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  1. Both games are fully done It's just a matter of having the box/manual/label layout done and then manufacturing them We usually ship the exclusive game(s) in June/July
  2. You defintely need them to play, ortherwise it's a pain in the a$$
  3. The previously unreleased game; Math Quest is now available to purchase! Get it here: https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/math-quest/
  4. A good way to learn how CV graphics works is by looking at released games and check each 8x8 tiles This will gives you a good idea Here's an example
  5. Yes, I don't recall seeing a title screen for it (from that rom file at least)
  6. I also have the story board for Berenstein Bears A polaroid from the ADAM DEMO, one for Cabbage Patch SuperGame and one from Berenstein Bears I also have the (unreleased, as far as I know) Title Screen for the Atari2600 version of Cabbage Patch Kids
  7. Here's the basic rules: - 16 colors palette, including black (transparency) - 1 Color per sprite (you can use multiple sprites for more colors) - Maximum of 4 sprites per scanline (without having any flickering) - Each 8x8 tiles can only use 2 colors per scanline
  8. You will find alot of informations here: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/page/coleco industries/programmers.html
  9. Here's the polaroid photos for Time Pilot SuperGame I was going to keep them for my Coleco Documentary, but I already have enough materials, so... Enjoy!
  10. I do own polaroid photos of it Time Pilot SuperGame was just going to be Time Pilot and Time Pilot 84 Pretty much the same Coleco did with BC's Quest for Tires and Grog's Revenge
  11. Well, Gorf SuperGame is coming I also have photos from Time Pilot 84 (Time Pilot SuperGame) I'll soon start working on this one
  12. Well, yes and no In your first post, you asked what was going on with Math Quest
  13. I think it was first aimed to be released for ColecoVision
  14. Yes, we do plan to re-release it sometimes this year
  15. No, the game will run on a plain vanilla ColecoVision
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