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  1. You can also add all the time involved into manufacturing everything - Assembling boxes, PCBs, cartridges etc.. - Preparing the shipping boxes, shipping labels etc.. - Go to the actual post office to get everything shipped
  2. Yeah, we choose to let the pre-orders opened so we could try to hit 200 copies If you are pre-ordering Dead Tomb, a email will be sent to you when the game is ready to ship so you can pay the remaining amount.
  3. What really killed Coleco, is the numberous acquisitions of Companies in the mid 80s Tomy, Selchow and Righter etc... Not counting all the money spent on multiple licenses! And... the lack of interests by the Greenbergs brothers They were tired to always fight back Ending the ColecoVision line was their very first mistake in the 80s
  4. It was switched to a Video Documentary, but with this pandemic, it is postponed I was going to interview former Coleco employees this year
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question properly
  6. It's not a re-issue, it's the official release! Yes, that's right though, the game will available tomorrow! https://limitedrungames.com/collections/games/products/dead-tomb-nes
  7. I don't see why we should not release this core Now, the only thing we would need is more Pencil II games to be dumped
  8. 4 copies left! https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/lunar-leeper-colecovision/
  9. It was developed by Sydney, for Coleco Canada Sydney was going to release it on their own as ''Power Grabber''
  10. The label on the prototype cart doesn't have an extra ''z'' The date on the label read: 6/06/83 We're working on getting Power Grabber dumped and preserved We should have more informations about it soon enough
  11. Not really There's only a few bunch of people who bought a second one There's alot of new comers lately
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