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  1. Yesss, it's working! And the feature is also described in the manual, so too bad to not have read it before asking... 🙂 This is definitely a very cool and useful feature. If you have a FinalGROM, but not a PEB or nanoPEB this will save a lot of time if you want to run a TI BASIC program. The tape is really too slow for 2019... Moreover, now it's possible to run a TI BASIC program also with the TI99 core in MiSTer, that, unfortunately has not (yet?) the disk support. So, Tursi, many thanks for coding this! And what about a similar feature for the XB programs in a future upgrade? 😁 In attachment a test with a real TI BASIC program. I've tested it on MiSTer (after having inverted the cart) and it's working fine. Setting the CPU Turbo to ON in the core is also improving the whole game experience. 🙂 I'll try now to convert Morphy for my friend Ciro. Daddie's_Hot_Rod_9.BIN Daddie's_Hot_Rod_8.BIN
  2. Hi Tursi, I've tested using a simple BASIC program: 1 CALL SCREEN (16) 10 CALL CLEAR 20 CALL SCREEN (3) 30 FOR T=1 TO 100 40 PRINT "A TEST!" 50 NEXT T I've then set the VDP breakpoint: U7=0F I've run the program, that is halting at line 1 and saved a TI BASIC Restore (in attachment), but when I try to run the .bin in Classic99 I've just getting a noise. BASIC LOOP TEST_8.BIN
  3. So I've incidentally selected a tough example to start... good to have provided an interesting challenge for you to have fun with. 🙂 Your twitch streaming it's extremely interesting! I've started looking at it to learn the techniques used and I'll try to apply them to convert other games. Many thanks for sharing, I really appreciated it! I think a similar method could be used to create a patched version of the Adventure module (or the Tunnels of Doom) with a preloaded game, instead of loading from disk/tape. And similarly for TI Basic/TI Extended Basic. I remember to have seen a cartridge file for the V9T9 emulator with the Robopod game. It wasn't compiled, since it was slow as the original game, except for the loading time that was immediate.
  4. I've tried the following with the game "Astiroids" by Bill Bies: - in Classic99 with EA module I've loaded the game (option 3, Load and Run). The game starts automatically when loaded; - at the initial screen, I've selected the Debugger and paused it; - from Make menu in debugger, I've selected the Save memory. For the Save Type I've choosed "GROM Copy" with High RAM from >A000 to >FFFF, inserted a cartridge name and set the start address to >A000. Not set any flag, except for the recommended "Initialize keyboard". Then I've generated a .bin file pressing the Build button. - I've then loaded the .bin file and I can correctly see the cartridge name in the option menu, but when selected it just returns to the initial TI99 screen after few seconds. Looking at the .bin file with and Hex Editor I can see that there are data in the first 8KB (the original file size is approx. that size). So, you suggest to place the >A000 address in the .bin file with an Hex Editor on this dump. At which position of the header exactly? In attachment the file generated in this test. astiroidsG.BIN
  5. This is an interesting observation. Surely if you intend to program for a read only memory it's necessary to avoid such development approach. For the conversion of EA3 files the idea was to use the cartridge just as a storage medium istead of using the disk. The program will be executed using the 32K RAM, as in the modules converted using Tursi's MakeCart or the Module Creator 2 program. The MiSTer core for the TI99 does not (yet?) support the disk, so the only choice to run disk games is to convert to a cart. On my real TI99 I have a 32K memory espansion and a FinalGROM, but not the PEB or a nanoPEB.
  6. I would like to convert some EA files into cart to run them using the FinalGROM on real TI and also on my MiSTer. I know how to convert the EA5 files using Tursi's tool or the Module Creator 2 program, but these tools are not accepting the EA3 format. I've tried to convert them using Classic99, using the debugger option, but without success. Could someone be so kind to provide a step-by-step guide for this conversion process with Classic99 (or MAME/MESS)? Moreover, I've one question for our experts in the forum: is it technically possible to create a SSS image of the Adventure module (or the Tunnels of Doom) that includes also the file of the adventure that is loaded from tape/file? Similarly, is it possible to create a SSS module image of the Extended Basic with a loaded XBasic program? Many thanks.
  7. Your other games Flying Shark, Jey Set Willy, Knight Lore, Sabre Wulf, Sports and Titanium are working fine with TI99Sim, while Road Hunter have a similar problem with some of the collisions. All the titles are working fine in MiSTer (Flying Shark cannot be tested at the moment since its size is bigger of the 192KB max. image supported). I've not tested Bouncy's Obstacle Course, Pyjamarama, Skyway and Fork with TI99Sim, but all are working fine in MiSTer. TI99Sim has problems with collisions only with Miner 2049er, that instead is working fine in latest version of MiSTer, when the author fixed the VDP TMS9918 5th sprite ("5th Sprite value should continually update with current value until it latches."). Not sure if this could be of any help to try to understand the problem. 🙂
  8. The game is not working correctly under Ti99Sim (tested on last version, V015). The ship has a collision problem with the missiles that cannot hit it. The ship instead can crash on the ground. The game is working fine under MESS/MAME and MiSTer TI99 core.
  9. Now available to download at TI99IUC: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=294#.Xbylrm5FyUk Happy Halloween! 🙂
  10. I've found this nice game a couple of weeks ago. I think it deserves an enhanced version with graphics, sounds, joystick support and also a little trick to improve longevity... It's coming in the next hours, ready to be played for Halloween! It will be available in cart format for FinalGROM, MAME/MESS and the MiSTer TI99 core. EA5 and XB+32K formats will be also available. Hope you'll enjoy! A little spoiler...
  11. I have a note that I've written on a very old MESS 0.67 installation, indicating that a blank/formatted disk is needed for the Accounting Assistant to work. So, I was able to run it. However, I've just tried again today with that version, but unsuccessfully. I've also tried the Class Data Recorder and I was able to pass the disk check using a blank disk the first time (I've seen the date insertion page), but after the first attempt I'm always getting the disk error page. I've checked again with Class Data Recorder with MESS version 221 and it seems to work with a blank DSDD disk. Accounting Assistant and Activity Accountant are not working. I'll check again with this version of MESS the other SSS of the SF serie. I do not think there is any disk shipped with Accounting Assistant. It seems that Scott Foresman has only these disks: Part N. 30457 - Blank Disks Part N. 30450 - Course Manager Gr 3 Part N. 30451 - Course Manager Gr 4 Part N. 30452 - Course Manager Gr 5 Part N. 30453 - Course Manager Gr 6 Part N. 30454 - Course Manager Gr 7 Part N. 30455 - Course Manager Gr 8 Part N. 30460 - Demonstration If someone have the original Accounting Assistant could kindly confirm if a disk is included? Many thanks.
  12. Many thanks for the clarification. The .C and .G files in your version and in mine are identical. The layout.xml file, instead, has the <pcb type="standard"> line. Now it's working perfectly.
  13. Ambulance was broken in MESS/MAME after version 0.143. In version 0.188 it's start having problems (garbage on the screen) after the fire button pressure. In v0.212 after the inital screen, when moving in the game. There are also some other SSS that stopped working, at least starting from version 0.188: - Starship Pegasus - Super Fly - Accounting Assistant - Activity Accountant - Amateurfunk 1 - Attendance Recorder - Class Data Recorder - Course Manager - Early Reading - Payroll Assistant - Salary Planner - School Mailer The various Scott Foresman titles need a blank disk inserted, however with version 0.188 they are not working anymore. Moreover, for some version of the MBX games (Sewermania, Space Bandits, Honey Hunt) it seems that only the cracked/converted disk version is working fine, while the SSS version is not working (the same SSS were working fine under old v0.106 or v0.67 versions). Please, let me know if you need MD5 of such SSS and/or additional details. MAME/MESS was and is my preferred TI99 emulator, so I'm happy to help its support.
  14. It looks like a very interesting project! 🙂 I have some questions regarding your project and the BlackIce board. Do you plan to implement also the disk and speech support in order to have a complete TI99 system in FPGA? The second question is related to the board used for the implementation. What's the main reasons for the choice? What are the advantage over other more common solutions used for retrocomputing? In particular, I'm referring to the use of a De10-Nano of the MiSTer project. You'll be probably aware that your EP994A code was converted for MiSTer and is running quite fine, although the implementation is missing disk and speech support. So, why not starting from that point to implement a more complete FPGA solution for our TI99? At the end of the project the BlackIce board will permit to run a TI99 FPGA solution in a standalone manner, similar to MiSTer/Mist? Or it will require to be always connected to a PC to be operable (e.g. to load a new SSS module, etc.)? I think that a lot of TI fans are expecting a implementation of our TI99 in FPGA, similar to those available for other systems like the C64 for completeness and robustness. It's the "orphan" syndrome since 1983.. 🙂 Many thanks for your work and support to the TI community and please keep us updated with the progresses! 🙂
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