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  1. doyman


  2. Head pounding on desk PLEASE tell me this is not the only run that will be made. I can wait that is fine, I just want one of these.
  3. I have a Minty 4 port with the * in the serial number, and another 4 port that has some glitches. I started collecting in 1993 when I found a 2 port model at a pawn shop. I have tons of controllers, and loose carts of every original cart except Bounty Bob Strikes Back I do have a lot of homebrews and A8 conversions. What I've never had is a trackball. The 5200 is my favorite Atari system. How do I become part of the 5200 brotherhood?
  4. Yes please take care of yourself, best wishes.
  5. I'd be interested in one if there are any left.
  6. I have a full set, the hardest to find for me was Alien Brigade NTSC.
  7. My favorite part about the 5200 was always the sound. IMHO better than Coco and of course 7800.
  8. He keeps getting better and better. Scary. Maybe Atari should hire him LOL
  9. Mine was also waiting on me when I got home today. In the same boat as KevinMos3, too much other stuff around the house to give it a good workout.
  10. YAY!!!! MARK!!!!!! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!
  11. If there are any left please add me to the list, thought I had asked already, guess I'm getting old! D
  12. Maybe we need to pray to BiraBira again God of Classic Game Collecting!
  13. How are you able to do this?
  14. Its an exciting time for the 7800 and its fans.
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