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  1. Another game from Sweden: - ChampioMask. A snake clone. Description on TI99IUC page (Champio Mask); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 329. [GAME] Champiomax (1987)(Fredrik Nilsson)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  2. A compiled game from Sweden to start the week: - Skellet Grottan. Added joystick support. Read the description from TI99IUC page (Skellet Grottan); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 328. [GAME] Skelettgrottan (1985)(Av Martin Florin, Och Fredrik Nilsson)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  3. Another compiled game: - Moon Race, from Tronicsoft. Read the description on TI99IUC (Moon Race). ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 327. [GAME] Moon Race (1984)(Tronicsoft)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  4. It's correct. With XB256 you can use 256 chars (0 to 255) in screen2 and the standard XB set (32-143) for sprites. No overlap. There are also some other interesting functions and XB256 code can be compiled. All the information are on the manual, just search it on this AA forum.
  5. Due to the recent updates for the TI99 core (the last has added the support for PAGED7 ROM, so now TI Calc is working), it's time for the update of my MegaPack for MiSTer! The last official core (Ti994a_20200517.rbf) and the last unofficial beta (Ti994a_20210617.rbf) are included for your convenience. Hope to have included also all the latest homebrew games released in previous months... All ready to run, as usual. The V3.0 pack will be added soon also on the TI99IUC MiSTer page, with the update of the article (TI-99/4a on MiSTer). TI99_MiSTer_FPGA_Core_SSS_Mega_Pack_V3.0.0_19062021_by_TMOP.zip
  6. A new action/platform game: - Inferno di Cristallo. Inspired by the movie "The Towering Inferno". It's in Italian, unknown author. If someone has some information on this title, please share it! The description is on TI99IUC site (Inferno di Cristallo). I've added a trainer mode, since the game is not so easy... Some bugs fixed. Have fun! [GAME] Inferno di Cristallo (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  7. In the export from Magellan try to tick/untick the "Exclude blank characters" and run again the generated XB256 program. The XB is using the char 32, but it's not defined.
  8. Try this one. It's the original TI EA with BIOS, DISK and SPEECH. [PROGR] Editor-Assembler (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3055]_FULL-ROM+DISK+SPEECH.bin
  9. New beta for the TI99 core (download from TI99 MiSTer Core). Now there is a new menu for video settings. Just discovered that the core (including the official version) is in PAL, not NTSC! 😮 Hoping to see soon the PAL/NTSC selector working correctly.
  10. Game for the weekend: - Hot Dog. A BurgherTime clone, from TI99NewSoft Italian Magazine. Read the description on TI99IUC page (Hot-Dog); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 325. [GAME] Hot Dog (1985)(GianPaolo Bottin)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  11. New game: - Sky Rescue. Read the description on TI99IUC page (Sky Rescue); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 324. [GAME] Sky Rescue (1985)(John Behnke)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  12. An XB game from John M. Phillips, now compiled: - The Game Of Duck. Description on TI99IUC site (The Game of Duck); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 323. [GAME] The Game Of Duck (1982)(John M. Phillips)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  13. New compiled game: - Miner - Gold Raush. Find all the gold in the mine. ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 322. [GAME] Miner - Gold Raush (1984)(Pieter Coates)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  14. New beta version of the TI99 core for MiSTer from Flandango (available on MiSTer forum: MiSTer TI99 Core). Now you can format the disks (SSSD and DSSD), the USER LED will light up when the disk motor is spinning. There is also a firts attempt for PAL/NTSC switch. It seems that there are still problems with Old Dark Cave 2 game (any suggestions where to look at from emulator gurus @mizapf, @Tursi, etc.): "I still have issues with the Old Dark Caves 2 game. I can get it to load most of the time if I have Speech enabled (5200), Attach the Disk first, then load the system rom that contains Extended Basic. I couldn't get it to work much with RXB." For those on this forum with MiSTer, please, help with the tests, so we can improve the core! In attachment the core, for you convenience. Ti994a_20210607.zip
  15. New week, new compiled game: - Lift Baer. A platform game. Description on TI99IUC page (Lift Baer); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 321. [GAME] Lift Baer (1984)(Volker Becker)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
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