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  1. That is probably fair. I honestly just don't know what to price them at because I can't find an example of anyone having these, let alone selling them.
  2. Rather than try to restore this thing and risk doing more damage than the previous owner did, I've decided to sell it. Here's the sale thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270179-rare-2600-stuff-imagic-kiosk-newport-prosticks-sears-h6/
  3. I came across a pretty amazing 2600 haul a few weeks ago that I couldn't pass up even though my collecting leans more toward the NES era. Some of this stuff is so rare that I wanted to give my fellow collectors a shot at it instead of just throwing it up on Ebay. Obviously I don't have any seller feedback here on AtariAge but I just did a big NES buy on NintendoAge and I've done a lot of trades with feedback on Digitpress.com. Here's the link but you have to be signed in to DP to see it: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?89996-Andred Here's what I've got for sale. PM me with offers Imagic 2600 Retail Demo Kiosk ($Taking offers) https://imgur.com/a/XYVSi Definitely the best piece. These kiosks were used in store (I've heard K-Mart from a few sources but they were probably in other stores as well). They are designed to allow the demo of 24 cartridges for a set period of time which is controlled by a dial on the back. It plugs into the cartridge slot and controller port (to allow multiple types of controllers?) of a standard 2600 console and has built-in software that allows you to select a specific game and does all the switching. They are incredibly rare now. In doing hours of research I could only find about 5 distinct examples of it. Here's everything I know about the condition of it. It works, as you can see in the images. I'm not selling a console with it but it has little removable metal brackets on the bottom that allow you to put in whatever console you'd like. It had a light sixer in it when I bought it. All the damage to it is from previous owners. Rather than try to do any restoring myself, I've decided to leave it alone and let the buyer restore it to whatever level they'd like. The condition is probably fair to good, as I would label it. Here are the flaws: Broken corner on acrylic shield. shield is also fairly scratched up in places dings and chips in the wood frame (1 chunk is pretty large) 'B' button doesn't work (might be cold solder or the switch could be dead, I can't tell) minor corrosion on metal back minor laminate peeling Even with all those issues, it's a seriously cool collector's piece and looks great on the shelf. Here's the thread after I found it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269437-found-an-imagic-kiosk/ I have a general idea of what it's worth but I'm looking for offers on this. Newport Prosticks ($50 each) 2 of these things came in the lot with the Imagic kiosk. Took a while to figure out what they were. Looks like it's a very rare joystick that was only available via mail-order directly from the company. As a result, very few were sold. They're very difficult to get info on and even harder to find. The bad news is they don't really work. On one, the joystick works but the inside bracket that holds the button in place is broken so the button can just be pushed into the body. The other one is completely inoperable. Someone who knows more about these old electronics can probably fix them up and have a great collector's item on their hands.
  4. Thanks for posting those pictures online. They're part of what helped me figure out what I had found!
  5. Cool. I'd love to see some pics of yours. The review of them that I saw said the same thing. I guess the ball on top is too small to be comfortable and the button has so much resistance that it wears out your thumb. They are certainly sturdy though.
  6. Here are pics of the H6 restore. Night and day! Before After I'm hoping to work some more on the kiosk this weekend. Will post better pictures then.
  7. Thanks for that link. I've been trying to find a realistic price for it but 2500 Euro seems... too much. The one in that auction has wood paneling (vinyl? laminate?) on the front instead of chrome. Any idea why? It looks to be in similar condition to mine, minus the broken shield.
  8. Hmmm. This lot also came with 2 of these which, through a bit of digging, I've discovered to be a Newport Prostick. I guess these were mail order items only. Most of the pictures I've seen have black bottoms. Mine have red bottoms. Anyone know the difference?
  9. Thanks to everyone congratulating me on the find. I'm having a ton of fun examining and learning about this thing. Good news, I checked out a video on youtube about opening arcade locks and was able to open the lock with a nail file in about 15 seconds. Not a permanent solution but the games are now out of it. I'm not sure why it's got so many non-Imagic titles. My best guess is that the person who got it swapped them and then lost the key. That also let me clean up the inside of the plastic shield and it's looking better. I've started cleaning that H6 but had to stop because my allergies were so bad. Working on finishing that up, as my sinuses allow. I'm happy to take close-up pictures of anything you want to see on the Imagic. Just tell me what you're looking for.
  10. It's working... it's WORKING! The A and C buttons work well but the B button appears to be non-functioning which means I can only select 3 games right now. That shouldn't be a difficult fix and will probably work with a thorough cleaning of the contacts. There are also some graphical glitches when you switch to one of those 3 games. I'm hoping that the carts just need to be removed and reseated after cleaning the contacts. Who knows how long the carts have been wedged into those slots! The menu screen displays without glitches (as I'm aware) and the game switching responds immediately and without issue so I'm hopeful that the cleaning would do it.
  11. Yeah. Wish I could have rescued it before the shield got broken.
  12. Also, as a kicker, the other console appears to be a heavy sixer. We'll see if it works.
  13. I'm getting back into collecting after 5 or so years of downtime so I posted an ad saying I want to buy games on Craigslist. A guy contacts me and says that he has a 360 he wants to sell. When I make him an offer he also mentions he has a couple Atari consoles; a regular one and something he called "the big game selector". I thought he might mean the heavy sixer but that didn't sound quite right so I asked for pics. Here's what he sent me: Controllers sitting on front panel Sitting in the guy's storage Mostly uncovered in storage I didn't know exactly what it was that I was looking at but I knew it was awesome. So I started doing searches for "atari big game selector", "2600 game selector", etc. Eventually found some info here on AA and knew that I had a rare find on my hands. (thanks everyone!) So I offered him some cash for the lot of 360 and Atari stuff. He accepted and after some hassle with times for meeting he showed up and we swapped my cash for his stuff. I got it home and immediately gave it a wipe down (it was insanely dusty). According to him it powers up and he assumes it will work. I don't, but we'll see. Here are the pictures I took of the kiosk once I got it home: http://imgur.com/a/XYVSi You can see that there is a chunk of the plastic shield missing in the top left corner. I noticed it when we were making the exchange but I wasn't about to wreck the deal by worrying about it. I haven't tested it yet as I don't have the proper adapter for my new TV. I'll be getting one tomorrow and hooking it up. The lock is currently locked and I don't have keys so I can't get at the games. My collection doesn't extend to Atari hardware at the moment so I probably won't keep it long term but I'd like to try to restore it. Maybe with the help of someone local to Cincinnati / Ohio who has experience with restoring these types of items. I've got lots of questions about this thing for people who own one. Would love to hear from some of you. Would I be able to get at the games if I took it apart? Could a locksmith make keys for this thing? I'd like to keep the original lock on it. Got any questions? I'll do what I can to answer!
  14. Just thought I'd mention that I'm selling my posterity edition of Pier Solar. Don't have the time or equipment to play it right now. I started it at $50 so as not to be an Ebay whore. It's around $60 as of this post. Pier Solar Posterity Edition eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110638606127
  15. Doh! I'm a chotchky... It's not either of those. It's the VC 4000 by Interton. I had never even heard of it.... probably because it was only released in Germany. Oh yeah, and I wasn't born in 1978.
  16. Can anyone definitively tell me whether the 5200 or the Vectrex was released first? I'm researching the history of controllers for an article (and segment in a podcast) and I need to find out which home console was the first to use an analog joystick. I can't seem to find the exact date (or even the month) that the 5200 was released. I know it was late 1982 but so was the Vectrex (Nov. 1982). Thanks in advance.
  17. Shrink Raped?? Wow, I think the damage has already been done!
  18. I would probably only entertain trades for NES items but if you have a list, I'll look through it.
  19. I've got some stuff for sale! Everything is complete unless noted. Condition is good or better unless noted. If you'd like pictures, let me know and I'll try to get a few for you (I have to borrow a camera to do this). Prices do not include shipping (I charge as close to actual shipping as I can estimate, no inflated shipping costs). I'm usually pretty reasonable on deals, just don't insult me! PayPal preferred. I'm very interested in a trade for a loose NES with hookups or NES games. Here we go: Let's start with a freebie: Pick n' Pile - $Free$ + shipping This was given to me be a generous forum member for the cost of shipping so I'm passing it on to another collector for the same. Nintendo 64 Bundle $25 + shipping (All Loose) Nintendo 64 console w/ rf cable, power cable, & one controller (black) Expansion pack Performance TremorPak Performance Memory Card Plus Playstation Bundle $12 + shipping (All Loose) Playstation console w/ av cable, power cable, & one controller (original, no analog) Sony Dual Shock 1 Controller Sony PS1 Memory Card Slimline PS2 Bundle $85 + shipping (PENDING) (All Loose) Black Slimline PS2 Console w/ av cable, power cable, & one Dual Shock 2 Controller Sony Dual Shock 1 Controller (Clear) Sony PS2 Memory Card (Black) Game Boy Color: Game Boy Color System (Transparent Purple) - $8 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Loose) - $5 Game Boy Advance: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords (Sealed, PC) - $10 DS: Mario Kart DS - $22 Dreamcast: Dreamcast Console (CIB with baggies & near mint) - $35 Dreamcast Keyboard (complete) - $10 Evil Dead: Hail to the King - $12 Mortal Kombat Gold (Sealed) - $10 (PENDING) NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (Sealed) - $6 Razor Freestyle Scooter (Sealed) - $10 Shenmue Limited Edition 5-disc (small damage on case, everything else is minty) - $25 Sonic Adventure - $6 Sonic Shuffle - $6 Soul Calibur - $10 South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (Sealed) - $6 Space Channel 5 - $3 Striker Pro 2000 (Sealed) - $40 Virtual Athlete 2000 (Sealed) - $16 World Series Baseball 2K2 (Sealed) - $16 NES: The Legend of Zelda - $5 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Box & grey cart only, box is in fair/poor shape, cart is very good) - $7 SNES: SNES Super Advantage (boxed) - $8 SNES Controller Manual - $0.25 FIFA '96 Soccer - $2 Super Mario World (loose) - $5 Super Street Fighter II (loose) - $4 Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - $5 Tetris 2 (loose) - $5 (HOLD) N64: San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing (loose) - $4 1080 Snowboarding (loose) - $5 Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (loose) - $3 Wave Race 64 (loose) - $3 Take all N64 items for $12 Gamecube: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (original release) - $10 Game.com: Wheel of Fortune - $1 Playstation: Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown - $5 Metal Gear Solid (original release) - $10 Tekken 3 - $5 Playstation 2: Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - $5 (PENDING) Frequency - $5 (PENDING) MegaDrive: Kid Chameleon (loose) - $3 PC: I bought these games new and made accounts with the CD keys but I can provide you with my account info so you can play them online with these copies. Command & Conquer: Generals - $5 Guild Wars - $7 Battlefield 2 - $10 Misc: Plastic Pac-man Wristband (says "EAT ME" on it) - $1 Generation of Chaos Soundtrack (Sealed) - $1 Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light Soundtrack (Sealed) - $1 Rule of Rose Soundtrack - $1 Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Soundtrack - $1 PS1 Interactive CD Sampler Volume 9 (Loose) - $1 Here's a link to my feedback on DP in case you're interested: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread...ighlight=Andred
  20. There was also someone on DP that had a few. Could be the same person.
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    I just noticed that there is a specific board for "WTB" threads. So sorry. Please move this to the correct thread. Thanks.
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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards and fairly new to the retro-gaming scene. I recently bought the first truly "retro" console that I've had in years and I'm looking for a power adaptor for it. It's a Coleco Telstar Marksman and I'm pretty sure it uses the Coleco 9v Perma Power A/C Adapter. Someone let me know if I'm wrong and need something else but regardless, I'd like to buy the adaptor for it. If anyone has one they're willing to part with I'd be grateful since I'm looking forward to playing this thing! I found one! Disregard this thread.
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