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  1. *** Game #200 ** - Mine Maze. Strategy game: drill the rocks in the mine to save the blocked miner. Added joystick support. Next steps: move to 250 compiled games... 🙂 [GAME] Mine Maze (198x)(D.H. Slinn)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.4.3.xlsx
  2. Game #199: - Dam Riader. Destroy the tower with your airplane. Added joystick support (Up to climb, Down to drop bombs). [GAME] Dam Riader (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP]_8.zip
  3. It could be interesting to have a compiled version of Morphy (its ancestor, "Grog Maze", was really better with additional speed), however, at a first check of the code, it uses various float variables. Some should be easily replaceable, however on lines 3960-3990 are used for managing the sprites, so must be handled correctly to not impact the game. Moreover I'm not sure that the CALL PEEKV(-753,X) to enable the sprites trick on MM is compatible with the compiled code. So, a check from the various TI99 gurus ( @senior_falcon , @Tursi , etc.) is really needed... 🙂
  4. Game #198: - Nightmare on Elm Street. Escape from Freddy! Added joystick support. [GAME] Nightmare on Elm Street (198x)(Mike Ward Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  5. Game #197: - Dive Bomb. A nice variant of the "Bombs on N.Y." game, with a better gameplay. Added joystick support to drop bombs (and added "space" key in addition to "B" key if using the keyboard). [GAME] Dive Bomb (1984)(J.L. Tolputt)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  6. Game #196: - Bonkers, by Gene Hitz, from Arcade Action Software. Catch the falling bonkers! [GAME] Bonkers (1984)(Arcade Action Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  7. So, I think you'll need also the "official" labels for the carts... 😄 Volumes 1 to 6 are in the .zip file! Compiled_Games_TI_Cart_Labels_Black - Vol. 1-6 - by TMOP.zip
  8. Game #195: - The Yellow Submarine. A Game&Watch like game. Press any key to move the submarine and avoid falling bombs. [GAME] The Yellow Submarine (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  9. Moving to the 200 games milestone, here we have: - Bugs and Worms: a Snake like game; - Sniper: shoot the killer, save hostages. Reflex game; - Miner: strategy game. How many gems could you grab? - Miner TI99: another strategy game. Collect gold; - Traversee Mouvementee: simple game. Avoid cars; - Wrap: a Tron/Snafu clone. 1 or 2 players. Have fun! [GAME] Bugs and Worms (1982)(Program Innovators)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Miner (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP]_8.bin.zip [GAME] Miner TI99 (198x)(Sam Pincus, Bob Camarata)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Sniper (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Traversee Mouvementee (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Wrap (1981)(Kemp Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.4.2.xlsx
  10. Some compiled games, all from Germany: - Elfmeterschiesse: a soccer game (penalty kick). It looks like a "game & watch" style game; - Senso Comp: a Simon clone; - Black Jack: card game; - Solitaere: Peg Jump clone; [GAME] Black Jack (1983)(Ralf Rossback)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Elfmeterschiesse (198x)(Burghardt Knedel)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Senso Comp (1985)(Hunting Power)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Solitaere (198x)(Wolfgang Lenk)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.4.1.xlsx
  11. Compiled games for the weekend: - Byrel Search For Minerals: interesting puzzle game, but very few levels... - Chalice of Kalmar: an hidden maze game. Avoid monster, find the chalice; - Death Race: car racing game. Difficult; - Hidden Maze: find the exit in an hidden maze; - Robot Chase: avoid robots; - Verfolgung: a pac-man clone. Difficult. As usual, I added joystick support where needed and fixed some bugs, etc. Have fun. [GAME] Byrel Search For Minerals (2010)(Simetimes99)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Chalice of Kalmar (1982)(Apex Trading LTD)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Death Race (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Hidden Maze (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Robot Chase (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Verfolgung (198x)(Burghardt Knedel)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.4.0.xlsx
  12. Other compiled games: - Tiles: a nice memory/puzzle game. The SSS has the 1988 and the 2018 versions; - Katzen Mousie: from Action Arcade Software. The classic mouse/cat game. [GAME] Tiles (1988-2018)(Rick Harrison, Alan Rateliff II)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Katzen Mousie (1983)(Action Arcade Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.3.9.xlsx
  13. The compiled games for the weekend: - Golf: from Virgin. A nice golf version; - Cannibals: action game, escape from cannibals, avoid sharks; - Colorado Slalom: another skiing game; - Looney Lander: ship landing game; - Dragon Maze: avoid the dragon in an hidden maze. Use "fire" button to show the maze; - School Daze: avoid teachers in the school. Have fun! [GAME] Cannibals (1984)(Carl Carrozza)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Colorado Slalom (1984)(Action Arcade Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Dragon Maze (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Golf (1984)(Virgin Games)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] Looney Lander (1982)(Arcade Action Software)[Compiled by TMOP].zip [GAME] School Daze (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.3.8.xlsx
  14. I don't know if could be of any help, in the MiSTer TI99 core the game is working correctly, no crashes.
  15. yes, I remember to have experienced the same behaviour with this game. Not a big issue, just a reset to have it working again. 🙂
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