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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203517668059?hash=item2f62992adb:g:xUoAAOSwQE9g5gp0 Mine. Ends next Saturday, the 17th at noon EDT.
  2. Not mine. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/123623470?fbclid=IwAR04itn07pjVGKKF3OhGw3TlLY1QD6gLubx-in0fbxVlfxnHgxSoy5_FKVU
  3. I usually pick a number that is exactly between the price I originally paid for it and the going rate. That way the buyer’s discount is equal to my profit. Couldn’t be more fair, in my opinion.
  4. It works on Harmony Encore with the latest BIOS. Plays quite nicely!
  5. I ordered #320 on 3/14, and received the download copy but have NOT received the physical copy or a shipping notice yet. It seems safe to assume that serial numbers are not a reliable indicator of sales.
  6. In case anyone else has this issue, I found the answer. Upon creation of the account, if you SUBMIT with a password containing special characters, the server will not accept the submission. When I re-submitted with a simple all-lower-case, letters-only password, the account was created. Then I went back to the Login screen and clicked Forgot Password and an automated email was sent with a temporary password. Clicking on THAT link took me back to the Audacity site with the temp pre-keyed, and it forced me to create a new password. At that point I was able to key as complex a password as I wanted, and it was accepted. Hope this helps, and HAPPY BUYING!
  7. Audacity Games "server error" appears when submitting creds to create account. Anyone else have that issue?
  8. Audacity Games "server error" appears when submitting creds to create account. Anyone else have that issue?

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    2. jgkspsx


      I used a special character in mine. Maybe I broke their server 😜

    3. GoldLeader


      ^ So You're the guy!

    4. ZeroPage Homebrew
  9. I like it, Thomas! Another idea, 3D print the thing with an Atari logo in her hand.
  10. The community’s happiness for your contribution and recognition is most genuine. Nicely done, Andrew. And thanks!
  11. Nice find, Tempest! Here's another... ...and if anyone would like to see a revisionist Atari Brand version of the box, you can view it and the other Sears exclusives in Marc Oberhauser's blog here:
  12. Correction: THREE Sears exclusives including Submarine Commander.
  13. Here’s a suggestion, though implementation might exceed 2K: When the scissors cut the hair, the whole thing disappears rather than from the location of the cut. What’s needed is an additional tool that can be earned after achieving a certain arbitrary score. At that point, scissors would be replaced by tweezers which would indeed PLUCK the entire hair (ouch). The “demon” would need to be faster to make the game more challenging once the tweezers are acquired.
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