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  1. I just wanted some fancy art and game info on the JagGD menu screen
  2. Anyone make an MRQ file for this on the JagGD yet? About to load it up. Thanks for the demo!
  3. I got my shipment of these today. I ordered 2 of each because I wanted to try both styles, but felt I'd prefer the d-pad over the thumbstick. I started with the new d-pad and found that for my play style, the edges curve up too much and it was a bit uncomfortable. So I swapped in the thumbstick and I prefer it to the d-pad. Your mileage may vary, of course, but that's my first impressions after a quick gameplay session. Regardless, both designs are a vast improvement over the stock d-pad. The increased throw in the design makes maneuvering much more precise. I've been playing a lot of Last Strike lately, which requires precise movements and found both designs were much better in that department. I want to try some other genres (fighers in particluar) to see how it holds up there, too. Install was easy, just remove the four rubber pads on the back of the controller, unscrew the four screws under them and then there's one screw holding the top PCB in the controller. Take that out, pop out the stock d-pad, drop your new one in, screw it back together and you're good. Here's some pics -- I am using them in repro Pro Controllers.
  4. Ha nope that’s my custom arcade joystick/rotary controller. It’s now part of my Jag kiosk!
  5. Cannot wait for this one! Thanks @phoboz and @Songbird!
  6. Thanks for watching [mention]Clint Thompson [/mention]and glad it helped you dig up a bug. If you put out an updated ROM for JagGD let me know and I’ll check it out!
  7. K3V

    WIP : Nitrous

    Nice work! Really looking forward to this one.
  8. Had a pretty good run today, made it to Global Marshall rank 👍
  9. I got it in my recent order with Last Strike and Rebooted. Anyone else having an issue where you can pause the game but it won't unpause? I've tried it on two different Jaguars, same issue on both.
  10. I’d be interested in trying them out for a couple Pro Controllers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. I've been leaving carts in my Jaguar for ~25 years. It's fine.
  12. Definitely interested but controls for a shooter like this will be key, and glad to see you’re putting thought into it. An option for shooting with the action buttons on a pro controller would be great. Maybe let the player assign shooting and moving to whichever buttons they want?
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