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  1. I think that's why I keep going back to a cx-40. It's what I grew up on.
  2. Yeah, I don't use that stick very often as the throw is way too long IMO
  3. mimo


    I ordered some longer cables last week and they arrived in 6 days from AliExpress
  4. I regret selling my Sears heavy sixer, my pal heavy sixes and my Sears video arcade II, but I really only used my 7800. 7800 is worth having for the fantastic homebrew games by packmanplus
  5. This is my 4th 1200xl. Currently living in the top of my wardrobe, not letting this one go. Hard to find in the UK
  6. This is my current disgrace of a set up, more stuff in storage but most of it is needed repair of some sort
  7. just post the motherboard powerboard and personality/ram cards
  8. I thought RobC was Banksy
  9. 141 arrived last week, so thanks for that. Also a big big thank you to @skr for navigating me through the member log on procedure. It is well worth joining the ABBUC if you haven't already
  10. Probably worth less to some collectors if it's been opened and tested.
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