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  1. Not going to happen If someone doesn't like the game, we would prefer if he/she could sell it to a fellow member here instead We just don't want people to flip the game off ebay, that's it We're taking note here We can take constructive critisms, and it is appreciated too, we didn't take anything personal here On a side note, if we were selling rom files individually, they would be $10/$15 each, depending on the title Anyway, next year's game is an arcade conversion (entirely made from scratch) in case you're wondering
  2. Even when we're trying hard, there's always a few people who would be unhappy If I've learned something over the past 10+ years, is you can't please everyone
  3. Only time will tell, but I don't expect more than 150 totals...... Although,I know we could easily top more than 250 if people knew wich game it is
  4. Previous members will receive a mail first Then on December 29th, I'm going to activate the 2020 Subscription (on our website) to everyone else
  5. 1. I can't confirm anything on this yet 2. The game is fully done and tested, everything has been printed, the only thing left to do is the PCBs So yeah, it should not take that much time to get those shipped, like a month or so
  6. Yes, Crapahute is still working on this, but he's also very busy as well But we'll make them available, that's for sure No, the PDF manuals are not related to the ''little something else''
  7. Here's the plan for the 2020 Club: - About 25 new roms are going to be added to the archive - Mystery game CIB (Already done and tested!) - Another $10 coupon off your next purchase - 2020 Membership Card There might be another ''little something'' if everything goes according to the plan, we'll see
  8. We're still asking to not post any photos (same for next year's club) Although, since we're going to give the rom file soon, members will be free to ''leak'' the rom file if they want to So it's just a matter of time before everyone here can play the game
  9. Yes, Toby worked ALOT in the past months, and he is still manufacturing new games for December We need about 200 pre-orders to make the 2nd batch happen We're about 50% at this point Depending on how it goes, this might be the last and final batch So if you're on the fence, consider pre-ordering your Phoenix now if you want to secure one
  10. We've decided to add them for next year's club We're also going to add more games to the archive!
  11. The cartridge version is the latest rom I must have miss matched those
  12. Let's put it that way: If people are free to do whatever they want with their stuff, then we're also free to choose whoever get in the Club. Reselling a game to collector is one thing, flipping it on ebay is another...
  13. I'll ask Toby, but I suppose it will just lead you to our website
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