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  1. New game: - Teid: read the description on TI99IUC page (Teid); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 383. [GAME] Teid (1984)(Luca Brentaro)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  2. ok, what are the lines in which it's checked this? So I can check starting from that portion of the code. Thanks.
  3. Could you elaborate? Is it just a "feeling" or there are evidences? It's impossible to do any debugging with so generic feedbacks! Anyway, the code does not have any float math, any division that can introduce floats, no integers that can exceed the limits of the compiler, the RNDs are already compatible with floats limits. So, the game engine should not have been compromised by the compilation. The main effort on this code was done on the UI to add the appropriate delays for inputs, messages, etc. after the boost of speed added by the compiler.
  4. New games: - Eggs: read the description on TI99IUC page (Eggs); - Strategiko: a checkers like strategy game (Strategiko); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 382. [GAME] Eggs (1983)(Luca Brentaro)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Strategiko (1984)(Luca Brentaro)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  5. The MiSTer MegaPack V3.1 for TI99 is now available to download at TI99IUC site: MiSTer TI99 MegaPack V3.1 Have fun!
  6. @whoami999ster nice game! Just one none: the ememies are white and the windows have the same color, so when they are appearing on windows they aren't clearly visible. You should change the sprite color to grey in such cases. I've also notices some garbage on the top left corner at launch (tested with Classic99 QI399.050) that disappeared after game over.
  7. Yes, the guy that added the disk controller support never owned/used a TI, but we were lucky he was taking care of the MiSTer core for our poor TI99 and in very short time added the disk, the SAMS, the PAL/NTSC switch, larger cart support, etc. And is now looking at the F18A implementation... Moreover, the UI of the core (including disk support) is aligned to the MiSTer framework and has its logic/coherence. So it's better to not criticize, but to suggest and request improvements/additions in the appropriate forum/thread. The involvement in such forum of 99ers is really scarce, so I'm surpised that we still have someone interested in upgrading our TI99 core.
  8. I think you have now solved the problem, anyway it seems that you used an old "boot.rom"/"tiroms.bin" created previously the disk support addition. So the Disk ROM was not added... In the "ReadMe.txt" file in the latest pack I've specified that it now contains console GROM+ROM+SPEECH ROM+DISK ROM. Moreover, I've recreated all the "FULL ROM" images of SSS that are requiring/using the disk. This is indicated in the suffix. E.g. "[PROGR] TI Extended Basic v110 (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3026]_FULL-ROM+DISK+SPEECH.bin" means that you can load it as full image (option C in the MiSTer menu) and has, in addition to GROM+ROM of XB, also the SPEECH and DISK. This to speedup/semplify the use of the core (of course based on my personal experience). In the next pack (I should release it soon) I've added some more detailed instructions on how to load disk with EA, to help in particular those who haven't used/owned a TI99. Of course, if you need help just ask here or on the MiSTer forum in the TI99 thread.
  9. The disk must be SSSD (90K) or DSSD format (180K). I've tried several disks with MiSTer TI99 core without any problem (with EA, MM, XB, etc.). Try to download my MiSTer TI99 MegaPack V3.0 (MiSTer TI99 MegaPack V3) and try again with the disks in it, they'll should all working fine. Probably some of the disks from whtech are PC99 360K disk, so you should read the directory with Disk Manager, but cannot load them correctly.
  10. There was a cracked version on disk available in 80's. I remember to have played it at the time.
  11. It's already included in the directory of the BASIC compiler if you are using the "JUWEL" version.
  12. I agree that is better to focus on games designed for 8bit systems. Stunt Car Racer was a great game to play on 16bit generation machines (Amiga/Atari ST). The 8bit versions were necessarily cut down and published just for milking the cow. Similarly for Test Drive, Outrun and Buggy Boy. In particular, Buggy Boy was fun on Amiga because it was fast. Just look at the video of the Spectrum version: ultra slow. Out Run had a great graphics and it was a fast game on Arcades. The MSX version is slow and with a mediocre graphic. Also the Amiga version was a mediocre conversion. Test Drive hasn't a great gameplay on the 16bit versions and the focus was mainly on graphics/realism. If you look at the C64 version you'll see that is slow and boring.
  13. @Asmusr are you selecting the next game to create? 🙂 For Colecovision there is also PitStop from Epyx to consider.
  14. The SAMS is already supported (I do not remember if 512MB or 1MB, but it's indicated on the github page). And yes, the new feature is the F18A. 🙂 At the moment is an alpha stage, so you cannot play yet the Zaxxon game from @Asmusr, but the developer (it's nick on the MiSTer forum is Flandango, not sure he is on AA) has just started working on it and seems to be very talented and fast in the execution, so I bet we could have a better version in short.
  15. After a few days from the "official version" there is a new alpha TI99 core with a really cool feature in development! I do not want to spoil it, just download and try it... 😄 Link: MiSTer TI99 Core (alpha version)
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