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  1. Yes, it's allowed if you're doing the sale via PM (not publicly)
  2. I can understand your point Those exclusive games are made as our way to thanks the members who are supporting the Club Of course you're going to miss the opportunity to own those games if you're not a member Besides, you're not paying much more than our regular releases to enter the Club, but I can understand the time window might not be ideal for some (Xmast time) but for next years, we're going to start subscriptions in early November and will probably ends in February, so everyone has a real chance to enter the Club. The first year's club was so so, I will admit it. But since the 2nd year, I think every members could tell you how awesome the games are
  3. What I meant to say is, maybe there's a conflict with the F18A mod, wich mean the problem would be from the F18A pcb itself Hey, I'm not too much of a technical guy, I'm just throwing my thoughts on it, so take it with a grain of salt
  4. Still work fine on a stock ColecoVision and the Phoenix But still, you're saying the problem is the cart, maybe it's your modded system that cause a problem?
  5. Everybody had a chance to subscribe The games has been created exclusively to the members
  6. Energy Quiz was going to be released under the name: Power Grabber
  7. From what I've heard, all (pretty much) ColecoVision games were done on graph paper, then encoded. When Coleco had the Coleco Graphics Processor ready, they start using it for doing graphics, so no more graph paper were being used anymore.
  8. We definitely would love to have an ADAM core! But, first thing first, we need to tweak the CV and Atari2600 cores first and foremost
  9. We're currently working on a solution to make the Phoenix readily available
  10. We should start shipping somewhere in June/July If you've moved since then, please contact Toby to make sure he have the right address
  11. We'll manufacture them in the next weeks or so We wanted to have all the Phoenix orders shipped before (wich is now done)
  12. Yeah, I know, I was the one who spilled the beans But it has not officially been released, yet
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