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  1. I remember my Sony Trinitron TV screaming on those white screens.
  2. mimo


    I use my AVG cart more than my sdrive-max . As good a the max is, I never liked it as much as my sdrive_nuxx (that I should never had sold) or my sdrive_micro that now lives tethered to my 400
  3. It uses the trackball in analogue mode rather than joystick mode.
  4. Every time I play left cartridge it seems to be a different game. Maybe some sort of randomising code?
  5. It's just nice to get away from it all for a few days. It was supposed to be raining today but we had sunshine pretty much all day. Surfing yesterday, two long walks today and surfing planned again for tomorrow. We were supposed to be at my friend's house in Levanto Italy (near Cinque Terra) for the week but our flights were cancelled, it's a good fall back.
  6. I've never been interested in the xe to that extent, sorry
  7. Agreed, that has been dropped at some point in it's life. If the pieces are really loose than probably best to glue them back, if not then just live with it The only broken XE I ever had was salvaged from the local tip and narrowly avoided being run over by the big dozer they had for compacting all the junk (I got an STE at the same time!)
  8. I'm wishing that I hadn't junked my old non working PSU's
  9. Usually CPU or RAM on the XEGS, not unknown to be other issues but they are a good starting point. @flashjazzcat did a great (as usual) video on this recently
  10. What is wrong with your current Atari? and which flavour is it? a syscheck from tf_hh might help with your ram issues, it can be used as an OS/RAM upgrade as well as a syscheck
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