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  1. If you can put me in touch with someone there, I'll be happy to give them a copy
  2. Yes, the manual is billingual (English/French)
  3. The word ''QUIZ'' doesn't make any sense There's no quiz at all in the game
  4. The previously unreleased game; Energy Quiz is now avalaible to purchase! Here's your chance to own a very unique piece of ColecoVision history! Grab your copy before it's too late! There's only 80 copies available!! https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/energy-quiz/
  5. I own a Sony PVM monitor, so I totally understand the feeling of playing on a CRT monitor I also own arcades with CRT But I'm not one of those people who will never plays on a HDMI monitor I like using the Analogue SuperNT, CollectorVision Phoenix etc.. It's WAY more convenient, and take way less space as well CRT monitors are overrated IMO, I mean it just became the thing to say nowadays ''Pff... I'm a purist, I only play on CRT'' and all those kind of bullshit Besides, CRT monitors won't be here forever Of course HDMI monitors are not always perfect for gaming, but still....
  6. No worries guys, the rom file should be sent soon enough We were just making sure everyone got their game before sending the rom file
  7. Is it a prototype that has been found, or it's a previously unreleased game that you made? Just curious
  8. Thanks! Math Quest might be released at the same time as Energy Quiz because of all this Canada Post delays
  9. The game is ready to ship, so it is really just a matter of time before we put it for sale on our website
  10. It could be There's a few games they worked on that were never released I really hope it's Scarfinger!!
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