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  1. Hmm, looks like this auction for an 800 includes a packet terminal cartridge if the label is to be believed... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-800-Computer-System-No-Power-Cord-Not-Tested/163896905254?_trkparms=aid%3D555021%26algo%3DPL.SIMRVI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140107095009%26meid%3D6734a6f8b839461f9e188559e83ae440%26pid%3D100040%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D153626468677%26itm%3D163896905254%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2046732&_trksid=p2046732.c100040.m2060
  2. Had myself an Atari day off today. Just like back in the day. I was putting together some compilation disks, so I decided to make a little program to write this style of 3 sector menu to them quickly... The image is bootable and you can do a lot of disks in a short time if you are so inclined. 3Sector Menu Writer.ATR
  3. This version is a fork of the unreleased 1.05 version. With that being said 2 item-based bugs were inadvertently re-introduced. One causes the player to be stuck in a no-win situation resulting in either not being able to leave one particular area, or sure death depending on your circumstances. The other is caused by an item's parameters not being completely defined, resulting in strange output in one particular place. To activate the bugs you would need to do things with the items in an illogical manner. This game is just to make me laugh, and if it makes you laugh too then my job is done. But while we're at it I challenge anyone here to find the 2 bugs I mentioned. (Or any others...)
  4. Sesman, Sesman, Sesman... Some heroes never die!! Newest DOUBLE DENSITY version w/ new features, more available saves and story optimizations. 128k or higher is still required as pictures load from the RAMDISK. SesmanV1.06(DD).ATR
  5. Just got done playing this classic game again with the awesome storage edition. I've re-posted the image just in case you haven't tried it before. Big props and all credit to Chilly Willy for this of course. (Hit "A" on the menu to load the game. Use OPTION to access the storage menu once loaded.) I've also included my SAVE game disk. If you load save game 0, you just need to walk right and touch the guy playing the flute to see the end of the second Easter egg level. Maps can be found here: http://pitfallharry.tripod.com/MapRoom/PitfallMapWarning.html Pitfall 2 (SaveEdition).ATR Pitfall2 (Saves).ATR
  6. Apparently I just played a game of Puke Pig...
  7. There are many devices out there to accomplish this. One of the original (and still the best) IMHO can be found here: https://atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/
  8. Sys-Check for the win. An amazing piece of hardware.
  9. Kowalsky's Fury : Awesome game! Great playability. I love how the maze is different every time. I'd play this 100 times before Millionaire - regardless of it's slick graphics.
  10. As always good call Doc. Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you will always be right. I enjoy loading up Time Pilot on my 130XE to remind myself of that. There is no modified hardware, just modified thinking.
  11. Interested. To be able to have those features via plug and play without soldering onto a 40 year old PCB is intriguing.
  12. Nice hardware setup Gideon! Nextgen = +1 though. SIO2SD, Ultimate Cart, APE R:, P: handler FTW... Ahh, what do I know? Cool setup.. Dual INDUS GT is +1 also... -Budburns
  13. Thanks Beavis! I plan on making the rounds on all 8-bit BBS's after the Labor Day holiday when I have some days off. It's awesome to relive those memories and talk with some of the people who shared them. - Budburns (Houdini)
  14. Jurgen, very interested in purchasing a SysCheck for 130XE. Looks amazing!
  15. After messing around here and there for a few years, I've made a commitment to myself to learn to program in the ACTION! language by OSS. I've paid a bit of money for the cart, runtime and library disks. There are a lot of good examples on the library disk, but I was wondering if anyone had any examples of source code that they wrote themselves that I could learn from? I don't learn well from reading manuals, and it would be easier for me to understand some code that I could actually have a dialogue with the programmer about. My previous programming experience is mostly in Atari Basic, and Turbo Basic XL. Thanks!
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