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  1. I've been to the last two PhillyClassics, and while in my opinion VgXpo was a little dissapointing, I think it's only up from here. Some random comments: - It seems there weren't a lot of smaller vendors as there were in PC past, more guys looking to make a brute force profit instead, like the GameCrazy table selling Dreamcast games no box no instructions for some crazy (pun intended) prices. Some guy over there tried to sell me Ready 2 Rumble in this condition for $12! - Not nearly as many good giveaways. - Not enough "gaming stations" and too many people playing them. Personally, I'm all for charging an admission fee next year, even $5, if it means more giveaways and things like that. It would also keep the worse sections of the crowds down (like the kids that probably didn't buy anything and sat on the consoles all day), and you might even be able to lower prices for the vendors, which might encourage the ones that jumped ship to come back.
  2. Just wondering what everybody's record is for highest level reached in QB...I reached 20 yesterday. =)
  3. Got a new power supply...and it works perfectly! Thanks!
  4. Heya folks...got my 2600, but games are coming up discolored (example, the greens in Keystone Kapers/Pitfall are coming up this odd brown). I noticed two things. 1.While the power supply I'm using is 9 volts, it's only 100ma. I can't remember how many ma is idea for the 2600...perhaps it's not being fed enough power? 2.Wiggling the end of the wire near the part that plugs into the 2600 does odd things (resets the game, numbers flash like they're running out of time in Keystone, etc.). Perhaps the power supply is just plain bad? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I'll second the Hot Topic suggestion, if you have one by you...the one by me has had numerous video game-related shirts, Atari included.
  6. TxdoHawk

    Hello! :>

    Thanks for the welcome guys, now I just hope the odd trading list I posted doesn't disturb the regulars too much. ^^; Ahh, to be poor and in college...=p
  7. Well, due to a helpful reply, I've decided to give this a shot. Would anybody on here be willing to sell/trade me an atari 2600? I don't need extra cables, or joysticks, etc. I have all that...I just need a replacement system that works, any model will do, although I'd really like a 4-switch faux woodgrain model of some sort. Unfortunately, I really don't have games to trade for one...none of my 2600 games are even close to rare. Therefore, since I have about $15 to my name right now, I offer the following odd objects as trade material... 1)A copy of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest for the SNES (just the cart, but it works AFAIK) 2)Numerous NES carts(Tengen Ms. Pac Man, Pinball, Ice Hockey, TMNT2: The Arcade Game, Wild Gunman, Marble Madness, Tetris [Official Nintendo licensed, NOT Tengen], Mario Bros. [Original arcade Mario Bros., NOT SMB], Dr. Mario, SMB3) (All should work, but may need a little cleaning, none have boxes/instructions/sleeves) 3)10 songs of your choice burnt onto a CD-R (Easy for me to do, as long as they're not incredibly rare, I can find 'em. :>) 4)Odd misc. items (Numerous dice of all kinds, Magic: The gathering commons, 64 (or mabye 128?) MB of DIMM memory, a mini, extremely small-print version of the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide book, a hand puppet of a dog.) As far as shipping goes for trading stuff, I'll pay shipping costs of what I send, if you pay shipping for the Atari. Just so you know shipping-wise, I live in New Jersey. Oh, and I'll ship first, since it seems you guys are a trustful bunch. Anyone interested, can e-mail me an offer at [email protected] Thanks again guys...I know the trade list isn't exactly standard, but hey, a college kid's gotta do what a college kid's gotta do. :>
  8. TxdoHawk

    Hello! :>

    Been lurking around these 2600 boards for awhile, so I thought I'd take the time to register and de-lurk with a quick intro post. Recieved my 2600 jr. at the age of 8, 11 years ago...finally conked out a few months ago, leaving me Atari-less. Emulators help, a bit, but seeing all those games, and the Command Control joystick, and the paddle controllers, all neglected... Heck, I still have a working AC adaptor and RF switch, but alas, the unit itself is toast. Garage sales have had nothing in the way of video games lately, and prices are getting more and more ridiculous on Ebay, as you all have pointed out. I'm thinking of trying Funcoland to see if they've got any spare systems lying around, but I've been told that they can get into price-gouging too. Anybody have any other suggestions for this (relatively poor college student and) 2600 fan? :>
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