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    Vinyl L.P.s & 8-tracks: Psychedelia, garage, punk, hillbilly, no-wave, self-taught artists and musicians, skepticism, Stella, Z-grade horror movies, comix, Irish whiskey, disc golf, kites, Pho soup, Free State Project, Subgenii
  1. I have every Silent Hill soundtrack, Persona 3 and 4, Deadly Premonition, Bioshock 1 and 2, and a Pac-Man Fever 45 (not really a soundtrack, just a sample.)
  2. Mothership Zeta was just okay. Brotherhood is a must. Pointe Lookout was a pretty cool variation that adds a mission to the regular story. The Pitt has one of the coolest FO3 set-pieces with the tower in the middle of the steel yard. I swear I got vertigo!
  3. lowscore

    NTSC-J PS2

    I am looking for a japanese playstation 2. Want to buy but I also have quite a few Atari consoles, accsessories and games to trade.
  4. I bought a 360 for this game alone. It is awesome but much harder than the others. I am not a fan of shoot-em ups at all, and tend to die a lot because unlike other SH games, it is absolutely essential to shoot some monsters, and only with a split second window of opportunity. The The Smogs' music gives me unbelievable willies, and that is the best reason to play these games!
  5. Saturday I perused some yard sales down my block and found an old-timer with a Commodore 64, two floppy drives, (one appears to be modded) printer, all the cables and wires, 4 tac 2 joysticks, and two cases of floppies. There are 130 floppies, with a three inch stack of manuals, and most are filled, double sided with games. I got the whole lot for 15 bucks. The great thing is it all seems to work great after being in an unheated garage for 25 years!
  6. Next thing you know, someone is gonna want to have hands added to the square to hold the sword.
  7. The description sounds like an obvious cut and paste job from someone else's site.
  8. A couple of questions: Is this upgrade available as a do-it yourself kit? Would it be recommended for a novice like myself? (My machine is soldered, not socketed.) Is their anybody you would recommend to do the mod, if it is too chancy for said novice? And finally, does this mod work like having a 5200 or CV usb multi-cart? I purchased both from you in the past and am very happy with the simplicity of use and friendly software, so I would recommend your products to anyone interested in such things. Thanks again!
  9. System serial #A1 82 1049638 Taiwan keyboard serial #A1 82 1172403 keyboard date 88-01-09
  10. When his band of demons joined in, it sounded something like guitar, piano, bass and drums. The devil still played a fiddle. I stand corrected.
  11. IIRC, Johnny plays a fiddle for his parts, but when the devil plays, his parts sound like an electric guitar.
  12. I also would like a copy. Thanks!
  13. This just arrived: Sears Tele-games S.N. 15264U
  14. Thanks for your support. I can't wait to get this project underway! I have been in quite a funk lately, and I think this project might help raise my spirits.
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