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  1. I have a Japanese copy of Rockman MegaWorld/Wily Wars possibly for sale. I say possibly cause I want to make sure I get a good offer. It comes with game and manual. I have a case, however, the label is NOT original. Last owner apparently printed the cover for it. I will also sell a Game Genie that has the lockout code attached to it for $5. If anyone is interested please send me a PM. I accept Money Orders in case this does sell.
  2. Al is correct. There is a velcro attached to the inside of the box. The game itself has the other part stickied on it, so you just stick it in the box and good to go. Kind of funny looking if you don't keep it in the box and stack it on top of other games, though.
  3. I haven't posted here in a very long time. I'll be honest, I just don't enjoy playing my Atari 2600 anymore. It's been a number of years since I really sat down to play it. I'm only keeping a small handful of games in my collection (for the few random times I do decide to play). I've got some personal issues going on in my life, as well as another child on the way. I've already traded in a lot of my personal video game collection. I have no regrets whatsoever and am looking at being more focused on my family. I will still play video games as they've always been a part of my life. However, when I look at games I haven't played in YEARS, I think it's time to let go. I do NOT have a PayPal, so if you are interested, PM me. I will do a personal check and once it goes through I will send out the games. I would really like to send everything as a whole. I don't want to break this apart as I need to get these out ASAP. I might lose more customers that way and I might even get less money that way. If so, so be it, but I've got too much right now and I just need to make one trip if possible. I also don't want to wind up with some games gone while I'm left with others that nobody wants. If we can't agree upon a decent price or nobody is interested, I'll probably trade them in locally. I know I will lose even more money this way, but I'll do what I have to. I really want these to go to someone who loves the 2600. I don't have the passion for the system like I used to, and I don't want these games just sitting here. I want them to be played and enjoyed. Now that I've said this, here is the list: 1) AStar (with manual) 2) Adventure Plus 3) Atari Vox device (with manual) 4) Bee*Ball (with manual) 5) Conquest of Mars (with manual) 6) Fall Down (with manual) 7) Gingerbread Man (with manual) Go*Fish! (with manual) 9) Lady Bug (with manual) 10) Mean Santa (#76/#100, with box and manual) 11) Okie Dokie (with manual) 12) Qb (with manual) 13) Reindeer Rescue (with manual) 14) Space Instigators (with box and slip of paper...didn't come with manual that I recall) 15) Stella's Stocking (2007 Holiday Cart, #94, with manual) 16) Strat o Gems (with manual) 17) Swoops! (with manual) 18) Toyshop Trouble (with manual) I also have most if not all of the cardboard/plastic that the manuals came in with the games when I purchased these years ago from this site. I will also include these, as I should have enough for every manual. If not, I will double pack a few so the manuals stay nice. I have tested all games and AtariVox. They have all worked perfectly for me. I don't recall Adventure Plus coming with a manual. I have checked my manual box and don't see one. Also I have some of the slips that AA would ship with purchases. 3 of them say "Thank you for your purchase" with some artwork on one side, with an explanation of homebrews on the other. I also have an insert from when I bought Stella's Stocking. It has a small comic showing the SS carts piling up in front of Artie the Atari (and even has a coupon valid through June 30th, of 2008!). I will throw these in for you as well if you want them for your collection. If you don't want them, I'll hold on to them. Please PM me with offers, and if someone offers more, I will let the others know I received a higher offer. I'm not great with shipping prices, so would $5 to $10 be too much to ask? I don't know if I will have to buy a box at the post office or if my wife can find me one at her work place. Please be honest and let me know how much on shipping. If shipping costs more than what I ask for, it's not biggie. Thanks to everyone, and I hope to hear from you all soon. I will probably stop taking offers this Sunday on January 18th at 10:00pm. I'm trying to be as fair as I can. Any questions feel free to ask, but remember, I want to sell all these items as a whole cause I want to make one trip and not be left stuck with some games left over.
  4. Yeah I found after some testing putting "f" as rand did what I wanted vs the temp. I know I haven't posted any code, and I'm not trying to be a jerk, it's just I came up with this idea, and wanted to try and surprise the community with the finished product once I'm done. It's not going to be the greatest thing ever, but it's my first attempt, and I want it to be something special for everyone and hope that everyone can appreciate it for what it is. I guess in a nutshell here's what I'm trying to test: (as I've been trying and it's not working and I'm getting agitated!) The sprite starts as a random color (which I got down and it will do everytime I start up Stella). But now I'm trying to test the fact, how can I go one step further and every time I press up on the joystick, then I can recall the randomness and change the color of the sprite? I tested setting it as white in the main, but it stays white no matter what. So if I set it to a random color in the main then it will show. If I don't even set it in the main obviously it doesn't appear UNTIL I press up...but it's always that one random color. How to make it start off as a random color...then press up and it will change...press up again and it changes again? Is this where I need to set it to temp1 instead of f then? (As far as rand). Sorry if I'm babbling or confusing...I'm just getting aggrevated!
  5. Thanks to both of you for your help and explanations! I try to always keep RT's page opened up so I can glance at some things when coding. I don't always understand the stuff but I do try and test out some things. I know I've been asking a lot of questions but I guess that's okay. Not only is my project coming along more and more, but I'm starting to understand things better.
  6. Alrighty, using the above example (and doing some tweaking per my code) I was finally able to make the sprite randomly change color. Granted, it only changes when I restart Stella but hey it's not constantly randomizing now! I tried a few things to make it change to one of the random colors upon a certain collision but it was to no avail. How do I recall the random generator again to make the color change upon the collision? By the way, here is part of my code and tell me if I'm correct on this: f = rand & 7 (this labels "f" as the rand...I have this outside my "main") Inside my main I have this: temp1 = f (since "f" is the rand, I need to label my temp1 as the rand as well to generate a random color) COLUP1 = Color_Table_0[temp1] (I want Player 1's sprite color to change randomly, so I put Player 1's sprite as a Color Table (with the randomness above added to it)) data Color_Table_0 66, 114, 194, 98, 78, 240, 6, 254 end (This is my color table and below are the colors I want my Player 1 sprite to randomly generate as...thus, the colors are labeled in my chart, Player 1 above is labeled as the Color Table, and since temp1 = f which = rand, this allows 1 random color to be chosen.) I'm new to this, but I'm hoping what I said is correct? I hope what I said makes sense (as it does to me in my limited knowledge) but this is what I'm guessing after using the above code to fit my needs. If so that'll make me happy as I learned something else!
  7. Okay it's not as easy as I had expected. Could you give me an example using just 3 or 4 colors so I can see what you mean? Also another quick question...let's say for instance your character will move normally. Then, by pressing the fire button, your character does something else instead of move (say for instance he fires in all 4 directions). How would you go about coding it to where you can switch out between moving and shooting? I can make my character move, then when I press the fire button he won't move, but instead fire in all 4 directions. However, when I press the fire button again, he won't start moving (thus cancelling out the shooting). I've tried numerous things, but the only thing I can come up with is having to hold the fire button down. I don't want to hold it down, just press the fire button to switch out between the two commands. Finally I'm not using the DPC+ kernel. I don't know what all extra it adds in to batari. I do have the files downloaded, just not sure where to put the files to allow batari to use DPC+ (if it's even worth using).
  8. It's been close to 10 years since I've done any C++. Mind you I still remember a little bit. I want to go back someday and learn C++ again (I really enjoyed the way the language worked) but right now I want to learn as much as I can with batari BASIC and not confuse myself too much! Everytime somebody posts a demo of their "in progress" game or their final product, I def want to try it out. Maybe it's just me, but honestly I feel creativity is not dead with making new games and all of you out there show it. Sure, you might have some inspiration from a game at times, but it doesn't matter...you still seem to find a way to make the game "your own" (even if it's another Adventure game. I love Adventure games!). You all have shown that even with the limitations in place by the Atari 2600, you still find a way to show that there truly aren't any boundaries. Whenever I'm done with with my current project, I want to try my own Adventure-style game and see what I can come up with and hear the responses and suggestions from people who play it.
  9. Thanks a lot! I will have to look more in to that in the future when I'm done working on my current project!
  10. I wouldn't call myself a programmer as I just started with Batari. Granted, I've had a class or two in C++ (but that was years ago in college, so doesn't truly count). Coding a game is something I always wanted to do but I never could learn the language. A friend of mine taught himself how to code on the TI-80 something calculators way back in high school, but I never could figure it out. Thanks to Batari (and everyone who has helped me in the threads) I have learned so much. I enjoy doing things at my own pace and not forced to "learn this by this day or you fail" type deal. I've been having a blast coding since I started. Don't get me wrong, playing video games is fun and I've done it since the 80s. I enjoy seeing the worlds that people took time to create and their imaginations come to life and being able to explore their creations. Sadly, games for a long time have been copy this copy that type deal and require less imagination in my opinion. Not saying they're all bad mind you. I've always wondered if playing my own game would be fun vs playing someones game they made. The reason I say that is because I would already know where everything was and what to do yaddi yaddi so the experience wouldn't be as fresh and stuff. After just my short time coding, I appreciate more so the effort that people put into making a game. Yes, even a "bad" game if you want. Seeing the restrictions that are placed on people nowadays and the difficulties that programmers faced on other systems in the past I applaud them for their efforts. Doesn't mean I still won't enjoy a game that was made, but again my appreciation level has grown. Finally, I've obviously played some 2600 games and have a good number of homebrews. I tell you though, my respect for the programmers (old and new) is at an all time high and applaud their time and work into their creations. Thanks to all you coders out there, and keep on pushing out those awesome games!
  11. Ah! I think I understand what you're saying! I will def have to test this out! Just by trying out different things and with all the questions that you all keep answering, I'm learning more and understanding this! Thank you so much!
  12. I have a few new questions: 1) I've seen code for randomizing where the player/enemy would appear. How about color? Say you have an enemy that you want to use, but you don't want to create anymore enemy sprites. Everytime this enemy appears in a new random spot (or was even shot/hit), how would you also go about changing the color? Not all of the colors on the TIA Pallete, but say just a choice few (aka 5 perhaps). I've tried it but the problem was the sprites just continued to randomly change colors instead of just staying one color then changing to another when the enemy appeared elsewhere. 2) Look at "Outlaw" as an example. When a player is hit both players "stop" if you will. Is it possible to code to have only one character to "stop" when hit and still allow the other player to move? I know this can sound un-fair but I'm curious if this is possible? I've seen code about allowing characters to randomly appear elsewhere when shot or perform a short animation. Thanks for all your help!
  13. Ah thank you both so much! I'll def have to try those out!
  14. I actually found the fix! Thanks for your help! I had been using that example for HOURS trying to fix my code for one little thing, then all of a sudden I tried something (out of nowhere) and it worked! Thanks again so much for your help! Seriously, when you posted the example I opened up the file again and found the fix. Had you not posted that it might have took me even more time! Oh man thanks so much!
  15. Yeah I did that but sadly it won't work. I press my two buttons for directional firing and it works except the other three which again just go a few pixels and stay.
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