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  1. Can we please move this thread to the main section? Thanks
  2. They are definitely coming Toby is on it, they should get released soon enough by now
  3. Suite Macabre is now available for purchase on our website This game takes place sometime before the events of Jet Ready. You are Dr Kowalski’s assistant and you have received an unexpected message: “Dear Colleague, Dr Kowalski neglecting job duties and using lab equipment for private purposes – the board is very unhappy! – Persuade him to cease activity ASAP – Last seen at Dunwich Hotel”. You are now facing the abandoned hotel, ready to investigate the doctor’s whereabouts… Get your copy here: https://collectorvision.com/store/shop/colecovision/suite-macabre-colecovision/ More information about the game here: https://collectorvision.com/games/suitemacabre.php?fbclid=IwAR1uS_BQ7HRygU0xS90i387tjK-z3BeefHp_NGl7g5VUrTUqMu2ic821Il0
  4. No, it does not work with Exp#2 Only with a controller
  5. Yeah, I always use the darker palette since it just look better. But yeah, Kiwi is right, it all depends on the TV you're using.
  6. uh? I think I missed something
  7. Yep, one tile and one sprite
  8. Here's a little update regarding Sydney Hunter & The Yucatan Jungle. I'm working on and off on it since I've been very busy working on other current projects we have in the pipe at CollectorVision. Anyway, here's a few wip screens to show you how the game is gonna look like when it's completely done. I'm really trying to push the Colecovision system's limitations to the limit and personally, I think it shows. But, you'll be the judge. This game will run on a plain vanilla Colecovision, mind you
  9. Hahahaha! Yeah, I took a pause to work on Turbo SuperGame
  10. A simulator creates an environment that mimics the behavior and configurations of a real device. On the other hand, an emulator duplicates all the hardware and software features of a real device
  11. No, it is Hardware simulation Big difference
  12. It's in our Rom Vault https://collectorvision.com/store/
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