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  1. I like it, Thomas! Another idea, 3D print the thing with an Atari logo in her hand.
  2. The community’s happiness for your contribution and recognition is most genuine. Nicely done, Andrew. And thanks!
  3. Nice find, Tempest! Here's another... ...and if anyone would like to see a revisionist Atari Brand version of the box, you can view it and the other Sears exclusives in Marc Oberhauser's blog here:
  4. Correction: THREE Sears exclusives including Submarine Commander.
  5. Here’s a suggestion, though implementation might exceed 2K: When the scissors cut the hair, the whole thing disappears rather than from the location of the cut. What’s needed is an additional tool that can be earned after achieving a certain arbitrary score. At that point, scissors would be replaced by tweezers which would indeed PLUCK the entire hair (ouch). The “demon” would need to be faster to make the game more challenging once the tweezers are acquired.
  6. bfstats


    First one, but I suspect there needs to be a little more space between the two words so it doesn’t look like BITCHES with an extra S. Reminds me of a ‘70’s computer manual.
  7. Bought a set of Atari 2600 books from this gentleman. Shipped promptly, well-packaged, great communication. VERY pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended AA seller!
  8. Bought two CX40 joysticks from masschamber. Promptly shipped, but one had a bad fire button. He replaced the necessary part at his expense. A gentleman and a scholar who stands by what he sells. HIGHLY recommended!
  9. What a pleasure! Bought two items from me as Christmas presents for her husband, fellow AA member JeremiahJT. Communication was great, payment was prompt, and follow-ups were a treat. And we should ALL be encouraged when we encounter an understanding significant other who buys us games, amiright?! I heartily recommend doing business with these good people.
  10. Nah, I’m good. Good Luck with your sale. To TrekMD, thanks for the info.
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