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  1. it isn't dangerous. i did it with a very small wrench. if it is metal wrench is not a matter put that in the red tall thing(you have to open the atari) and turn clockwise gently(don't force it) until you can listen sounds. it's easy. the atari must turned on with a cartridge in p.s. thanks to A.J. Franzman and Mitch
  2. it works!!!!!!!!!!!! tnx very much
  3. hi, i'm italian and i have an atari 2600 pal-i standard but my television is pal- bg. the video it's ok but there is not sound (the atari is not broken beacause i try them on a multi standard tv and works ok). does anyone know how to operate the atari with a pal-bg television? without the sounds i lose the best of atari, pls help me. tnx
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