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  1. There are two types of mylar, make sure you order the right one
  2. Have you tried a different SD card? I know that I had an issue with moving around the menu was cured by using a different card
  3. I went about this differently , removed the bottom plate from the keyboard , removed mylar/springs/rubber cups. Put the top of the keyboard complete with key caps in the dishwasher, removing before the fry cycle. Spotless keyboard after that
  4. Maybe this thread should be locked for now?
  5. Try it on a CRT, mine screams at me ☹️
  6. I can highly recommend them, great quality and great to use.
  7. Phobos 15500 Nice game, really has that one more go factor Com2 19150
  8. Phoenix lair 50 Space mines 0 Atari time is limited these days so not going to put effort in to these
  9. Put them on the shelf and buy a concerto or dragonfly cart
  10. I use NTSC 400,800 and 7800 in the UK. You just need to check your TV/monitor can cope with the NTSC signal. My Sony Trinitron CRT can as can my Samsung multisync LCD . Samsung 42" plasma works great with my SCCC upgraded 400 and the 7800 but not so good with the 800
  11. I woke up to news that he had had a setback and was moving to a hospice which was really upsetting and then later today found out that he had lost the fight. So sad, my heart really goes out to his family. It really could have been any one of us. Make every day count. RIP Jason
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