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  1. True, Space Ace and Dragon's Lair only work on 60Hz. But you can mod your Jaguar so it can be switched between 50Hz and 60Hz modes. By switching a PAL Jaguar to 60Hz you can play Space Ace and Dragon's Lair on a PAL Jaguar. Robert
  2. I'm pretty sure the sound on the tape just cuts-off (no sound at all) and it wouldn't surprise me if they used a tape that is too short (I should retrieve my "Four Great Games" Phantom tape from the attic to see if that is indeed the case). With the 4 locations that are loaded separately, the total loading time is quite a bit longer than the game (Cannibals) on the other side of the tape (51KB for incomplete Phantom and 14KB for Cannibals). Robert
  3. rdemming


  4. My Phantom tape version that was part of the "Four Great Games vol. 3" compilation (Micro-Value) is indeed incomplete. Each of the four locations (Ye Olde Inn, Dungeon, Mansion & Castle) is a separate load and the fourth location load is not complete (only a few blocks before it is cutoff instead of the 43+5 blocks like the other three locations). Each location consists of 4 levels so thats why you probably wrote 13 stages in your notebook (but with 4 levels per location you would expect 12 stages with only three locations and 16 stages with four locations). AtariMania has only the incomplete tape version (same .cas file for both the Phantom stand-alone version and the Four Great Games version) so I wonder if a complete tape version is available somewhere. The disk version on AtariMania is complete, so possibly the tape could be fixed by extracting the fourth location from the disk version. Robert PS. To cheat add address $3C8A to Altira's cheater which ensures you cannot die (BPM) and $3C50 to get unlimited energy.
  5. I never noticed that the Raiden "E" version with PAL fixes runs any different on NTSC compared to the non "E" version. However since the non "E" version does not setup the video according to Atari's guidelines, it does not work on a SkunkBoard as that has a different initial video state. But the "E" version sets up the video according to Atari guidelines and that works without problems on a SkunkBoard. Robert
  6. This question seems to pop up once in a while There are indeed two versions of Raiden. Normally there are no different PAL/NTSC game versions thus Jaguar games work on both PAL and NTSC Jaguars. In general Jaguar games detect if they are running on PAL/NTSC and adjust accordingly. However some early releases like Raiden, Crescent Galaxy and Dino Dudes did not take into account the extra lines of PAL and display a black border at the bottom of the screen. Later releases of these games (with the E after the product number) fixed this by either using the extra lines or centering the screen vertically. Further there are two CD games (Dragon's Lair & Space Ace) that do not work on PAL probably because of timing issues. But it is easy to add a 50/60Hz switch to a Jaguar. A PAL Jaguar switched to 60Hz can play these two games without problems. Robert
  7. The Epic Game store has during their sales period extra free games. Currently for free: Stories Untold (16 - 30 May) Rime (23 - 30 May) Only one day left so hurry if you want to get them. Next free Epic Store game (from tomorrow): City of Brash (30 May - 6 June) Robert
  8. I'm sorry, I did not meant to start a discussion about the pros/cons of the EU. This is not the place for these discussions. I just couldn't stop making the joke that JaggingUK wants to avoid import taxes by importing from other EU countries while there currently is a risk that import taxes on goods from EU countries will be re-introduced after the Brexit. Robert
  9. Only 17 days to go until you have to pay import taxes from EU countries too
  10. This game deserves a remix of Rob Hubbards great C64 Thrust music E.g. something like this. Robert
  11. Now Volume #2 has been shipped, the campaign for volume #3 is in progress: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-atari-st-and-the-creative-people-vol-3#/ Currently at 75% with only 3 days to go.
  12. I'm a long time E-JagFest visitor and I always enjoyed it. All Atari systems (2600, 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, 8-bit, ST) are usually represented and often non Atari systems as well like the Nuon or other retro systems. But this year my wife and I are expecting a new Atari player with an expected delivery date of 3 November so I think I have to skip this year
  13. Those nostalgic about old ST games (Elf, The Viking Child, Push Over, Hostage, SleepWalker), can now get the DosBox versions and more for only $1: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/dollar-classics-bundle
  14. Jay Miner (not Minor) had nothing to do with the Lynx. But other ex-Amiga employees Robert J. Mical and Dave Needle were the main designers of the Lynx when they worked at Epyx. They later went on to create the 3DO console.
  15. rdemming

    FlappyBird test

    The posted flappy.lsd files have wrong values for the color palette. I converted the .bmp file again with the correct colors. Robert flappy lsd.zip
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