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  1. It's a feature of the self test. It does not show as working
  2. You need register your interest on the sophia2 sales thread
  3. No, he's says that he has been contemplating doing the internal 64 k mod himself but would prefer to keep his own machine stock
  4. That's very kind of you. I'll keep it in mind for when I have some spare cash
  5. I agree with Tempest with a spinner I'd like to add marble madness with a trackball Sinistar with a 49 way optical stick A snowboard/surfboard type game with a balance board
  6. Yeah, I myself and a friend bought one each. Couple of months later Jags were selling for over £100 and I needed some money quick 😢 Same story with my £55 Jag cd
  7. @tf_hh makes a 576k SRAM upgrade for the 600xl which includes the 64k base RAM. From what I read you should be able to use this in an XE. Or the syscheck board , again from tf_hh, plugs in to the eci(?) Port on an XE and takes over ram , plus all sorts of other goodness
  8. And I really appreciate that! But I'd like to make a contribution for all the work you do for the 7800 community. Pacman collection was the reason I bought a 7800!
  9. That is fantastic news, and really kind of you to do. Thank you for all you do for the Atari community. I'd definitely like to have a go at building one of these
  10. I feel your pain. Back in October new radiator , underfloor pipes, alternator, ball joints, break pads , cam belt and water pump on my MG F. Just about got over it now And there isn't a Haynes manual for it either
  11. I'll buy a rom. Price of post and import fees has killed my Atari cart buying 😢
  12. I put a 6502 chip in a 6520 socket in a xegs after desoldering and replacing just about all the ICs It was about 3 years later when raiding the"dead" motherboard for spares that I realised my mistake. Popped in a 6520 and I had a working xegs. Didn't help with my need for spares though
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