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  1. From the “Atari Compendium”: http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/unreleased/unreleased.html#circuscharlie …a quote from Philip Orbanes, who was the Senior VP for Research & Development at Parker Brothers at the time: “…we laid off 95% of our formerly booming electronics R&D staff. During this process, Circus Charlie was canceled and no one had the prescience, or will, to archive unfinished work."
  2. I definitely want a copy of the first Zarkstars and have already emailed about it, but figure it wouldn’t hurt to say it again here. Thank you for making a second batch!
  3. Anytime a previous "vaporware" title makes an appearance, it is extraordinary. Thanks to the copyright holders and to you, Tempest, for evaluating and posting. Great stuff!
  4. Definitely in for a CIB, and I’m certain it will be worth the wait!
  5. Agree with Al. The font on the end label of Gauntlet in this listing does not match the font on the front label of the REAL cartridge. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-gauntlet_11840.html Using Malagai as a reference, fonts should match on both labels.
  6. To rubikz: Trust Brian (Arenafoot) on this. I have an AFP and his ROM set. Great stuff!
  7. Glowing feedback for stupus! What a great discovery to find this Gentleman amongst our Classic Gaming ranks. While it is awesome to buy and sell in this community, it is meeting its members that I find most fulfilling, and here we have a fine example who contributes just by being himself. To anyone who chooses to conduct commerce with him, feel confident in doing so. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for a pleasant transaction, Sir, and I look forward to any and all communication with you in the future!
  8. Gentlemen, I regret to inform that a motivated buyer swooped in and bought the complete set. However, all is not lost because he will be re-posting some of the set on this forum with good intentions to those of you who expressed interest. Please continue to monitor this forum, and THANK YOU for your kind communications!
  9. Please see above regarding splitting up the set, and thank you both for expressing interest.
  10. Not asking for anything yet. This is just an interest feeler. I prefer to sell the lot, and that’s how they will appear on eBay if it comes to that. The only way I would split them up is if every box is spoken for. Please stay tuned, and thanks for your interest.
  11. As the title suggests, I'm looking to sell the 8 original Panda boxes, acquired in December of 1984, IF IF IF I can get enough for them. Listing them for sale HERE will depend on response to this thread (if any), otherwise eBay it is. All are in nice shape except for Space Canyon which I HAD to modify. It can be restored to its original condition, I suppose. (Was anyone else miffed that Panda couldn't bother to put the title on the front of the box?). I had cut the title off the bottom flap and glued it to the front. Hey, it was the '80s, nobody cared. The carts and instructions were sold 10 years ago. The boxes were flattened for scanning purposes and will be shipped this way if/when sold. The built-in inserts have held up nicely making them sturdier than Atari brand boxes when un-flattened. Behold... Please post here or PM any thoughts or questions. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info! Never knew this machine existed.
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