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  1. I can do that for you if you want authentic handwriting
  2. To follow up (guess my memory was hazy after 20 years and I should've clicked through). Michael Olshansky wrote that review and I posted it as a third-party review. I did have the conversation with the rep at E3 though (my writeup is here if you want to dig for it: https://www.nuon-dome.com/narchive.html). But my original point stands, it's not input lag it's the physical limitation that's the problem. Everything else with it is fine. I've put many hours on my Logitech NUON controllers.
  3. Here's one from the archives! I'd be open to it, but there's a lot of folk's work on there so I just sold it at cost. Let me think on it. -Kevin
  4. I wrote that review and spoke with the Logitech rep at E3 2001. It’s not input lag that’s the problem, it’s a physical design flaw that can be overcome by slightly modifying the controller. Full explanation and two modding options are available here: https://www.nuon-dome.com/logihack.html
  5. The MRQ file is for the Jag GD. It adds the nice graphics (screenshot, box art) and game info to the cart’s UI.
  6. Gonna have to get in on this. Thanks for putting it together!
  7. Bumping this up because I found these protectors via search and wanted to give a head’s up: these work great for the first-party Jaguar CD games but are too small for the Readysoft game boxes (Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair and Braindead 13). Are there other options for Jag CD game box protectors that will fit those three games?
  8. Heck yeah! Looking forward to it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. I streamed this for a bit today (along with some other Jag games) and had a solid run to the third boss if you want to get some strats. I’m also playing with the rapid fire controller—highly recommended! Here’s the time stamp on that game:
  10. K3V

    Rapid fire 2.0

    Got my pro controller today. Works great, especially with my new Wormhole 2000, too!
  11. In on Last Strike, Xenon and reBOOTed. Thanks guys! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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