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  1. No worries We're still going to keep making standard Colecovision games as well
  2. Yes, although it won't work on a regular CV/SGM It's only compatible with the Phoenix
  3. I'm really confident, Tony is already doing great works on it
  4. Latest news! Berzerk is now officially coming to the ColecoVision And it is fully liscenced! That's right, CollectorVision secured the rights to this awesome arcade classic! More are coming!
  5. The game (Dead Tomb) is based off a very obscure game made for Videoway, a cable service box we had in Canada ( also UK from what I've heard) The original game is called: Temporel Inc Sadly, all those games on Videoway are all gone by now, there's just no way to play them anymore So I've decided to make a clone; Dead Tomb The game has been made for NES and I've decided to make it a Phoenix exclusive as well I'm currently working on a Dreamcast port as well Original game below
  6. Oh, it will also get release for NES as well By Phoenix Exclusive, it means you won't be able to play the game on a original CV or SGM It will only plays on Phoenix
  7. It's a Phoenix exclusive, it will only works on the Phoenix
  8. Yes, it's a point n click style adventure game
  9. The very first Phoenix exclusive game is in development and should be available at the end of the year! STORY In the year 3017 , the Videoway Corp., your employer sends you to study on the last ice age , which ended about 10,000 BC. During this long journey through space and time, your ship is experiencing some technical problems while you fly to Egypt 1300 BC. You have to land your ship for repairs . The only accessible place is the truncated top of a huge pyramid. You’re almost done, the only thing left is to replace the diamond (wich is used for space-time generator), when the Pharaoh Seti 1st’ soldiers find you … You woke up inside the pyramid with a huge bump on your head… More Phoenix Exclusive titles coming up! The best is yet to come! Get your Phoenix console now! https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/
  10. Would love to see a set of Venture and Mouse Trap custom controllers
  11. You're bringing a good point here that I fail to mention before; the music The idea is to have all of the original tunes remixed, by wich I mean having something other than a 5-10 seconds loop track. Don't get me wrong, the original music is pretty sweet, but I think we can do awhole better with the Phoenix We also plan to have more original music tracks as well
  12. The game will contains all 3 original Levels plus at least 6 new ones All graphics are updated and we're adding more features to it as well
  13. Well, I always thought Zelda was kind of similar to Venture when it was first released Venture was really one of the first to do this kind of gameplay Sure, here's wip of Level 1 ''map''
  14. Here's a ''more up to date'' works in progress of Venture DX It was first going to be developped for SNES, but it's now going to be a Phoenix exclusive game Don't hesitate to share your ideas on how the game should be or what it should have
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