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  1. Some other games: - R-Bert: a nice Q+Bert clone; - Gomoku: a classic board game, with now a really fast response when the computer is moving; - Gomoku III: a variant of the Gomuku with selectable board size; - Black Jack: nice Casinò game; - Moon Survival: a text adventure. We have now reached #81 compiled games! 🙂 [GAME] R-Bert (1984)(Dave and David Reed)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] GoMoKu (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] GoMoKu III (1980)(Jon Burt)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Black Jack (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Moon Survival (198x)(Gene Hitz)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.1.2.xlsx
  2. Use this page https://github.com/GHPS/pyTIrom for initial help on the script to create system rom and carts. The instructions on the TI99 repository are related to Erik's code used for MiSTer version. Anyway, I've already done all the conversion work and it's available on the link in the previous post.
  3. For the TI99 core on MiSTer you can read my article on the TI99IUC site (it's in Italian...), updated to the latest core with Speech support. At the end of the article there is my MEGA Pack with all the needed TI99 stuff (all tested and working). There is a readme.txt file in English inside the .zip file. If you have additional questions just ask. 🙂 The article link is: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=articoli_tech&artid=194#.X4_UlpJxeUk Note that recently the TI99 core was ported from MiSTer to MIST/Mistica and SIDE FPGAs if someone has one of them.
  4. Two additional compiled games: - Hobbit: a text adventure; - Gauntlet Of Death: a maze game. Have fun! 🙂 [GAME] Hobbit (198x)(Unkbown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Gauntlet Of Death (2010)(Joe Morris)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.1.1.xlsx
  5. It is the original code in this game that is checking the position and if it's 0,0 spawns the special enemy. Since the same code was working differently in XB and after compilation, I checked and found this. A curious thing is that in the compiled code the sprite is invisible, but can respond to COINC commmand. Tested with Classic 99. I fixed the check on the 0,0 values with 194,1 and the compiled code was working.
  6. 3 updates for: Slinky, Skeeters and Robotron 2020. [GAME] Slinky V1.1 (1983)(Cosmi - Richard Harrison)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Skeeters V1.1 (1984)(Arcade Action Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Robotron 2020 V1.1 (aka Killer Robot) (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.1.0.xlsx
  7. @senior_falcon When I've compiled Robotron 2020 I was experiencing a bug in the compiled version. I've found that the code is using the CALL POSITION with a sprite that was not created yet on the screen and the X, Y variables in this case have a different value in XB and in a compiled code. Try this two lines to check the problem: 10 CALL POSITION(#1,X,Y,#2,OX,OY) 20 PRINT X,Y,OX,OY X,Y,OX,OY are all 0 in XB, but 194,1 in the compiled code.
  8. The weekend is ended, but here there are some new compiled games to start the new week! 🙂 - Dedalo 3D. A nice maze game, better than the German version; - Dragon Combat. A platform game; - Escape from Wizard's Keep. An RPG maze game; - Grand Prix. Racing game; - Othello. For 2 players or vs the computer. It was requested in this thread. It's the only one I have that has the vs the computer feature; - Robotron 2020 (aka Killer Robot). A Robotron/Berzerk style game. Terribly slow if not compiled! Have fun! [GAME] Dedalo 3D (1984)(Bianchi Roberto - Papersoft 8)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Dragon Combat (198x)(Paul Akers)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Escape from Wizard's Keep (1983)(Jack Kitchens - 99er 10-1983)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Grand Prix (198x)(Squintani Marco)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Othello (1980)(J. Crawford)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Robotron 2020 (aka Killer Robot) (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.0.9.xlsx
  9. ok, so we have now the Skier 99 compiled! Fast enough to be challenging. [GAME] Skier 99 (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.0.8.xlsx
  10. Not yet released, but I've already compiled it. I'm not satisfied with a couple of things that I have to fix. It's coming soon. It should be the last one from Trueman.
  11. I'm ageing... I was sure to have checked for such PRINTs 🙂 Many thanks for the help! I'm preparing the compiled version...
  12. So, I've found another game in the 0.1% percent... 🙂 It's Skier 99 (in attachment). It works fine in TI BASIC, but not in RXB and of course also after the compilation. It simply does not update the screen with the updated graphics, but only draws the bottom line. I was not able the find what is the offending code, so help is welcome! 🙂 SKI99.dsk
  13. Some *new compiled games* : - Hang Over - Splodge - Evasion - Kaptain Krunch and the Munchkins - Fraggles - Clones - Closeout - Rescue - Skeeters - Journey Through The Galaxy I also added some fields to the Excel games list. Have fun! 🙂 [GAME] Clones (198x)(John P. Lukomski)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Closeout (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Evasion (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Fraggles (1984)(H. Frielinghaus)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Hang Over (198x)(Sceptre Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Journey Through The Galaxy (198x)(Tigercub)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Kaptain Krunch (1982)(Action Arcade Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Rescue (1984)(Carlo Rosa)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Skeeters (1984)(Arcade Action Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Splodge (1984)(Stainless Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.0.7.xlsx
  14. You are in the list, an email will be sent soon. 🙂
  15. You are in the list, an email will be sent soon. 🙂
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