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  1. I'm impressed. I had a spare 400 cart flap that I left out over the weekend (half of it covered) It really did work, my camera can't pick up the subtle difference as the flap was not too badly yellowed. I have since left it out totaly uncovered and the yellow half is now the same colour as the rest. I now have a previously retrobrighted and re-yellowed 800XL sitting in the garden, obviously we now have a total blanket of cloud
  2. 1. M.U.L.E , looks dull to me 2. Dog Daze, yeah, it's lame but spent many fun hours playing this with family. Even got my mum and dad to play it 3. Ballblazer
  3. Time to unsticky this thread now I think, looks like there is a new kid on the block, just use sunlight
  4. wow, some of my previously retrobrighted stuff is looking a bit yellow again, time to hit the sunbed
  5. I have got several NTSC Atari's in my collection in the UK. Simplest thing is to find an NTSC compatable TV, I have an old Sony Trinitron CRT that does an excellent job. I also had a reaaly old 19" LCD non brand TV that did a brilliant job too. More modern LCD's seem to have more problems with the out of spec signal from the atari's I am in the process of using the SCCC on my NTSC 400, not sure if I am going to convert it to PAL though. In the past I have also had a hybrid machine with a PAL ANTIC in an NTSC 1200xl, so I could play the PAL only demos such as NEUMAN Make sure that if you do buy one, that it is really well packed and they do not include the power brick. One that I bought had been wrapped in 3 sheets of newspaper and had the power brick loose in the box. It acted like a wrecking ball, what a sad way for an 800 to die. As others have said , a 9v ac power supply is all that is needed, I think 2 amps minimum Steve Tucker @atarimax is a great seller and I bought a couple of 1200xl's from him years ago, he may be a good place to start Also, you may well be hit for import duty, so factor this in to any purchase, sometimes by the time you have paid shipping and duty it's not such a cheap option, it was great 10 years ago when the exchange rate was two to one, now the £ is worth jack schit A sympathetic seller that may put a lower value on it may help
  6. mimo


  7. I have a SIO2PC thingy built in to an sio connector, are you still looking for one?
  8. It may be a silly question, but have you tried a different TV? preferably a CRT set?
  9. Are these boards going to ba made available at any point, or have I missed the boat as usual?
  10. shame you aren't closer, you could have borrowed my NTSC 7800
  11. Sony LMD-1410. Hope it plays nice with odd Atari input
  12. an XEGS with no keyboard. No Idea why I thought I needed it! Anyone got a spare XEGS keyboard for sale?
  13. Anyone using one for 8bit Atari's? My LCD TV that did s-video so well has died. not really got enough space for a CRT, although I'm using a 14" Sony Trinitron CRT that takes up most of my desk
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