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  1. I tried to do a mod like this quite a few years ago. I have worked with electronics and soldering casually for almost 30 years - so the mod should have been simple. Somehow I managed to fry something in the Jr and the sound no longer works. I checked and rechecked my work and could not find any bridged connections or other errors. I managed to pick up a Jr in the wild just last week. I hesitate to try the mod again.... Be careful.
  2. Start with a new blank casette tape. Use a cheap standard casette. Metal or chrome tapes will not work. Rewind the tape fully. Press Play, wait about 5 seconds for the tape to advance past the plastic leader tape, press Stop. Pop the tape out and double check that you are past the plastic leader. Type in a simple BASIC program. Perhaps something as simple as: 10 PRINT "TAPE TEST" Now, enter the command SAVE "TEST PROGRAM" Press Return. You will be prompted to press Play & Record on tape. The program should take about 15 to 20 seconds to save. Once the program is saved, rewind the tape. Power the computer off and back on again. Enter the command LOAD Press Return and you will be prompted to press Play on tape. Press play. The program should load within 30 seconds. If the program loads, type LIST to see the BASIC program that you entered. If the program fails to load after 30 seconds then you most likely have a faulty tape drive or faulty components in the VIC itself. You can also try cleaning the tape heads with a head cleaner or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Good Luck!
  3. I don't believe that any of the "light gun" type accessories will work with LCD or Plasma TVs. These accessories used the beam of a CRT tube to determine what the gun was pointing at. Because LCD and Plasma TVs don't use a scanning beam they won't work.
  4. I just ran this on my BlackBerry and it looks good. <pats self on back> First off the spreadsheet looks great! How were you able to run it on a Blackberry? I realize that I can email it to myself, but the Blackberry doesn't have a method to permanently store a spreadsheet. I'd have to pull it in over the air everytime. My BlackBerry is supplied by my employer and has a fairly limited data plan.
  5. No showings outside of the US? I live in Canada. The closest US theatre is almost 2 hours away. It's not worth the drive and border problems just to see a movie, even if the movie is Wargames.
  6. I've been trying to come up with an easy way to do something like this for years. I'm a casual collector and have about 400 carts for various systems. Everything has been obtained in the wild - thrift stores, flea markets, etc. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and refuse to pay eBay prices. I have both a BlackBerry and a jailbroken iPod Touch. I have yet to find a free or low cost solution that will let me combine a rarity list and list of what I own. I want a solution that is truly portable. My BlackBery has a limited data plan so it is not practical to look something up on the web. I also need to know if I own a cart/box/manual/overlays. Has anyone found a method that works?
  7. The original Temple of Apshai game was called Dunjonquest. It was first released for the TRS-80 Model I and then the Commodore PET. I remember playing the PET version in 1980. My school had a bunch of Commodore PETs, the first computers that I ever used. There is a link to a disk image of the PET version in a post at http://landover.no-ip.com/pet/viewtopic.php?id=338.
  8. I did some research and I guess the SG-1000/Mark III is different enough from the SMS that the games are incompatible. The MKIII has an extra sound chip and uses carts with a different pinout. y-bot claims to have never encountered games like this in yellow shells. Could these be pirate carts or something rare?
  9. Hmmm... Thanks for the info. So I wonder if they will work on a North American Sega Master System or Genesis with a Converter.
  10. I picked up two cartridges at a flea market today. I'm located in Canada. The carts are labled in an Asian language. Both carts have the same front label, but the backs and ends are different. As you can see in the pics, the carts are slightly bigger than a 2600 cartridge. The edge connector is wider than a 2600 cart. Does anyone know what system these are for? Thanks.
  11. The CD32 is the Amiga based CD system. I believe that it was only released in Canada and parts of Europe. There was some sort of patent royalty problem that prevented Commodore from selling the system in the US. Some US resellers imported the system from Canada. I live in Canada and picked mine up around the time that Commodore went bankrupt. I was working for a small distributor that specialzed in Amiga hardware and software. We bought out the inventory of a retail store that was dumping all of their Commodore product. I seem to recall that the system only cost me about $150 or so. This was a great deal at the time. Sadly I don't have much software for the CD32. I have a bunch of European magazine CDs, but they are all PAL and don't run correctly on the NTSC unit that I own.
  12. ADAM (2) Amiga Atari 2600 (3+) Atari 7800 Colecovision (2) Commodore 64 (3) Commodore PET (The only owner so far! ) Commodore VIC-20 (3) Game Boy Genesis Intellivision (2) Lynx MacIntosh (2, including the original portable) Nintendo Entertainment System (2) Nintendo 64 Odyssey2 PC (DOS, Windows) (too many to count) PlayStation (2) Sega Master System / Power Base Converter Super Nintento Entertainment System TurboGrafx-16 Wii Xbox CD32 (glad you added this!) I have some Creatavision cartridges, but sadly no system.
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