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  1. Agreed. Hopefully something will unlock the situation. Here’s hoping it will be possible to reach that person at some point. also, beyond that we are still on the lookout for the pen-701 game cart (secret garden I believe?) and the coleco converter. Should anyone care to step up with those it would be much appreciated.
  2. Thank you awhite, i will respond to you by PM.
  3. Hello to all: i was wondering if we could find some volunteers here owning a supercard pro or kryoflux drive to test images of crown of creation 3D for falcon. this game is infamous for it’s protection systems that kicks in around mission 7 if the disks aren’t recognised as originals. as such, the idea would be to test the obtained images by going far into the game in order to see whether the disks are properly images and preserved. The thread at Atari forum is here: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=28256 thank you for your interest.
  4. Hello to all, i was wondering if out of curiosity anyone was following the software items held by the pc museum in Canada following the sad events that resulted in the museum closing down. I think there were a few mentions in the boards at some point. I would particularly be interested in looking at a rare hanimex pencil 2 cart called big foot chase which I haven’t seen before (it even looks curious, almost pre-release, for a commercial cart). As such should the cart have a potential new owner, i’d Like to propose a non destructive way to dump the cart in order to add to the MESS lists. The method has been previously used on another game called treasure diver and has worked flawlessly (that game being the first pencil 2 exclusive supported by MESS). Should anyone care to contribute additional hardware like the coleco converter or the other cart game « secret garden » we would also be interested. Pcmuseum big foot chase cart: https://pcmuseum.ca/collections.asp?type=Software&group=Pencil II MESS pencil 2 thread with diver game in action: https://forums.bannister.org/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=114969&page=1 Best
  5. Hmm this could be interesting: i know of someone who has coc who's in germany. I'll contact him to see what he has to say... Many thanks.
  6. Anyone? Otherwise might someone here be willing to lend his coc copy to some kryoflux board people?
  7. Anyone? Otherwise might someone here be willing to lend his coc copy to some kryoflux board people?
  8. Anyone? Otherwise might someone here be willing to lend his coc copy to some kryoflux board people?
  9. Let's already start by who has a drive... Maybe protos?
  10. Would be nice to try kryo imaging then. Perhaps the no intro people could then look at the images...
  11. Even through kryoflux? Why is that? Normally the disk should be cloned to the last bit and the protections should not trigger even if replicated. At least that's the opinion of the no-intro folks.
  12. In what way does the dsp protection interfers with disk imaging? I only thought that cracking it was taking a long time...
  13. Hello to all! After recently having made searches on this baby and having seen that no correct dump exist for it, I was wondering if a charitable person might have a kryoflux drive so we could try to properly image crown of creation for falcon? I've also got someone working on manual and package scans. This could help the title being preserved and runnable under emulators like hatari. any thoughts anyone? Best regards. mikael.
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