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  1. Not yet, I'm currently trying to adapt the graphics to a regular ColecoVision I'll be honest, I'm having hard time mainly due the lack of color tones on regular CV Although, I think we can make it work Thanks for the kind words I understand working under CV limitations is way more challenging and complex than simply using the Phoenix's graphics limitations
  2. Just contact Toby He'll send it back to you
  3. It's not a bad idea to have an AtariVCS scheme Phoenix Maybe we could do a bundle version wich would include the Atari cartridge adapter I'll talk about this with Toby and Brian
  4. UPDATE To ALL members of the 2019 Club The rom file for the Club game is in the Dropbox Use the link you've previously used to download the vault
  5. The plan is to start manufacturing in April/May We still need a bit more orders to proceed
  6. When you'll be inserting a ''Wafer cart'' into your console, you'll select the version you want to play; Regular or SuperGame, so both ''version'' are on the same cartridge. The size of a Wafer cartridge is up to 1mb It does not affect the remakes of CV games, in example we're currently working on Gorf SuperGame You'll be able to play it on a stock ColecoVision, but you'll get more stuff and better graphics if you're playing it on a Phoenix. (That's the whole idea of the Wafer Cart, or SuperGame if you will) VentureDX is now Venture SuperGame We should resume works on it later this year
  7. Yes, members are free to share the rom file All we ask is to keep it ''low profile''
  8. Yes, the 2019 rom file should have been sent by now I would need to confirm with Toby
  9. Only regular controller for this one since it was designed to use a controller only
  10. Well, LsL will be released after Dead Tomb It's good thing (to me) to see more click n play games on ColecoVision
  11. Thanks! This is also one of my favorite genres as well
  12. It has been decided to NOT make any Phoenix exclusive games Instead, we want our games to be compatible with BOTH regular ColecoVision AND the Phoenix If you insert one of our ''Wafer Cartridge'' into a regular ColecoVision, the game will plays just like a regular ColecoVision cartridge. If you insert it into the Phoenix, then the game will/could have more features/levels and/or better graphics Our very first ''Wafer Cartridge'' is going to be Dead Tomb The game is all done, we're entering the beta testing phase Unless I'm not aware, Dead Tomb is going to be the very first point n click game on ColecoVision
  13. Standard, I don't see why it should need the SGM or F1A8
  14. If you're following the Atari scene, then you probably knows that Dan Kitchen is working on the sequel to Keystone Kapers (AKA Keystone Kannonball) Now dubbed as Gold Rush™, Dan is currently finishing the game and should hit Kickstarter in only a few months Dan was kind enough to give me his blessing to port Gold Rush™ to the ColecoVision! So as soon as he's done with the game, we'll start working on the CV port I'm going to post updates about the ColecoVision port here, so stay toon! More informations about Gold Rush™ here: https://www.dankitchengames.com/?lightbox=dataItem-k33wt6wr
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