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  1. I've got several twin pokey boards in my Atari computers. Pokey versions of several 7800 games and 4 copies of ballblazer nib Sue me
  2. The xm is going to be released any day now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. I was trying to be funny, I have a step down transformer and I'm in the UK
  4. Not sure if Cif is up to the job but you could try. Cutting compound or a very fine grade wen 'n' dry sand papering would work. Can also do the same on the perspex if that is scratched or 'brasso'
  5. Rapidus and U1MB are available from the same seller. For the XE, the rapidus is $176 , more than double the cost of a U1MB that you consider expensive
  6. That would be a cool thing to have, especially if it can be made to look XL or XE ish. I'd like something with the buttons on the left though. Even though I am right handed years of cx-10 / cx-40 use and the associated muscle memory mean that operating a joystick with my left hand just feels plain wrong
  7. My go to is http://a8.fandal.cz/ Top right there is a download zip button
  8. It could well be that HDMI perverter, the Atari signal is not to modern specs and devices like that as well as modern TVs can really struggle with the input. Results vary from no signal to odd behaviour to excellent.
  9. It ebbs and flows. About 12 years ago I bought everything Atari that I could, as well as other systems and consoles, C64, Amiga, Sega etc etc etc. Sold a lot of stuff 4 years ago before we moved house. The stuff I did keep was kept in the loft for 2.5 years. Recently got back in to the hobby, but discovered that a lot of stuff now doesn't work and my eyesight is shot so fixing stuff isn't so easy. Regretting selling a lot of the nice bits that I had, especially now that prices have gone through the roof and postage is a killer. I really should have kept those 1200xl's and the 1400 motherboard and the 810.......................................
  10. That bar is just for the motion stuff, although it might be useful as a light gun? The wii remote should be able to show as a HID bluetooth device, however my Win 10 laptop is being a dick and will not install properly, it's my work laptop so I won't go any further. Have nicked my daughters PS3 controller for now, it's OK until my USB atari stick to USB adapter turns up Thanks
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