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  1. I totally agree with this one. I am so glad to have such an arcade feeling game on the 64. It is one of my favorites.
  2. I have a blue Japanese N64 and a green US version. I see here the comment of, "It is hard to go back." I have no difficulty in doing this, due to, I never left. I still play these games. My list would consist of, Sin & Punishment (the best experience on the N64, for me) Bangai-O ( I know it is pricey, but I just had to have a copy, love this version of the game) Ridge Racer 64 (I am a fan of the series, love this version) Goemon's great adventure (the 2nd in the series for the N64) Bomberman 64 - arcade edition (the best Bomberman experience on the N64) Ogre Battle 64 (if you want a strategy RPG experience) Robotron 64 (because I love it) Bust-A-Move 2: arcade edition ( and all the Puyo games for the 64) Hydro Thunder ( good arcade boat racer) I want to recommend a fighting game. It is difficult to point to just one. There are Super Smash Bros, KarugaKids, Fighter Destiny 2, Killer Instinct Gold, Flying Dragon 2, and Mace the Dark Age. All offer their own unique experience. I would go as far as saying that they are the cream of the crop on the N64. I am not saying that there are not a few others worth mentioning, because there are. I do find it difficult to hold this down to ten, because I believe the system had a lot of good gaming and most still stand today as a good gaming experience. I agree with all of the games that have been listed here.
  3. I have the second version of the Supaboy and my biggest complaint is the directional pad. I love the SNES shmups. The pad seems troublesome and difficult concerning the tight controls needed for playing those type games. It is like the membrane under the pad hinders contact. The feel is not natural or like an original controller. I am curious to know if there has been any improvement. The one thing I did like was the fact that it does play Street Fighter Zero 2. But the same problem with the shmups carries over into fighters. I like the Supaboy and the fact it uses the original carts. And I never had a problem running most of the special chip games, even Kirby Super Star worked sometimes.
  4. I have one of the early first run Purple units and a later clear purple one. The first run model is "Made in Japan." The later one is "made in China." Both screens are identical in color and quality. What you are seeing is the point in which all Nintendo handhelds began being manufactured in China. GBSP, DS, 3DS, were and are, all built in China.
  5. I recommend, Son Son. And if you like a good shooter Crisis Force. Gun Nac is also good.
  6. I purchased my Jaguar out of the clearance area at a KBs many years ago, as a result, a majority of my games are complete. I have enjoyed having my Jag. I also have the PS1 and Saturn version of Tempest and prefer the Jag version. It is just the cartridge feel of the game, or something there that is just different which makes me want to play the Jag one. Personal preference? Maybe. My top games. Tempest 2000 Rayman Defender 2000 Raiden Zool 2 Iron Soldier The following is a matter of your own personal gaming taste, Pitfall Super Burnout Cybermorph Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding Bubsy I sort-of like all of these games, but I know that some of these games are not just anyone's "cup of tea." If you know what I mean. Tempest, Defender, Rayman, Zool 2, Raiden, Super Burnout, and Pitfall are my favorites on the Jag with Tempest being at the top of that list. The others that I listed here fall somewhere under that. I have more games than this but there are some of those I would just not recommend, like Checkered Flag for example, pure trash. Many of the games on the Jag has a 16-bit feel to them, IMO. I am glad that I have the system and am happy that I purchased mine back then. I consider it a good addition to my collection of games. Today I don't think that I would seek it out given the amount of money I would need to fork out just to have my present library. Not sure, but I don't think I would. If I did, my game library would be very small for it and I would need to ponder if it would be worth it just for those games alone. (Sort-of a 32X kind-of-thing ) But then I am considering this after owning the system which would taint my viewpoint. There are other systems I deem more worthy of my time and money, for example the PC Engine.
  7. The 3DS XL should be out next month here in the US. It am considering picking that one up. I already have the DSi XL and love it. I am wondering if the 3DS has the flip note software? Or any of the software that the DSi has? I would miss the picture distortions ability if it doesn't.
  8. Even though it is an old thread, I saw that one game was not listed that is a worthy play. "Chrisis Force" is one of my favorite Famicom shooters.
  9. damn dude! NES has so many great games. That's what makes it such a great console. Gyromite is not one of those games. Super Mario 2, Bionic Commando, Megaman series, Excite Bike, Zelda, Goonies 2, Punch Out, RBI Baseball. ... These are just some of my personal favs. Of all game consoles EVER, NES is hands down the best supported with an amazing game library. Totally agree!
  10. I purchased a 32X for Virtual Fighter and Virtual Racing (After Burner and Space Harrier became the favorites) Dreamcast for Marvel vs Capcom SNES for Super R-Type and Gradius III PS2 for FF X Jaguar for Tempest 2000 PS 1 for Ridge Racer TG 16 for Bonk and shoot'em ups Sega Genesis because it was the first 16 bit on the market in the US Swan Crystal for One Piece Colosseum Neo Pocket Color for Metal Slug Nintendo 64 for Star Fox Lynx for Stun Runner Original Game Boy for Tetris Sega Saturn for Virtual Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, Daytona USA Wii for Excite Truck Turbo Duo especially to play Gates of Thunder which came packed in. That is basically the only systems that had a carrot hanging in front of it for me. After that first hook I found many other games for many of these systems they made them worth owning. Really when purchasing any system I was always considering what “other stuff” was offered. The “other stuff” just sweetened the deal.
  11. I understand that an arcade game is designed to suck the quarters out of your pocket. It is there to get you addicted. Whether you have a dollar or five of them, the goal is to cause you to put all of it into playing the game by dangling the carrot in front of you, "I know I can do better next time." And give you a good time while doing it. The dilemma is, the person sitting at home with their console has constant access to the game 24/7 and their cost involved is only the price of the game cart, etc. They attempt to port the game with that in mind, making changes which a lot of times can ruin the arcade experience. I am not sure just how much the consoles' power, verses the arcade machine, effects that decision. Sometimes the home version can cost you graphics, animation, and even some of the best gameplay. I love a game like Gradius III on my SNES, because I feel confident enough that I can sit and make my way through it and not be beaten to a pulp. I find that more fun than to die a thousand deaths against the alien horde. But a game like centipede, I'd rather have the arcade version. A game like tempest, I really like the Jaguar version, though the original does have its charm. When it comes to Stun Runner, I love the Lynx version, love playing it, and when I think of the arcade version, there is the experience of sitting on the prop cycle while playing the game. Hard to compare the Lynx version to that. So to me it really depends on each individual game. Some games are just meant to be played with the original arcade controller. And that alone can cause the disappointment. I am thankful for my Neo Geo CD where I can experience the arcade at home in those games.
  12. I've thought the same thing. The Lynx could do things that no other home console could do at that time. Warbirds, Blue Lightning, and Steel Talons are a few examples. The SNES had its Star Fox, but there was no freedom of movement like you had in those Lynx games.
  13. But Atari just doing lame 2600 rehashes for the 5200 and 7800 are what destroyed their reputation. They ended up getting slaughtered because their competitors were making original games. A combined collection type cartridge with some old favourites might have been a good idea, but the focus really needed to be the future, not the past. Need to remember that the atmosphere of gaming had changed due the the revival started by Nintendo. At the time, a portable system giving you the best of the Atari 2600 would have been a blast. A portable is not the same as a console. And the strength of the system was its ability to do arcade ports well. And this is where the system shined. Consoles of that time period got off the ground running doing arcade ports, things of the past. Some of those games were from the Atari 2600. You had the NES (which started with a lot of, "things from the past"), Genesis, and even the SNES pulling out things from the past, (arcade ports). Robotron and Stun Runner are excellent examples of the Lynx ability in arcade gaming. I'm not against future stuff, it is needed. But the gaming climate back then would have been ripe for it. This is something that would not have survived in the present generation. Today It would have been more of a niche market.
  14. I think anything that would have improved the battery life of the system would have increased the appeal and the likely hood of being more successful at the time. If a different chip would have done that and not increased the cost, or reduced the power of the system it would have helped. But I think mainly if the company would have focused on porting Atari arcade and 2600 games to the system, this would have made the system a roaring success against the other competitors at that period in portable gaming. This is what I wanted from the system back then. I like what I have, just wanted more.
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