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  1. To Tavi and anyone monitoring this thread, here is a photo of the "VCS on a chip" taken directly from a rare 2600 Junior (not mine). As you can see, this is a 64-pin chip. The one in the TV-Boy is 48-pin.
  2. Not derailing at all, Tavi. I am intrigued by your question. Worth further research...
  3. Here is the board of my NICS Electronics TV-Boy, recently acquired, and works perfectly: I bought it because, to my knowledge, it has never been dumped. I have a suspicion that some of the ROMs in the chip are, perhaps, uniquely modified NTSC versions of PAL binaries. So, I'm anxious to run its contents through CloneSpy. Inquiries with the gentleman who had a similar challenge... you can read about his console dumps here: ...solved his problem with the help of a friend in Slovakia. Cool! But I was hoping to ship it to someone in the US (MUCH less costly) who has the necessary equipment and soldering skill. Here is what he told me needs to be done in order to fulfill my objective: "The ROM could be that DIL32 signed as NS-31(N) TV-BOY(127G). It could be a classic 512KB (4Mbit) mask ROM, so it should be de-soldered, inserted to a programmer with 27C040 support and dumped, then re-soldered onto the board." So, anyone monitoring this Forum live closer to Maryland than Slovakia, have the ability to solder, have the equipment mentioned above and the ability to use it, AND have the inclination to take this on and return the TV-Boy to me in full working order along with the dumped file? Not asking much, am I?! I will pay for shipping in both directions, of course, and compensation can be discussed. I'm prepared to ship it to Slovakia if necessary, but am hoping to find a local solution to save on the overall cost. The separated binaries will be shared with the community if any are previously undiscovered. Please advise...
  4. SO well said! Thanks, Rick. Update: As of early 2020 no crash has occurred, homebrews are plentiful, and every year there are GREAT (especially in the AtariAge Store) and TERRIBLE (as with EVERY year going back to 1977) new games regardless of programming languages. As members of the community, let's continue to encourage all who have any inclination to make games. Even if their initial releases leave something to be desired, a START may lead to a CONTINUATION which will PERPETUATE the hobby and BENEFIT everyone. So there. Oh, and boxes ROCK!
  5. Nice, and I agree but... Need a box, Dude.
  6. Thanks! Arenafoot, that is one IMPRESSIVE spreadsheet! Much respect.
  7. Yet another extraordinary and UNIQUE contribution from Omegamatrix!
  8. Bump! Anyone able and willing to post a more up-to-date Homebrew ROM pack? I'm looking specifically for the finished Titan Axe ROM.
  9. Bought a sizable lot from me, and was a genuine pleasure to talk to and to do business with. Great communicator, prompt payment, thorough follow-ups. Highly recommended!
  10. I was about to write you to ask but figured you’re busy. Looking forward to your assessment.
  11. Per Joe Santulli, who quoted CommaVid founder Dr. J.M. Bronstein to me, 20 copies of Video Life were made.
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