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  1. I played Root Beer Tapper on Colecovision today.


    Geez! This level lags because the background animates.



    It would be wiser to not animate the background and the gameplay won't suffer.


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    2. Atariboy


      It's a real missed opportunity on the Colecovision. Not a very good effort.

    3. eddhell


      I always felt the Coleco was clunky feeling in controller response and not well refined system overall - just rushed out to compete in the video console wars, the only thing that was better than others were some of the graphic abilities


    4. eddhell


      let's test my theory:  Drop a Coleco and 2600 from a second-story balcony, set remains on fire for 60 seconds, dowse with bucket of water, let dry outside for 72 hours, then tell me which one still works.

  2. Thanks for kind words. I hope I didn't offend anybody here. I love Neo Geo too. How many times I was playing neo geo from the arcades.
  3. I'll be honest with you guys. I don't like this video. The camera moves too fast and the movie ends when a coin is inserted. I would like to see at least a start-up and see the arcade plays demos for few seconds.
  4. It would be better for Nintendo to make a Game and Watch with all one screen LCD games included.
  5. Keep up the good work. 👍 Is this arcade only support bust-a-move?
  6. I'm surprised nobody didn't mention 'Dino egg'. A game everybody wants it for their classic systems on atariage.
  7. Neo Geo Pocket looks cool. I don't remember I saw it in the stores, in Canada.
  8. Neo Geo was too expensive at this time, even for Japaneses. These screenshots are great. Neo Geo World seems to be written from left to right, unlike newspapers.
  9. Antarctic Adventure is listed in KLOV. https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=6890 Unless the arcade version is an another game of the same name.
  10. Where can I find screenshots of Antarctic Adventure? In NES version, the penguin wears a hat. Not on Colecovision.
  11. Adieu Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs


  12. Teletoon has stopped broadcasting Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs this weekend. It was the best the flintstones spin-off, my favorite show. Wacky Races and Dorothy are good too.
  13. No need to be sad. Most of us don't understand japanese.
  14. Do you know japanese or using google to translate comments?
  15. Why Outlook always put emails from https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/

    into Trash?


    This website rocks.



    The Games That Weren't is not banned in the first place.

    1. carlsson


      I believe there are ways that you can whitelist certain email addresses, training the mail server/client to not declassify them.

  16. I like when neo geo games are ported into other systems. Here mine. Good thing I don't own a game gear. 3 fighters of 12 are missing on Game Gear Samurai Showdown. Earthquake, Tam-Tam and the fighter I don't know.
  17. Pac-Kong


    1. HDN


      I remember Pac-Kong. It's a German game, I think. Absolutely abysmal.

    2. Serguei2


      At least, I managed to complete level 1.

    3. pacman000


      I always assumed it was a pirate version of Donkey Kong, but it looks original:



      And Abysmal. What's with that thing flickering around the screen? Or is that more than one thing?


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