I've read and contributed to. It is rare that ANY site does not include ads, and doing so would muddle this friendly, community-based environment. So please, consider subscribing and help prevent Albert from HAVING to include ads just to keep the site up and running. AtariAge is the remarkable hub of a great community! (Yes, Al is a friend. No, he didn't ask me to post this. Just needed saying.)
  10. RIP, Pat. Died way too young. Thanks for the info!
  11. A bump of this vexing topic, plus CHECK THESE OUT: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apollo-Pompeii-Cartridge-Box-Sticker-Original-1982-for-Atari-VCS-/392303597158?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apollo-Kyphus-Cartridge-Box-Sticker-Original-1982-for-Atari-VCS-/401774537203?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true Anyone know who won the bid on both?
  12. Just to weigh in, my last correspondence with the "V Development Team" was in February of 2015, and it stated the game was NOT canceled, that a major member of the team had withdrawn, and that "the game is moving forward with a few minor changes and (we're) doing a complete audit on deposits, full payments, etc before the game is finally released to make sure it all adds up." To their credit, I did eventually get a refund of my 2013 PRGE purchase price - in a roundabout way. Not sure this will work, but the email used was... [email protected] ...in case anyone wants to take a whack at an up-to-date update. Please post any news here.
  13. It was a half-serious half-kidding suggestion, but thanks for the response. Your and Omega's contributions are inestimable, and I know I speak for the community when I say to both of you PLEASE keep up the good work!
  14. Thomas, I'd love to see CloneSpy produce graphical output that resembles Omega's flowchart. Just a thought.
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